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Mahmood and the dogs at Duraz beach

#TryThisThursday is an opportunity for people to try something different, to expand their horizons and take them out of their own boxes. It is to get people to stretch beyond their comfort zones and move away from their usual routines, and to have a bit of fun too!

Every Thursday, Frances urges her Meditation classes at Serenity Meditation, Yoga and Reiki Centre to try something new. She is expanding that now and inviting members of this group to participate too.

The idea behind this initiative is to get people to stretch beyond their comfort zones and do something different and away from their usual routines. She has been assigning this “homework” for a few years now and the response is overwhelmingly positive.

One that people seemed to have had real fun with was to create something out of clay. The art pieces that some people created were stunning! More recent #TryThisThursday assignments included “Praise someone for a job well done”, “Spend time going around an art gallery” and “Just be you”.

It appears that an incredibly challenging assignment was an instruction to walk around a mall and not buy anything! Some people had an almost allergic reaction to that one. Some failed and succumbed and bought little things; while others resisted the urge and came back feeling like champions. This particular assignment resulted in lightbulb moments for a lot of the participants as it changed the way they shopped. Their realisation that they can enjoy the mall atmosphere without having to actually buy anything was their watershed moment as it resulted in them breaking the habit of shopping.

Putting on loud music and dancing for five minutes a day was a fun assignment that a lot of people enjoyed. Reporting back, some felt freed and liberated by this assignment not just for those five short minutes, but for the whole day afterwards.

The power of positivity is truly miraculous.

I personally experienced this when I joined the “90 Days of Gratitude” Facebook Group. In that Group, members are encouraged to post five things they are grateful for every day for 90 days. If one misses a single day, the 90-day count must be reset and you will have to restart the experience all over again.

Let me tell you that being consciously grateful allowed me to remain calmer throughout the day as it helped me put things into perspective. It allowed me to concentrate on the important rather than continuously react to the urgent. I believe that this is becoming one of my good habits. I highly recommend you join that group. As you can see, I found it very worthwhile.

This most recent #TryThisThursday assignment is “Untangle from Drama. No one can ruin your day without your permission.” Who of us can’t relate to this one? I encourage you to relate your experiences for this assignment on the Facebook TryThisThursday Group, or if you wish, you may add your experiences in a comment here too.

This invitation is open to all of you to share your experiences and insights on a weekly basis once an assignment is posted, until the next one is published on next Thursday. Your experiences will inspire more people to lead a fuller life.

Please spread the word and invite your friends and trusted acquaintances to join this group. The more members there are the better.


Bahrain, this is probably a good time to change your lens

Bahrain, this is probably a good time to change your lens

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A few weeks ago I attended an “EO University“, an event organised by the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation for its members from all over the world, this time, in the fabulous city of Istanbul. The University is a intense learning experience in which attendees get to listen to world-class speakers for three days and be inspired by their vision. Apart from that, there’s a lot of networking through many opportunities that every single attendee leaves enriched with new world views and many new and lasting friendships.

One of the speakers I particularly liked is Shawn Achor, the Happiness Professor, as I like to call him, who’s opened up new horizons for me and truly inspired me to think of new ways in which to view our situation in Bahrain. In fact, since my return from Istanbul, I have resolved – and generally succeeded – in adopting a more positive attitude.

My view now is basically this: being negative will NEVER resolve a situation. To achieve resolution, one’s lens through which a situation is viewed must change and be replaced with one that has a patina of positivity and belief in a shared and successful future in order to envisage a resolution in the first place. Further, every Bahraini has a duty to seek out an equitable resolution through positive, rather than insular and myopic views. We should actively choose to replace that opaque negativity smeared lens to one that is clear and which allows positivity and a belief that a resolution is possible.

Shawn Achor talks about this, and many other aspects associated with positive thinking and happiness and how those impact positive outcomes and even achieve better efficiencies and guarantees of success. Please spend less than eight minutes listening to Shawn Achor speak about this phenomenon. I welcome your positive comments and actions to resolve Bahrain’s situation and get us to move forward as one society happily living in one cohesive nation.