Bahrain, this is probably a good time to change your lens

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A few weeks ago I attended an “EO University“, an event organised by the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation for its members from all over the world, this time, in the fabulous city of Istanbul. The University is a intense learning experience in which attendees get to listen to world-class speakers for three days and be inspired by their vision. Apart from that, there’s a lot of networking through many opportunities that every single attendee leaves enriched with new world views and many new and lasting friendships.

One of the speakers I particularly liked is Shawn Achor, the Happiness Professor, as I like to call him, who’s opened up new horizons for me and truly inspired me to think of new ways in which to view our situation in Bahrain. In fact, since my return from Istanbul, I have resolved – and generally succeeded – in adopting a more positive attitude.

My view now is basically this: being negative will NEVER resolve a situation. To achieve resolution, one’s lens through which a situation is viewed must change and be replaced with one that has a patina of positivity and belief in a shared and successful future in order to envisage a resolution in the first place. Further, every Bahraini has a duty to seek out an equitable resolution through positive, rather than insular and myopic views. We should actively choose to replace that opaque negativity smeared lens to one that is clear and which allows positivity and a belief that a resolution is possible.

Shawn Achor talks about this, and many other aspects associated with positive thinking and happiness and how those impact positive outcomes and even achieve better efficiencies and guarantees of success. Please spend less than eight minutes listening to Shawn Achor speak about this phenomenon. I welcome your positive comments and actions to resolve Bahrain’s situation and get us to move forward as one society happily living in one cohesive nation.


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Bahrain, this is probably a good time to change your lens