An object of lust…

11 Jan, '06

You’ve dreamed about it long enough. Now it has a name: MacBook Pro. Powered by a dual-core Intel engine. Up to four times the speed of the PowerBook G4. Eight times the graphics bandwidth. With built-in iSight for instant video conferencing on the move. And Front Row with Apple Remote to dazzle everyone in the room. Wait no more. MacBook Pro starts at just $1999.

I SO want one. I guess the “wet” theme continues on Mtv for a few more days, and I’m not talking about rain!

‘ooooooh BAYBEH!

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  1. mahmood says:

    Re: An object of lust…

    Brilliant Sissy, the whole of Bahrain are waiting for that to come into effect. My customers here will be saving 5% on American goods they buy from me as we won’t have to pay customs on those things.. I think.

  2. anonymous says:

    An object of lust…

    I am getting this baby!!
    I could use some advice on this, do you guys think I should wait till iMachines gets here in Bahrain? Or shall I go ahead and order it online?


  3. mahmood says:

    Re: An object of lust…

    Sofyan, Nahed, don’t forget my commission! More imporantif you don’t get this baby soon we’re BOTH ordering it immediately from the States.

    Me wants this one please… and I’ll pay montly in 3 payments too, but will consider putting an ad for you on Mtv if the price and terms are better!

    C’mon c’mon comeON!

  4. anonymous says:

    An object of lust…

    I want one too but I can’t!. u c, I love to try all sorts of software packages (Pirated, that is!), and I’m not sure that I will find pirated s/w for this machine!

  5. anonymous says:

    An object of lust…

    It’s a good thing! Here’s my latest post on it all (scroll down for quotation and link to your own comments):

    [url=]Tarnished by association[/url]


  6. mahmood says:

    Re: An object of lust…

    Ah well, you’re in a different ball-game altogether then… the applications I use on both the Mac and Windows are open source, almost all of them. I did pay for both copies of Adobe Photoshop Elements though, which is the only non-OS software I use personally.

    For the office the non-OS packages we use include FileMaker Pro (we’ve stopped at v5, no need to upgrade,) Tally (accounting) and MindJet’s MindMaps.

  7. anonymous says:

    Re: An object of lust…

    Ordering it in Bahrain or order it online!? is that a question!??! ORDER ONLINE!

    It’s quicker.. guaranteed, and cheaper! who cares about local warranty support and all. I got 3 macs at home (one of them for more than 2 years) and I didnt have a single problem with it! Anyway, I just yesterday (the day they showed it in Macworld) and ordered it online from As long as you can trick the billing address problem (put the city, and zipcode to be the same .. i.e. Boston 02109 ) and shipping to your Aramex Address (if you don’t have Aramex you gotta be NutZ!) and use your Bahraini MC/Visa/Amex card and Voila… my brother bought an iBook like a few weeks ago online. it took him 10 days for it to arrive and it was like 200 to 300BD cheaper!

    The onlllyyy reason to get this one from Bahrain if one if there was some (I mean atleast S-O-M-E) sort of extra value then I’ll buy one here. I mean there is no Apple Club.. no ‘frequent-flyer’ type enrollments if you buy this through a local distributor.. no benefits like free lessons to i-work or whatever else software.. nothing.. I can’t believe it sometimes.. you go to the UK and the Apple Store is ionnss way better but WHY?

    Anyway, while the local Bahraini Apple stores (and you thought the second Apple store in Bahrain would create Some sort of competition) do their work in catching up with the rest of the world.. just go and buy it online 🙂

    PS: While you’re at it.. buy the $50 iTunes Music Prepaid Card.. I have like $100+ worth of videos and songs in my iTunes as I buy these cards from it’s pretty cool! Hey local Distributers: get these cards into Bahrain! Heck slap a surcharge and all if you need it to just bring it to Bahrain so that people have another reason to buy a mac laptop/desktop ! (inlclude a $50 or $100 card as a freebie if I were you)

  8. anonymous says:

    An object of lust…

    Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday introduced new Intel-powered desktop and notebook computers and said its wildly popular iPods helped drive a 63 percent jump in holiday quarter sales, sending shares up more than 4 percent.
    It also introduced a new high-end laptop called the MacBook Pro that will replace its PowerBook series, starting in February

    its great

  9. anonymous says:

    An object of lust…

    i drooled all over it yesterday when i read the specs…

    i want one too, but i sure do not need one. but i want… but i do not need… but i want…

  10. anonymous says:

    An object of lust…

    I want one too! Meanwhile, isn’t international trade grand? Excerpts from today’s [i]Wall Street Journal:[/i]

    [quote]President Bush is scheduled to sign the U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement today, making the tiny Middle Eastern nation the third Arab state with a U.S. trade pact (after Jordan and Morocco). Despite its diminutive status, there are good reasons to give this bilateral deal a big round of applause.

    Bahrain is the Arab world’s freest economy, ranking 25th and “mostly free” in the Heritage Foundation-Wall Street Journal 2006 Index of Economic Freedom. It has a diversified economy that goes well beyond oil exploitation and has used its wealth to build modern transportation and communications. In 2002 it converted to a constitutional monarchy, adopted universal suffrage and held parliamentary elections. Bahrain is the poster child for a modernizing Islamic state, a model for others in the region and a well-qualified U.S. trade partner.[/quote]

    As they say in the classic American Westerns, Howdy, pardner!

    Sissy Willis

  11. mahmood says:

    Re(1): An object of lust…

    I agree totally… except for one thing: Arabic keyboard, and promoting local businesses and support if and when you need it.

    The price is not that much of an issue, you could press them down mercilessly to get them to match the price, if they don’t then you could get better terms.

  12. anonymous says:

    Re(1): An object of lust…

    Done!! We’ll talk percentages later 🙂

    What do you think of dropping the FW 800 and Modem?


  13. mahmood says:

    Hold it!

    Is this true? or could it be true?

  14. anonymous says:

    An object of lust…

    Unfortunatly, my wife is having thoughts about my sexual motives every time I log on to the Apple. com website. She will probably have her thoughts confirmed once she ses me playni with this new sexy HARDWARE


  15. mahmood says:

    Re(2): An object of lust…

    Woohoo! The man has spoken! Excellent.

    FW800 is not an issue at the moment as USB2 is more popular and easier to handle. We’ve had problems with firewire equipment in that if a cheap card is installed after-market, it fries the U20 interface chip. I guess FW standard by itself wasn’t taken up as well as USB, similar story to the Betamax and VHS. The USB2 has sufficient bandwidth to ingest audio and video with ease now, and its practically a better plug-and-play interface from my experience, although it doesn’t have the daisy-chainability as firewire. I’m sure if you compare theories and actual benchmarks FW would come out on top, but it seems to have lost the battle already.

    Modem? What’s a modem? 😀

  16. mahmood says:

    Re: An object of lust…

    babe, I’m getting mine! S needs to hurry up and get it for me though… I hope they’re open on Saturday cause I’ll be there COLLECTING it! 😆

  17. Dan says:

    An object of lust…

    I am shopping for an almost-state-of-the-art dual core CPU (64 bit bus) desk top unit which I will purchase by this time next week. I cannot afford a laptop, and, for that matter, have no use for one.

    Keep’em coming, dude. Let’s rock the Internet!

    Signed: DAN

  18. anonymous says:

    An object of lust…

    Hold on a sec guys… they’re not shipping this til Feb! Are they in Bahrain now?! If so, Mahmood can you [b]please[/b] pick one up for me?


  19. mahmood says:

    Re: An object of lust…

    Beg some more…


    I didn’t even LOOK at when it is supposed to ship, and if you say Feb then all the better, my birthday is in Feb and YOU can buy me one! :p

  20. anonymous says:

    Re(1): An object of lust…

    Bugger. Here was I lurking in the background when I had to open my mouth.

    Oh, well.. if Gillian is going to have an argument about new sofas vs new toy, might as well be two MacBooks…

  21. Walid says:

    ok one of you guys said about the billing address trick for can anyone help me out bcs i need to buy an itunes card thks

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