Blonde moments in the Bahraini Elections

23 Nov, '06

Ahdeya Ahmed, official spokesperson for the Bahraini 2006 electionsSometimes, they say, silence is golden. They also say that it is better to keep people thinking that you’re stupid rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt, alas people do like to hear themselves talk.

This is the case with an airhead who have found herself probably by pure coincidence as the “official spokesperson” for the 2006 Bahraini elections.

First, this (somewhat) pretty lady released a humungous cerebral waste (being in polite company, I’ll borrow Mark’s definition here) by threatening anyone calling the Bahraini elections, judges, procedures, etc into question with being presented to the public prosecutor. Thankfully the local press found a bit of their backbone and took her to task.

Yesterday, she came out with this humdinger:

من جانبها نفت المتحدثة الرسمية للانتخابات عهدية أحمد وجود الطائفية في البحرين، وقالت: »المواطن البحريني لا يصوت لطائفة ضد طائفة اخرى، والطائفية موضوع غير مطروح أساسًا، ونحن المواطنين في البحرين من السنة والشيعة لا توجد مشاكل فيما بيننا أبدا«

Al-Wasat :: 23 Nov, ’06

The pretty lady denies that we have any sectarianism in Bahrain at all and that the Bahraini citizen does not vote for a sect against another, and that the sectarian issue is not on the table at all and that we Bahraini citizens Sunna and Shi’a do not have a problem between us at all.

Aha! Now I get it. Ms. Ahdeya Ahmed must hail from the outer reaches of Mars as I know that her little brain must have been indoctrinated there and in it was injected that latest brainfart of hers above.

Bless your heart sister; for God’s sake don’t get that “position” to get to your head… the translation of “official spokesperson” is no other than “mouth piece”, but in your case, unfortunately, they forgot to specify the required brain power to control that orifice.

I for one am extremely happy that come December 2nd, you’re out of a job.

Hopefully next time they’ll select someone who can more than string a couple of sentences in flawed nasal English to be their “official spokesperson.” Or at least someone with a couple of brain cells to rub against each other and give the audience at least the benefit of the doubt that some of us actually do enjoy those cell frictions.

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  1. B says:

    Qassim Hussain in Alwasat yesterday ripped her too:

    اللغة الاستفزازية نفسها كانت تفتقر إلى اللباقة التي يتطلبها المنصب، فكلمة »اصمتوا« التي تصدّرت التصريح لم تكن لائقة على الإطلاق، وخصوصاً أنها تخاطب الجزء الأكبر من المجتمع السياسي الذي أفرزته قوى الشعب والمجتمع المدني، و90 في المئة من المترشحين (مستقلون أو منتمون لجمعيات مختلفة)، عدا تلك الجمعيتين المواليتين المدعومتين حكومياً.
    كلمة »اصمتوا« التي استخدمت طوال ثلاثين عاماً، لإسكات الناس وقمع الأصوات وملاحقة الشخصيات الوطنية، هي أبعد ما تكون عن روح الإصلاح والانفراج السياسي.

    Seems like she’s a complete flop, however, her only qualification seems to be her perfect american accent to sweet talk the hoardes of journalists pouring into Bahrain. Her employers probably should have given her a few basic arabic lessons, that would have at least taught her speaking manners, in which the word “ismutu” is akin to “shut-up”. Is it any wonder the press hate her.

  2. Redbelt says:

    How much does an air ticket to la la land cost?

  3. can we talk now says:

    this reminds me of when the undersecretary of health years ago was quoted on the front page on the daily that there was no AIDS in Bahrain because it won’t happen to us because we’re a moslem country and we don’t do stuff the immoral things that cause aids..

    it’s called DENIAL

  4. CharlesWT says:

    Hmmm…the river in Egypt plays such a huge role in human affairs… 🙂

  5. chan'ad says:

    If I’m not mistaken, prior to being appointed to this position, the lady was a spokesperson for the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society, which was a creation of the Bandargate scandal. So no surprises here.

  6. mahmood says:

    True… When political societies objected to her appointment based on that fact, she claimed that she quit and distanced herself from the BHRWS over 18 months ago. They swallowed that and let her be.

    She’s also supposed to be a radio & tv “personality”, which of course is an oxymoron. Robots might look pretty, but personality they ain’t got.

  7. can we talk now says:

    she’s the one who does the interviews on tv right? i remember her interviewing David Duke. is she the one?

  8. chan'ad says:

    yep, that’s the one. she does the silly interviews.

  9. can we talk now says:

    lol………….haraam… ma yiswa aleyha

    do u think she’s
    b)a wishful thinker,
    c)an ostrich
    d)all of the above
    e)none of the above

  10. can we talk now says:

    Mahmood, my bolds and italics have disappeared again. did you steal them again? all i’ve got is the jumping beans!!

  11. mahmood says:

    heh.. ahdeya did it! try flushing your cache or something, she might forgive you and give ’em back!

    I know nothing…

  12. can we talk now says:

    english, please….
    flush my cache?????????????????????

  13. mahmood says:


    Depending on your browser, go to your preferences and select “clear cache” or something like that to delete all the material stored in your browser’s memory so that you force it to reload the pages you visit afresh.

    sometimes that helps in correcting problems.

    What browser do you use? I’m playing around with “Flock at the moment and it is brilliant! Give that a try.

  14. Costa-guy says:

    Now we are attacking the pretty lady because she’s pretty =D

    Well, i think the government wants a pretty face to talk about the elections from (its) side.

    it’s like an (image) about the elections. Not only for us, but for people abroad too.

    I think she doesnt know (Jack) about the elections. She only comes up with statements from what we memorized from our history books and what might (sound) right to any simple citizen =D

    يا حلــــيـــلها…. حرام عليكم بس ترا البنيـــة جميـــلة :grinnod:

  15. can we talk now says:

    what do her looks have to do with the price of tea in china??


  16. jayjerome says:

    ‘what do her looks have to do with the price of tea in china??’

    A lot, unfortunately. The reality is that ‘looks’ matter in the media. If you’re going to be scrutinized visually – on tv newscasts, or at press conferences – physical attractiveness is a prerequisite. That’s the way it works, and always has, and probably always will. Because good looks are negotiable.

  17. CharlesWT says:

    It is tough to admit that something as superficial and preordained as personal beauty could be genuinely valuable in the marketplace. But the rewards for good looks are too pervasive to blame mean-spirited employers.
    Or perhaps it is no problem at all. Instead of treating beauty like race — as a suspect category irrelevant to job performance — maybe we should think of it more like intelligence, charm or musical aptitude. Some people are lucky enough to have it, while others have to cultivate other gifts. And we would all rather enjoy the good looks of others than do without them.
    Like It or Not, Appearance Counts in the Workplace

  18. Hajji Hmagi says:

    Oooh, but that was not the end, and in deed the somewhat pretty one is in good company. CW crept and came in her footsteps; in the form of this news (link).

    Did you read? The edict bans strikes in bakeries amongst other facilities described as ‘vital’.

    Oh, and did you read too that the very legal/consitutional instrument used is an edict … and to be perfect, it also issued from a minister, wow! at a time when Parliament is not in session. I will be darned!

    Do you still think forums like your respectable Den can instill a value for avoiding CW in another 200 centuries in this locale? Any ways, let’s see if the Press will take this one to task this time for a change.

    Will Good Luck!

    <admin edit> reformatted offered link.

  19. mahmood says:

    Although what you have entered above, Haji, is irrelevant to the topic at hand, I am intrigued enough to ask you what is “CW” and what are your points, if any?

  20. CharlesWT says:

    Hmmm…Cerebral Waste?

  21. JESUS says:

    Wala Haram 3aliakm…
    The lady is an excellent journalist and one of bahrains finest and i believe choosing a woman as a spokesman for bahrains election will show the west how we are people who giv e women their rights… the fact that she said that the there is no 6afiya in bahrain is totally her personal opinion and depends on the way people are raised…soo quite this nonsense and support this lady for what she said afterall arent u the ones fight for the “no shi3i, no sunni, just bahraini” campain

  22. mahmood says:

    Yeah, I am. And I recognise that people who deny sectarianism’s existance in our country are the most dangerous to the campaign. It is important that you recognise what is broken so it can be fixed, what her highness is doing is sweeping it under the carpet and doing so with utter stupidity.

    I’m not sure how you can attribute the adjective “journalist” to Ahdeya though… she is anything but!

    As to “choosing a woman as a spokesman for bahrains election will show the west how we are people who giv e women their rights…” that must be the brainfart of the century!

    Keep your head buried in the sand… the sun does rise from the west sometimes!

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