Double Oleander

Double Oleander

Double Oleander, originally uploaded by malyousif.

The oleanders are starting to bloom all over the garden, I’ve got 5 of them. Their lovely scent in the early evening is truly magnificent.

This is the only “double” oleander I have and now I think I should have gotten all of them in this variety.

Very beautiful.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. Butterfly

    خاتمة وردية ليوم بدأ بتغريد البلبل وأنتهي بقطرات الندى على الزهرة لولا الاخبار المزعجة التي أنتصفت بين الاثنين!

  2. Barry

    Pretty flowers. I’m partial to the single flowered form though. There’s a particularly deep reddish pink variety which I like the most. Now if only they came in blue!

    Whenever I drive to Los Angeles, along highway 101 near the town of Paso Robles, there’s Oleanders blossoming in the middle of the green strip between both directions of traffic. It’s quite beautiful.

    While I was out, I visited my favorite nursery here (and picked up an Avocado tree). In the annuals section, they had lots of plants in bloom. I thought you’d like the following picture:

    It’s a bunch of different Cyclamen cultivars in full bloom. They also had a magenta Christmas Cactus I didn’t buy (I’ve got too many plants indoors as it is!)

  3. Post

    Now that’s a nursery and a half!

    There are some in Saudi which are this big and probably have as much variety, I am yet to visit though. Thinking on it, there is one in Muharraq which might be the same size, it is huge and they have good varieties throughout the year. I’ve gotten a few plants from them.

    I am remiss as far as indoors are concerned, those are really Frances’ bailiwick, except for the bulbs.

    We used to have a lot of oleanders on the roads separating both directions, now we have very little of those and plenty of the Conocarpus.

  4. Barry

    What happened? Did the government decide they were a public danger because of toxicity? Sure, they are poisonous, but they sell Oleander all over here, same with Brugmansia, and Pencil Bush (a type of Euphorbia). Conocarpus seems a rather boring plant compared to the possibilities.

    There are so many trees from the deserts around the world that it’s a shame that suitable ones (Other than Conocarpus) aren’t being located and promoted. Especially those with less agressive natures, like some of the Acacias.

  5. Barry

    Oh! I was going to include:

    Yes, it’s a very big nursery. Two acres of land. To give you an idea of the variety of this nursery, they have:

    “cottage garden” plants
    Australian natives
    New Zealand natives
    South African natives
    California natives
    fruit trees
    deciduous trees

    I’ve seen everything from Proteas, Leucospermums, Olives, and Figs to roses, desert succulents, conifers, and bamboo!

    You would probably die from delight if you were ever there. Up the road from there, there’s a slightly smaller nursery with similar things, but with more emphasis on perennials and trees.

  6. Post

    You’re probably right! I am a bit teed off now as I don’t have any place to put more trees or plants in my garden, if I do I think it would be too crowded. So you understand my fervent hope to make enough money to buy the neighbour’s house to start doing theirs!

    I think my next step now is to plan designing a patio garden which will consist mainly of pots to be strewn around the pool deck.. that’s a nice prospect, but I also have to think of a way to automatically irrigate them as I am not always around to water on a daily basis…

    looking forward to that :biggrin:

  7. Barry

    See, what I would do is eat away at the lawn 🙂

    I’ve still got lots of yard left to plant. I’m running out of ideas of what to plant. Hopefully as the trees mature, I’ll have places to put epiphytes! One of my native cherries is starting to grow lichen. I’m hoping that it’s what we call “Spanish Moss” (they can grow as long as almost 3 feet, and festoon all of the oaks and pines here). The front garden needs SERIOUS work. I think maybe this weekend I’ll pull all of the weedy grasses out (at least you don’t have these devilish weedy annual grasses that invade like a plague and come up every spring )

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