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14 Apr, '07

F1 circuits designer Hermann Tilke caught speeding in Bahrain

Whilst returning from a day at the circuit he penned at Sakhir to his hotel in the capital Manama, the German engineer was stopped by police on a motorway for exceeding the 100kph speed limit by 50kph, according to the Swiss newspaper Blick.

Apparently Tilke was taken to the police station for no less than two hours before they realised that their speedy prey was one of the leading figures behind Bahrain’s annual grand prix.

He was then released without sanction.

They’re actually stopping people speeding now? What is this new phenomenon? And at a measly 150kph?

The mind boggles!

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  1. Costa-Guy says:

    In Bahrain, your car is taken under custody if you exceed 140km/h. Your licence is taken too, you get jailed (24h), and you should stand in a court to see what is the verdict.
    Dozens of friends are caught every week and the law is applied, (maybe u get jailed for 2 hours only until a relative arrive).

    Good news that they actually stopped someone famous. Bad news is that he got away from because of his connections although he can afford such fine.

    I think it was for the reputations sake. I’d assume he got an apology too. Too bad for our poor Bahraini citizens, they have to pay all these fines every day.

  2. Bahraini and proud says:

    hehehehe poor guy lol hehehehehe, well heheheheh poor dude hahahahahahha :biggrin: feel sorry for him really….

    i wish i’m driving on the international highway in Germania i’d be speeding all the way heheheh and nobody will stop you, but i fear Bahrain is too small for speeding….

  3. F says:

    I guess Tilke forgot that he is not on the autobahn.

    I’m sure the engineer will have made new friends, at
    the station, who will forgive the F1 guest for his oversight.

    I wish some people here would be easily forgiven for theirs.

    What do you think of speeding limit change? Presently, 100km/h
    ..but you are allowed 120km/h. Let’s just change the highways to
    120km/h and allow 130 to 140km/h. What say you?

  4. Ibn says:

    Apparently Tilke was taken to the police station for no less than two hours before they realised that their speedy prey was one of the leading figures behind Bahrain’s annual grand prix.

    He was then released without sanction.

    Ahh, nothing new here – just selective application of the law. From my time spent in the gulf, it quickly became obvious to me how easily and quickly local authorities looked the other way on infractions commited by western expats, versus expats from other countries, or even fellow Arabs themselves. And the fact that this particular German was the grand-prix grandmaster just sealed the deal.


  5. Bahraini and proud says:

    How about changing the speed from 1am-5:30am they should allow people to drive as fast as they want hehehehe but focus of our neighboring drunken drivers. that know nothing but wrecking innocent people’s cars and parking on roundabouts… hehehehehe

    adrenaline rushhhhhhh :w00t: ….

    “if i die while riding fast, it means my soul will reach heaven really fast” quoted from Bahraini and proud (The book of bull****). :devil:

  6. Ansgar says:

    What should I say as a german? :blush: To be used to (nearly) unlimited speed is no excuse… 😉

  7. Anon- 4 ever says:

    Rules are rules, they were made to be obeyed! there are big and clear signs in the highway the speed limit is 100Kph in Arabic and English, so he has no excuse apart from its only his first few days in the country maybe…
    Usually they let people off in occasions like this F1, Eid ect..

    vorsichtiger Herr!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Rules are Rules!

    I’m proud of the Bahraini security forces!

    I hope though this appliance of law will include EVERYONE.. including Royal family members, ministers’ and parliament members’ children, high ranking officials!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    mahmood… where have u been since the beginning of this year??? this has been going on for a while now…apparently you live in your own den :devil:

  10. Jaffer says:

    They should come to A’ali it is a damn racetrack at nite not a cop to be seen anywere kids on fourwheelers and dirt bikes, there is no law in this country just bullshit talk.

  11. mahmood says:

    I honestly think that 100kph on open roads is ridiculous. That speed should change to at least 140kph.

    I didn’t know about the confiscation bit nor the automatic prison thing.. I’d better change my set warning limits then!

  12. LiB Team says:

    The thing is that the traffic police work according to their own mood at the time of booking, I had my licence confiscated once just for having tinted my rear window and I nicely told the idiot piece of chalk who told me to immediately remove it that I was late for work (which I was) and I WILL remove it later. All he did was take my licence. A few days later a friend was caught speeding by 40kph extra and was only given a booking.

    Rules are rules, I don’t care if he was used to unlimited speeds or not, there are speed signs everywhere.

    The thing is that they wanna say that “we are hospitable” and tolerate what western expat do. If this dude wanna speed let him have the track at the BIC to speed as he likes.

    Everyone should be accountable and NO one should be above the law, apparently, this is not the case in Bahrain. It depends on a) who you are, b) who you know and c) the mood of the police officer at the time of catching you with the offence. All else won’t do you any good.

  13. Redbelt says:

    160 kph is my crusing speed. I get an itch an deep emotional scars if I drive below 120. The police guys love me. they follow me up whenever they see me, and go round my house twice in the morning. cute!

  14. I believe that law is law…

    Everyone should be treated the same…

    If we allow some & leave others, people would find that an excuse to break the law!

    Cheers 😉

  15. Bahraini says:

    They suck big time…
    They are giving tickets for silly reasons..

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