Independent Human Rights Investigative Commission promulgated

29 Jun, '11


We have an official, independent and accountable commission to look into the events of the last few turbulent months in Bahrain composed of international figures who will have unfettered access to sources of information in order to compile a comprehensive report of the human rights abuses which happened in this country, recommend prosecutions of those found in the wrong and raise the resulting report to His Majesty by 30th October 2011. The report will be made public in total as guaranteed by the king. I’m sure that the local human rights organisations (the real ones) will act their part and ensure that they provide the necessary oversight.


I haven’t looked at the backgrounds of those entrusted with this task, but they do sound genuine. Still, this is an excellent and much needed step to aid the long road to recovery, reparation and reconciliation.

Here’s the official translation of the king’s speech this afternoon, and this is a link to the Royal Decree #28 of 2011 outlining the roles and responsibilities of the commission.

Next steps?

As far as I’m concerned, throw Adel Flaifel OUT of the National Dialogue, his presence will poison the whole proceedings, he should never have been invited under any pretenses until he faces justice and offers apologies to those he tortured as part of an independent Truth and Reconciliation Commission with powers such as that of South Africa which should be created immediately, and then we can witness Bahrain’s recovery for it to take its rightful place among modern and self respecting nations.

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  1. Sky says:

    The good news has come thick and fast the last couple of days! rumours of Saudi troop withdrawals we’ve been hearing for days finally confirmed, and prisoner releases! delighted that one of my relatives is among them and is safe and well, with news that his brother should also be released soon – we wait in eager anticipation. Hopefully the final numbers will be significant. I hope this will be seen by everyone as a peacemaking step, paving the way for reconcilliation as we try to rebuild trust & move forward with needed reforms.

    Delighted to see what looks like the first ever truly independent commission investigating ALL human rights abuses – this is finally a concrete and genuine step towards reconcilliation & progress… I have a few worries about the scope, hopefully this will be clarified – If it is only to cover Feb & March then it will exclude many incidents in more recent months, including 4 deaths in custody… Hopefully clarification will follow and the scope will be broad enough to satisfy a large segment of Bahraini society.

    As for sitting across the table from a thing like Adel Flaifel… Good luck to you Mahmood, I know I wouldn’t be able to maintain a civil tongue nor a cool head!!!

    And my best wishes to you as you go into the dialogue – like many others here I’m very glad to know you will be representing me too.

  2. Fysth says:

    Is a fact-finding commission, which is what Hamad called for, the same as an investigative commission?

    I don’t know. I have heard from more than one source that they are not one and the same and that the latter’s recommendations are binding whereas the former’s aren’t.

    Commenting on the man’s speech, I must say: does a king really deserve to remain king when he is ignorant of the fact that four of his citizens died of torture in prison when their pictures are splashed all across the Internet? Does he still deserve to remain king when everyone on God’s green earth but him knows that 35 of his citizens have so far died as a direct result of police brutality and heavy-handedness and that thousands have been tortured in prison and that the likes of Ayat Alqormozie where made to clean prison toilets with her bear hands and swallow the spit of police officers (direct statement from Ayat as reported by one of her relatives)?

    If a CEO of company was so unaware of the going-ons in his company he/she wouldn’t be CEO for long.

  3. Jeffrey Warren says:

    Congratulations Mahmoud on your being part of your country’s National Dialogue. Lets hope this is a TRUE dialogue and that it leads to true reform in Bahrain.

    All The Best,
    Jeff Warren
    Worldathon blog

  4. exclamation mark says:

    I too hope that the independent societies present all what they have to this commission.

    Everything would be put to the test now, people will measure transparency and credibility.

  5. Ver says:

    I’ve had a quick look at the bio’s of these individuals. Looks like 3 out of the 5 speak Arabic. Would have preferred all to be Arabic speakers. Also I really don’t know how independedent it can be as the payment is coming from the royal coffers. Think this should be the UN’s job!

  6. milter says:

    As far as I know The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa started with a more or less blank piece of paper, i.e. nobody was assigned the role of villain or victim at the start of the talks.

    Will the same happen here?

    And, will the concept “forgiveness” be given the attention Desmond Tutu tried to give it in South Africa?

  7. Fysth says:

    The head of the “investigative committee”, Egyptian national Mahmood Basyooni was all praise for the king in his first press conference. Says a lot about what we can expect from this committee…There go the promises of the committee’s neutrality.

  8. Dan says:

    “Bahrainis living abroad have been ordered to spy on their countrymen in the wake of a deadly crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators.

    Documents containing “loyalty pledges” — which also require expats to promise they will not protest against the tiny Gulf state’s government — have been sent to students attending university in the U.K.

    Some Bahrainis told that they feel abandoned by Western leaders in the face of an alleged campaign of intimidation that extends far beyond the country’s borders.”

    Full story here:

  9. Dan says:

    Speaking of your “National Dialogue,” Mahmood, how about you ask them about the article I just posted above? I bet they will arrest you again if you do.

    Give it a try and see what happens.

  10. Dan says:

    The U.S. Fifth Fleet is at anchor in Bahrain if you need them to step in and “liberate” you…like Iraq, Afghanistan, Samolia, Libya, etc.

    Oh that’s right, Saudi Arabia is taking care of that for you.

    • ajax says:

      go and “liberate” the correct country now

      you president got it wrong ,and attacked the wrong i…… country

  11. exclamation mark says:


    I hope you give us your view and experience about the dialogue. How it was? is it credible? will it have any ability to solve problems in Bahrain? And does it address the “real” issues?

    • Fysth says:

      Wefaq had a press conference last night and a few nights ago and commented on the first two sessions of the dialogue, calling it a huge charade. What else can you expect when over 85% of attendees are loyalists. Adel Flayfel who personally murdered several people in the 90s and is responsible for the torture of tens of others is a main player in the dialogue, imagine that (whereas Nabeel Rajab, head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights isn’t). And so far, he has called on Sunnis to arm themselves with “faith and real weapons” soon to counter any future protests.

      This dialogue is impotent and nothing will come of it. Remember that scene in Lawrence of Arabia where all the Arabs get together to “talk”? That’s more or less how it is.

      • ajax says:

        FYI Flayfel won’t show up ,he opt-out

        and nabeel ….what? *rolleyes* *sigh*

  12. Dan says:

    “faith and real weapons…”

    “Faith and force . . . are corollaries: every period of history dominated by mysticism, was a period of statism, of dictatorship, of tyranny.”

    —Ayn Rand

    SOURCE (scroll down):

  13. ajax says:


    would leave this here for you Mr.mahmood

    • ajax says:

      it is in arabic btw

      couldn’t find English equalvent of the article in aljazeera net

  14. Dan says:

    Google translation:

    IRIN – special

    Document revealed a Bahraini official date that the percentage of Sunni citizens of all citizens of the country, equivalent to 51%, while stopped proportion of the Shiite community at 49%, as a result of a study by a research team particularly during the period from July 4 to 15 November / December 2010.

    She explained the document issued by the Central Bureau of Statistics and Information of the Council of the Prime Minister of Bahrain, Bahrain has seen since 1991, marketing the idea of division of society into castes and classified into a minority and the majority without reference to accurate data and scientifically documented, leading many international institutions and foreign government and the media to believe for 20 years that the demographic distribution in the Kingdom is divided into a Shiite majority (60% -70%) and the Sunni minority (30% -40%).

    In another passage, touched on the document – obtained by Al Jazeera Net, a copy of it – to detail is important the issue of naturalization, a case of see where the opposition and the means exploited by the Bahraini authorities to “prejudice to the distribution of the demographic in the country in favor of the Year”, the document shows that the first beneficiary since Bahraini citizenship law passed in 1963 are the Shiites

    The document adds that the current King Hamad Al-Khalifa ordered after he took power in March / March 1999 the return of exiled citizens abroad, as the number of returnees with their families during the period from 2001
    –2 003 to about 10,607 citizens, mostly of the Shiite community.

    Moreover, Al-Khalifa is the granting of citizenship after a stateless class that lived for decades in Bahrain without the enjoyment of the rights of citizenship.

    The document emphasizes that the procedures for naturalization did not influence the sectarian division during any period by more than 1%, because it was limited and conducted in accordance with the conditions set for citizenship.

    The official document that the factors of the political geography of Bahrain – an archipelago of islands – helped turn it into a center for migration of regional neighbors, go to thousands of the east coast of Iran, Al-Qatif and Al Ahsa followers of the Shiite community, which contributed to the high proportion of the population.

    The document adds that the Bahraini government did not refer to religious affiliation but rather focused on citizenship since the first official census in the country in 1941, and until the last census in April 2010.

    In the analysis of the historical estimates, the document shows that the proportion of the Sunni community was the largest of the Shiite community since the nineteenth century, but several factors contributed to the change that percentage Calegrat and population growth.

    And confirms that the proportion of the Sunni community in accordance with the historical estimates equivalent to an average of about 56.2%, compared with 43.8% of the Shiite community, a small difference makes it difficult to divide the people to the majority and minority.

    In addition, four factors have affected the demographic composition of the migration, regional and naturalization of legal and natural population increase and political conditions, but the impact of these factors on the sectarian representation did not exceed 1% in only two cases migration of propellants to the eastern region, which reduced the proportion of the year, and the introduction of the Shiites of roasted, Al-Ahsa, Qatif, which increased the number of Shiites, and then rates the two communities converged in the last decade of the twentieth century.

    On the other hand, was based on the research team to determine the sectarian composition of several procedural steps, including analysis of documents and historical studies and field surveys in a manner corresponding research and analysis of data records of the Department of Awqaf Sunni, and analysis of sequences of families and relations of marriage and family from a database of the Central Agency of information, in addition to the analysis of contracts marriage is documented in the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs, in particular cases of intermarriage between

    For his part, called on the Bahraini former member bloc the National Islamic Forum Saadi Mohammed Abdulla Bahraini government published the document supported by evidence of his claims to “put an end to the fabrications and lies, deliberate and repeated the words of some Almuturin in the media, regional and global to the heart of the facts about the reality of the composition by ethnic composition population of the Kingdom of Bahrain, “he said.
    He d. Saadi in the interview of the island extremely surprised not to place a government document and delivery of world public opinion to correct the “wrong idea” about the number of many of the common people and intellectuals.
    Were not of the island – despite the frequent contacts – to obtain comment from the Islamic National Accord Association, the largest Shiite opposition groups in Bahrain.

  15. exclamation mark says:

    a list of the participants was published today for those people attending a session to discuss the political issues, but couldn’t find Mahmood’s name!! His name was for the sessions to discuss “youth”.

    From the beginning, people know that this dialogue is just a show, but people from the “inside” criticisng it is positive, especially as a tool of pressure.

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