2012, come ON already!

There is no doubt in my mind that 2011 will be remembered for a very long time. In it, I have grown a lot through the tumultuous times I’ve lived through, as has hundreds of thousands of my compatriots. Like thousands of others too, I have been wrongly imprisoned. Dragged from my home by a gang of masked and heavily armed mixture of uniformed and out of uniform members of the what I suppose were security forces, without any regard to due process.

My home was invaded at 3 am, my family terrorized, several items taken from my home without authority or record: computer, camera, memory cards, hard disks, cds, DVDs, and most importantly over 50 video tapes holding precious memories collected over the lifetime of my children. What they would do with videos of a personal nature like birthday parties and schools concerts is beyond me. None of those items to date have been returned, and it’s been nine months. If the government is that much deficient in compute power and digital imaging, then I don’t mind them keeping the hardware, but I would appreciate them returning the memories! I’ve tried, several times to retrieve them but all I got was the infinite runaround.

2011. I’d say that the absolute and most tragic thing of that year were the glaring missed chances for reconciliation. Opportunities continue to present themselves  since the very first movement of Feb 14, 2011 to the minute that I’m typing these words; however, they are willingly being squandered and missed by the ruling regime primarily as they hold the keys almost exclusively to resolve this situation. However, there are other agendas at play it seems which usurp the basic human requirements of living with dignity and peace.

Enough. For goodness’ sake enough!

2012. I’m not naive enough to hope that the new year will be any better. In fact, it’s shaping up to be even worse than ’11.

People have had it. They’ve had it with the heavy handedness and unwarranted use of force for the slightest infraction. This has turned even the moderates and politically uninterested against the regime and they – the regime – are not doing itself any favours whatsoever by continuing with this policy. Obfuscation won’t do either. What is required is real political will to resolve this situation which includes the acceptance of relaxing their grip on power for the better of the country, and ironically, the serve the sustainability of their reign too.

If you can, have a wonderful 2012.

I know I shall give it a proper go.


  1. James Benson

    All the very best Mahmood for 2012. You are an inspiration to us all. It is my wish the GoB would just try to understand and act upon a few of your suggestions posted over the past months! I wish you a free Bahrain in the not too distant future.

  2. exclamation mark


    The problem it seems is not with the Govt only… but with hard headed opposition leaders too..
    Those outside Bahrain. They – as it seems – had started some sort of campaign to hit Al Wefaq and the other societies, some are known, some are anonymous, just look at FB and twitter.

  3. Dudebh

    Sorry to hear about your experience Mahmood. Must have been hard. But remember, the majority of Bahrainis have for many years either experienced this or personally know someone who has. For many years alkhalifa have been given a chance for reconciliation, they were always full of false promises and illusions and this why this regime toppling is a necessity. Feb14 is when Bahrainis learnt that intelligently directed extremist is the only way to solve this. It wasn’t the beginning of unrest, it was finishing it.

    Being moderate in the face of oppression is suicide.


  4. Staci Strobl

    All the best to you in 2012 Mahmood! Keep up the hope that things will change and the government realizes its heavy hand is only making matters worse. It will be interesting to see what happens this upcoming Feb14 and whether a year later we can mark any progress. Long live Bahrain, as a peaceful, free place, and not a dictatorship.

  5. Wayne Job

    Keep the faith of freedom alive, for to believe in the equality of all people, regardless of faith or race, is the basis of freedom. Being as I am an Australian we have long considered ourselves as citizens of planet Earth , ethics goodwill and love over ride all other options, religion, race and tribalism as a divisive tool of control disappeared from our culture a long time ago. I feel your pain, in that you have seen the freedom of the world and concluded that your society should also be free. It is not so easy in your world as religious ideology overwhelms practicality, common sense and politics. Stay the course sir, your input into your society may change many minds. Many of us in the west have a rather jaded view of Islam, your views are a breathe of fresh air may your country take them onboard. Best wishes for the new year. Wayne.

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