Out with the old…

No no, this is not a political post. I’m (almost) fed up of that crap. Instead, this is just to share with you what I’ve done to my office today in celebration of a new year and a determination to grab this year and bend it to my will 🙂

Mahmood's Office remodelled

I frankly got fed up of “the desk in the middle of the room” where people have to sit across from each other as if awaiting to do battle with each other and the desk being the main feature of a room. So I decided to shove my trusty 19-year-old desk against the wall and open up the centre of the room. Now, my visitors can sit with me in the office without that huge imposing bulk between us. I feel that the room is now much more welcoming. I do hope the new decor make people more at ease when they visit.

Also to celebrate the new year, I decided to get a brand spankin’ new Apple 27-inch Thunderbirdbolt display and connected it to my MacBook Air. Now I can see!! Wow, the pictures are truly amazing and the videos are worth watching. I can now happily edit my HDR photographs and edit my videos with ease. Me so happy! Thanks to my friends at iMachines for being super quick in delivering the display and providing it a reasonable cost too.

So who amongst you are going to be my first visitor in the new office?

  • Emile
    3 January 2012

    Great layout. I think whoever visits will feel more at ease. One of these days I definately intend to visit 🙂 good luck

  • Mohamed
    4 January 2012

    Thunderbird? It’s thunderbolt

    • mahmood
      4 January 2012

      Indeed it is! Stuck in the 70s, me is 🙂

  • Hani
    4 January 2012

    Nice layout Mahmood. And you also need to get this: http://twelvesouth.com/products/BookArc_for_Air/

    • mahmood
      4 January 2012


      Thanks 😉

    • mahmood
      11 January 2012

      It’s arrived it’s arrived!


      Thanks Hani 🙂

  • Hani AlYousif
    11 January 2012

    Looks great! Congrats!

2012, come ON already!