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    1. If you use profane language, that comment will be held in moderation or deleted. If you can’t see it within a few hours of posting it (if I’m awake that is) that means I most probably deleted it, you are more than welcome to re-enter your comment using respectful language.
    2. If you have used more than 3 links (currently) then that comment will be held in moderation, as the system thinks that it might be spam, and we all love that meat, so I have to have a look at it first before releasing it. In most cases that happens pretty quick, if you still can’t see it, you’re more than welcome to contact me to alert me of the possibility that your comment is lost in the moderation queue.
    3. If you’ve entered a comment that is irrelevant to the topic you are commented on, then expect it to be deleted. At my sole discretion. This is not a traditional forum but a weblog, if you wish to bring something to my attention, please use the Contact Form and I will choose whether to pursue the matter, but thank you very much for your contribution though, I do appreciate you making the effort in notifying me.
    4. You’ve been a bad boy and you have been banned from Mahmood’s Den, and you are tagged as such, then there is no way in hell that your comment would be approved. Save yourself the effort and go into your own world, this place is not for you. Even IF your comment sneaks through the cracks, I will make sure that I will hunt and delete it promptly. Begging for my forgiveness sometimes – but very rarely – works.

Obviously all of these are subject to change at any time without any notice totally and solely at my discretion.

UPDATE – 17 July, ’07:
Due to the number of spam comments and brute force attempts to sabotage the site, I have had to enable commenting only to logged in users. The first comment entered by a logged in user requires moderation, once that comment is released, all subsequent comments will not require moderation and comments will be immediately published on submission.

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