LG Washing Machine

The ad is shot nicely and it might work accept for the most stupid sounding audio dubbing.

I think LG is rich enough though to shoot a complete commercial in Arabic, with good actors based on a good idea rather than just produce one worldwide version and just add local language.

More over the concept of this ad just does not work in the Arab culture.

So LG takes the prize here for producing one version and trying to ram it down everybody’s throught! Cheap!


  1. kiwiboy

    LG Washing Machine

    I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND! Why do they have adverts on the local free to air channels, such as MBC 2 & 4 in only Arabic when its an english tv station. Why could you not just have the Adverts in English so everyone can understand them. It’s obvious that the arabic speaking viewrs can speak english, and as a person who cannot, I wonder why do they just have it in english. That way their adverts will be herd by everyone.

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