Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

This just in from the GDN quoting Akhbar Al-Khaleej that the Ministry of Information will be immediately disbanded and a part of history! At last someone listened, this corrupt, bankrupt, stifling government organ and brown-noser is no longer! I am SO happy for Bahrain that they should make today, August 26th a national holiday for ever!

Information Ministry to be axed

MANAMA: The Information Ministry is to be abolished and its responsibilities handed over to newly-created commissions for tourism, radio and television and culture and national heritage, it was revealed last night.

The first new body, the Tourism Commission, will come into being on September 1, informed sources told our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej.

Members of this organisation will be drawn mainly from the private sector and it will be chaired by a hotel company official. The existing tourism directorate will be abolished.

The second new commission will be formed in October or November to oversee culture and national heritage.

The sources said the Information Ministry would be dissolved at the beginning of next year. There was also a possibility that the Directorate of Printing would be affiliated to the new Culture and National Heritage Commission.

The sources added that it was likely the new Bahrain Radio and Television Commission would be set up at the beginning of next year as an independent commission. None of the commissions will be attached to a ministry.



  1. mohd

    Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

    Al Hamdu’lillah!

    I agree, Bahrainis are very much sophiticated and intelligent. And as a people have the ability to enjoy freedoms responsibly. We have a long history of contact with the outside world are no longer shocked by anything we see or hear. This is a fact of history, and the dissolution of the Ministry of (mis)Information is attestation to that.

    With one hand, I give my hearty congratulations to the people of Bahrain on this momentous accomplishment. With the other, I charge them with the responsibility to keep the village idiots from ruining it for the rest of us.

  2. smiley


    I’m so happy for the people of Bahrain. As an Omani who has no hope of ever living without a Ministry of Information, I can at the very least be proud of the progress at Bahrain.


  3. anonymous

    Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

    I’m so happy. Wonderful news.

  4. anonymous

    Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

    Does this mean we might have a TV/radio/media industry emerge in the near future? *fingers crossed* 🙂

  5. fekete

    Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

    anyone know anything about the culture and national heritage comission? who is running it?

  6. anonymous

    Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

    It’s about time we moved on. Lets hope that now we’ll see more freedom of press and higher quality TV and radio. This could be a very good thing if the right next steps are implemented to capitalize on it.


    ps Mahmood, I hope you don’t mind if I added a your link to my journal. Cheers.


  7. mahmood

    Re: Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

    Morroco has, and Oman a few days ago granted a broadcast license to private investors, so I really see no reason whatsoever why Bahrain should not do that.

    In fact on paper it already has as it granted a broadcast license to the Bahrain Financial Harbour’s Bahrain Harbour Financial Channel about a year ago, and I know that Ibrahim Bashmi’s going to run it.

  8. mahmood

    Re: Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

    Thanks for adding the link Ali, much appreciate it.

    Yes I agree, without the Ministry of Thought Police in presense, it should be much better in the long run for freedoms of speach. The Ministry is old hat and just not needed in this day and age. They have not contributed a single thing (as far as I can tell) to Bahrain other than propagate the essential brown-nosing which is too very old hat.

    People are much more sophisticated now and if you want to win them over, you need to do that by not perpetually showing your picture on a TV channel that no body watches anyway.

  9. anonymous

    Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

    I think this is the first time anyone has ever said this – give some credit to MP Abdullah Al-A’ali. He set the ball rolling a couple of weeks back when he announced that he was going to bring the bill before parliament to abolish the Ministry.

  10. mahmood

    Re: Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

    What? The guy that wanted to ban Bahrainis from entering hotels “to keep them away from sin”? You must be kidding.

    The only reason that that dimwit threatened with a bill that would naturally be flushed is that he does not like the minister or the ministry, believe me it is a personal issue with him rather than for the good of the country. That dimwit can’t organise a piss-up in a brewery let alone front such a devicive bill. There is no way in hell that I would believe that the government was intimidated by this crackpot and so they preempted him.


    I’m now off to a weekend without internet access thanks to Batelco and the Northern Municipality.

  11. anonymous

    Hurraay! The Ministry of (dis)Information is to be disbanded!

    Whatever his motive he gets my support. I suppose it is a chimpanzee typing Hamlet type freak occurance.

    Before you go have a read of the Bahraini Blogger’s account of his visit to Iran. Its frightening.

  12. mahmood

    Re: aaaaaaargh! more BTV!

    DAMN!, but if you notice that the denial was a bit toned down and smells a bit fishy, as the denials says the “details” are incorrect, they did not deny the substance however.

    We remain optimistic and hope against hope that the government will see the light and deep-six this most archaic of ministries.

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