3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

MPs seek clamp on phone pornography



MPs are calling for a new law to combat untraceable pornographic broadcasts between mobile phones.

Girls are reportedly being harassed by youths misusing the Bluetooth technology now available in some mobiles.

Bluetooth can trace any similar receiver phone within 10 metres and transmit to it without dialling up the number.

These means pictures can be broadcast without leaving any trace of who sent them, said parliament’s foreign affairs, defence and national economy committee vice-chairman Abdulla Al Dossari.

He is proposing a new law to combat the misuse of such facilities, which can also operate from personal computers.

Mr Al Dossari is planning to submit the proposal next week to parliament chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani.

Mr Al Dossari, who is also Independent Bloc spokesman, told the GDN yesterday that the wording of the proposal was being carefully studied by the bloc’s legal adviser and would be hopefully ready by tomorrow.

“I have come up with the idea after receiving several complaints from families saying that their daughters were being harassed by young men who send them pornographic material using Bluetooth,” he said.

“Others have also complained about pictures and clips of their daughters being spread through mobile phones, without any trace of their origin.

“It is hard to know who sends these picture and clip messages, since dialling up the receiver isn’t needed.

“Most cases have been reported to have happened in malls, restaurants and event at Bahrain University.” Mr Al Dossari said that he was not proposing banning Bluetooth, just regulating its use.

“Everyone acknowledges the vital role technology plays in people’s lives today, but it needs to be monitored to ensure people don’t misuse it,” he said.

“Batelco has thankfully helped trace many people who were misusing the Internet, by identifying the location of the transmission, since it is being done through a phone number.”

But he said it was hard to catch those who misuse Bluetooth, since no one knows who is sending the information, or from where.

“Bluetooth is now available amongst half of Bahrain’s population and its use has become so common,” said Mr Al Dossari.

He said he hoped the proposed law would help protect people’s privacy and combat indecency.

“A similar law has been introduced last week in Kuwait and we hope that our government will do the same,” said Mr Al Dossari.

GDN Aug 31st, 2004

Ah what fun… trying to control technology, trying to control the untraceable, and adding a veneer of religiousity to it as well. Very nice. Can we expect anything from these carpetbaggers other than what has happened in the last two sessions?

I for one can’t wait for the next elections.

  • kategirl
    31 August 2004

    3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

    Mahmood, you beat me to it! I was just about to post this article on my blog. It is interesting to see how becoming a member of parliament seems to make one stupid. Can someone please start a mass awareness program to teach these guys and other dimwits how to turn off Bluetooth on their phones please.

    The Kuwaiti bloggers have an interesting discussion about the best Bluetooth spots here. Does anyone here have any suggestions about the best place in Bahrain to pick up the most bluetooth files? 🙂

  • anonymous
    31 August 2004

    3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

    Whats surprising is that its the liberals who are making the running on this – ie the Independent Bloc and in the press Shireen Bushehri – who is usually really good, but seems to have lost the plot on this one.

    Don’t try and compete with the Islamists on their social agenda – you’re just embarrassing yourselves.

  • adore
    31 August 2004

    3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

    well i have this AWESOME idea, i dunno if anyone ever thought about it…coz its just so out of this world. and here its is:


  • mahmood
    31 August 2004

    Re: 3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

    Nah, they have to legislate and BAN bluetooth devices, what’s wrong with you man? Your solution is just too simple.

  • anonymous
    31 August 2004

    3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

    How pathetic!! Are the MPs not aware that pornography is openly available to all internet subscribers on Batelco? There is NO way of regulating what is sent over Bluetooth. Correct me if i’m wrong but bluetooth transmissions don’t go threw the Batelco mobile network – its just sent via radio signals from one mobile to the other. Would these MPs not have looked into it before coming up with a draft law which will NOT be able to be enforced?

  • anonymous
    1 September 2004

    3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

    You can only discover phones with bluetooth if the phone’s bluetooth “discoverable” feature is turned on. If it’s off you are safe.

  • skribe
    1 September 2004

    3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

    In my neck of the woods it is the girls that send the pics – usually of bits of their own anatomy or a close friend’s.

  • anonymous
    2 September 2004

    3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

    It is sad as much as it is pathetic to see these so called MPs fretting over how to “ban” this mobile phone or that! It is purely absurd. But you know what? I do feel sorry for them, it is so obvious that that is just as much as they are “allowed” to discuss in that parliament of theirs.


  • anonymous
    14 September 2004

    3rd session of parliament shaping up very nicely…

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