GDN on the ball today!

Is the managing editor of the GDN away on holiday? It’s very much on the ball today, someone explain to me why this is please? Or am I just being silly?

  • Bahrain to host key rights talks
    HUMAN rights activists from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) will meet in Bahrain to discuss how the G8 can help develop education, economies and human rights across the region.
  • Protest plan after welfare fund snub
    PROTESTERS are to pelt the National Assembly building with rotten eggs and tomatoes on Friday, because Parliament did not include financing for a social welfare fund in the 2005-2006 budget.
  • Society clamp after ‘plotters’ honoured
    A BAHRAIN society has been suspended for honouring 73 people involved in a failed coup plot to kill the country’s leaders.
      • and of course, a hat tip to our unsung heroes of our society, the teachers who hone our children’s skills and prepare them with open minds to deal with the world:
    • Education Ministry staff take a bow…
      FIVE hundred Education Ministry employees took a bow after graduating from long-term training in a ceremony at the ministry, in Isa Town.

      Graduates with their certificates
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      • anonymous
        7 July 2005

        GDN on the ball today!

        no comment
        silly me 😉

      • Alireza
        7 July 2005

        GDN on the ball today!

        Rethe ‘plotters honoured article

      • mahmood
        7 July 2005

        Re: GDN on the ball today!

        Yep, same bet here unfortunately.

      Glamour Shot