Heh… Bahrain, Saudi elected to UN Human Rights body!

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Bahrain, I can barely understand. We’re on the cusp of change which could go either way. We’ve had some strides with reparation and held international rapprochement conferences here, as well as those for transitional justice, so at least we’re going through the motions, hence our election into the Human Rights body of the United Nations is barely understandable…

But what the hell is the rationale of electing Saudi in there? Can someone please enlighten me, as I’m at a complete loss as to why the UN/international community consciously want to destroy what is left of the UN’s reputation in the word?

So is Saudi now going to allow some religious freedoms in the kingdom? And I’m talking about Muslim sects being able to perform their rights, let alone allowing Christians, Jews and Hindus have their own places of worship!

I wonder what the Relgious Policeman going to do with this one, it should be fun! 🙂

  • K from Oslo
    10 May 2006

    Maybe they just have a funny sense of humor?

  • K from Oslo
    10 May 2006

    Ops, I meant a strange sense of humour.

  • M
    10 May 2006

    Well, I’m thinking it’s trick psychology on the UN’s part. Put the worse of the worse in charge, and hope they start thinking about the issues. Best the UN could hope for is some of these countries start beating on their chests about what players they are on the world stage, and then their citizens make some noises and gain some small progress in the process.

    Of course, that would require that the UN actually had it’s crap together, and that’s the furthers thing from the truth so…… as Roseanne Roseannadanna would say…..nevermind!

  • Joker
    10 May 2006

    Thats why the UN never came out with something against Saddam Hussain.. and looks like their balls will shrink with Ahmedi Najad. I’m not a big fan of the UN. I think it should be dissolved.

  • Pamela
    10 May 2006

    USA out of UN, the UN out of the USA. It makes me ill just thinking that we fund nearly 25% of the UN. And, that is very valuable land in New York. If the UN loves these people/Arabs Russians etc…so much, why isn’t the UN in those lands.

  • mahmood
    10 May 2006

    That’s a bit racist Pamela, don’t you think?

    The USA being the most powerful and richest in the world has an obligation to the world community; therefore it cannot think with a small town mentality. And as far as I understand the UN does maintain a large presence in Switzerland too.

  • tooners
    10 May 2006

    I agree w/ M… I think it just might be some reverse psychology… but whose to say.

    And… aaahhh… Roseanne Roseannadanna… that brings back fond memories! 🙂 Those were the days.

  • Akash
    10 May 2006

    See some of the elected members.

    South Africa
    Saudi Arabia

    – If this list doesn’t make you laugh/cough/cry/hammer your head on the wall – Consult a Psychiatrist immediatly.

  • Akash
    10 May 2006

    so bad that Sudan coundn’t make it…

  • Anon Counsel
    10 May 2006

    The only reason most of these countries have lobbied to get themselves elected to such Human Rights Bodies is in order to veto/block any embarassing actions against them. The purpose is not to promote human rights, but rather just to cover their own backsides.

  • Anonymous
    10 May 2006

    Now does ANYone NOT realise what the UN is all about?

    I am GLAD that Bahrain was included. Perhaps YOU, Mahmood, may get a word in edgewise. If you can, this will be good. Yet, I believe that Bahrain is small enough, on the world scene, to have just been included either as spice or as deological camoflauge

    But: C’mon, Mahmood, “Saudi Arabia?” Ya’ think? CAN you think?!


  • Anonymous
    10 May 2006

    OK, here’s the BIG SECRET:

    The United Nations is the International Monetary Fund and they are for loaning fiat money to everybody on the planet at interset, financing dictatorial leaders, and then having them clamp down on the population to seize everyone’s labor. To keep their dictators in check, they do the same thing in the country next door and stage a war at the common man’s expense.

    Get it? Shot the TV and THINK!


  • Anonymous
    10 May 2006

    Funny lot you all are. Instead of critisizing everything all the time, maybe you should consider this as a step in the right direction!
    Being on the panel, means being more accountable.

    As for Pamela,,,, I don’t blame you for that remark, belonging to such an ignorant nation that thinks the world revolves around you and you alone!! Have you ever stopped to think what type of business comes in to your country just by having the UN headquarters there? Nope, I didn’t think so…..
    Do you understand this? Baaaa, Baaaa, Baaaa


  • M
    10 May 2006

    What struck me about the letter, other than not blaming the US for Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, was that it would seem he has been watching way too much TV. It was all there while professing his holier than thou attitude. It was almost like he went through UBL’s video tapes and picked out what he wanted. You bad; me good. 9/11, the Jews and all the rest.

    What a shame and a missed opportunity, but then he was really only playing to the ME it would seem; someone will correct me if I am wrong.

  • M
    10 May 2006

    Whoops, sorry, wrong place for the post above, but then you knew that.

  • Aliandra
    10 May 2006


    There’s not a lot of love for the UN in the US. In its current form, it is corrupt and mismanaged. Money gets “disappeared”. After four years of debating, it’s not done a damn thing to stop the massacres in Darfur. It gives countries run by dictators the same voting power as those run by respectable governments. It lets tyrannical regimes sit on the human rights council. Given that the US is the biggest donor, it is understandable why many Americans want nothing to do with it. The property and money could be put to better use, like something that actually serves the community.

    Move the whole shebang someplace else, like Burundi or Micronesia. Preferably far from the US. NYC would have less traffic and less snarky diplomats who get immunity from traffic tickets.

  • CerebralWaste
    10 May 2006

    I think the UN is a failed experiment in its current form. Nothing less than a complete overhaul from top to bottom will give it chance to function like intended. Its problems are legendary and well known yet very little gets done. Darfur, Rwanda, just to name two. With the US paying the lions share of the bill more and more Americans are saying enough is enough. When diplomats hide behind their “Diplomatic Immunity” to escape prosecution for crimes ranging from DUI to Sexual assault you gotta wonder just what is going on.

    Yet I do harbor a tiny amount of hope. Though I admit it is probably a fools hope that somehow someway things will all work out in the end.

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