A Shock of Pink

Ixora Chinensis (nana lutea)

Ixora Chinensis (Nana Lutea), originally uploaded by malyousif.

Happy Friday friends… this is my present to the Multi Forces in Iraq for making Iraq a little bit safer today after their expediting Zarqawi’s long over-due interview with Allah.


  1. Lujayn

    Mahmood, lovely pic! healthy healthy flowers.
    As for mine, no matter how much neem oil i sprayed on my hibiscus, these big white lumps of cotton-like pests are ruining them. Is it too late for neem oil by the time they strike?

  2. Post

    Yes I’m afraid so. Neem tree would (as far as my experience goes) deter bugs to live and mate, for some it even deters them from eating so that they basically starve to death.

    My hibiscus (all of them unfortunately) as well as the Morning Glory all have the White Mealy Bug infestation too, and the only thing I could to do get those things off is to spray the plants with Diazinon (the concentration I use is 10ml/L) once every 10 days. You need to get yourself a pressure sprayer, they have new ones here that can take 1.25L, small and very portable and works brilliantly as it also has a plunger to create the pressure and go ahead and spray yours but avoid getting the stuff onto flowers or fruits, as that would surely kill them off.

    Diazinon is also good for creeping bugs like ants etc around the garden.

    It’s smells horrible and if it gets on your skin it can irritate, so use proper protection (eye-goggles, gloves and mask and you can get all of those from the hardware store, normal surgical gloves you can get by the carton from a pharmacy and they’re pretty cheap.)

    Good luck!

  3. Ashley Klein

    That’s a beautiful photo, Mahmood! I couldn’t think of a better group of people to dedicate it to. Zarqawi killed coalition troops and innocent Iraqis and it’s great the we, the coalition forces, and the Iraqis took him out.

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