Kill the infidels!

It’s really strange that a single, normally vociferous party, is quite silent when it comes to the war in Lebanon and the wholesale murder of civilians under whichever guise and metric one chooses to use. That party of course is our beloved Al-Qa’idah and their cohorts.

What? Cat got their collective tongues? Or are they just thrilled to bits that their real enemies are ‘getting what they deserve’? Of course they are, and – as far as they’re concerned – the only good Shi’a is a dead Shi’a!

I’m not one for conspiracy theories, I find them boring and would rather pick up a Wilbur Smith if I want some fictional entertainment, but billmon‘s article about the subject really set the cogs turning in the grey matter…

As far as I’m concerned however, I don’t give a tuppence about any of the three axes of evil in this situation, they all need their heads examined, and smartly;

Israel: it needs to calm down and rethink its position, the Lebanese infrastructure is all but destroyed now after 6 days of unopposed destruction, and its response is far too disproportionate.

Hizballah: I maintain that they are morons, and no, I’m not opposing them “because I hate the Shi’a”, I am one for God’s sake (and self criticism show strength, doesn’t it?) but I really believe that their “operation” was the last thing the world generally, and Lebanon specifically, needed especially considering the turmoil and confusion it is already in since Hariri’s murder, as well as the complete absence of its military capability and infrastructure to oppose, however marginally, what Israel can dish out. This should also demonstrate to Lebanon that defence cannot be outsourced, even to a “solid” and “stable” country like Syria (which begs the question: would Israel have dared to mount an operation such as this while the Syrians were stationed in Lebanon?)

Al-Qa’idah and its sympathisers: they’re (to borrow a “Steve Expression™”) dancing in the streets! Their sworn enemies are being slaughtered, break out the festivities and dole out the sweets. Shi’as are being eliminated by their very “friends,” the Zionists! What more does a “true” jihadi want? Dance! Carry on Dancing! Dancing and merriment are fully condoned by Allah in this particular regard.

Where does that leave us then? Deeper into the mire, with no ladder to use to climb out of as our judgements continue to be clouded in such heinous thoughts based on hatred, religions, sects, and prejudices.

While all of this is happening, Palestine, Iraq and virtually the whole Arab world continues to descend into the abyss and tyrants and governments all over are using this period to continue to strangle their own populace while the world news organisations and media are concentrating on hapless Lebanon.

What would it take to stop this madness? Is there no sane leader left to guide these disparate protagonists through to civility and safety?


  1. a Duoist

    It is now 24 hours until the end of a rumored secret ultimatum from Israel to Syria, to stop Hezbollah’s aggressiveness in northern Israel and return the kidnapped Israeli soldiers, or else. Somehow, Syria does not seem likely to stop Hezbollah; more likely, it will cheer Hezbollah’s ‘sacrifices’ for Syrian President Assad’s particular brand (Ba’athist Socialism) of pan-Arabism.

    The evisceration of Lebanon is heart-breaking, if not entirely unexpected. The Lebanese people obviously do not have sovereignty over their entire country, which creates a political vacuum in their south. Power will swarm at a vacuum, and Syria’s traditional “Greater Syria” ambitions have always included exercising sovereignty over the Levant.

    Why is it that the only thing I can think of is how this entire conflagration is orchestrated by Iran, in order to send a message to the Shi’ite populations in nearby Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, et al?

    In all of history, no two free nations have ever attacked the other. It is a history lesson lost upon the thugs of the world and especially by the theocrats in Iran, who firmly believe their eternal revolution has the march of history on their side. Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler had the very same belief…which tells the tale of where the entire world is headed with Iran.

    Lebanon. The Lebanese. So much destruction, so much unnecessary death, perhaps (likely?) all for the utopian doctrines of Persian holy men, the ‘true believers,’ a thousand miles away (Beirut to Tehran is 911 miles).

    ‘Be free,’ Mahmood.

  2. Sam

    One thing (arab) criticizers of Hezbolah dont get , is that sooner or later israel would have found an excuse to attack lebanon !
    The israelis might not have expected this to be so soon , but since they had a golden apportunity .. they were like “what the heck , lets just finish the job”

    Please understand…This is not a sensless act of rage/self defense , this is an agenda !!

  3. AntiApologists

    “it needs to calm down and rethink its position”

    My god Mahmood! Such strong and stern words! Easy now boy, lest someone take you as anti-Israeli! How can you use such horrible words against Israel, when the only mockery you use against Hizbollah and Hamas is calling them Morons, mocking them as not stopping because they “are men”, they want to be “bad asses”,, etc, etc.

    When in the whole existence of your blog, the only criticism you offer of the Israeli government, let alone the American, is such stern words as, “Enough. The point is made.

    Continuing the disproportionate use of force now is much more damaging to the aggressor, much more than anyone else.”

    while at teh same time you continue to non-stop take the piss out of people like Hamas and Hizballah regularly by calling them morons and other nice worded words,

    You might find it in your heart to understand if not forgive people like myself for thinking you an apologist, a native informant, and a sellout!

    Long live Mahmood to raise the American government banner in Bahrain and the wider region!

  4. 2cents

    hello Mahmood, my first contribution, although I have been lurking for awhile. I am neither Christian nor Jew and am appalled with what’s going on at the moment. The following article from “DEBKAfile” gives yet another vision of the situation:

    take care

  5. Post

    Yes, I expected you to take that position Apologist. But then, you’ve already formed an opinion and dished out all of those labels, I hope it makes you feel better about your own inferiority.

    I’m secure in the superiority of my argument. I don’t need to dish out invective against Israel in particular to prove “my loyalty to the Arab cause”, I already am loyal to my roots, thank you very much, and Israel does not need my invective, it is already drowning from your choice words and of millions of others. Nor do I have to explain my position on the matter more than I already have, in clear English for all to read and make up their own minds.

    But that’s not going to change yours, and I don’t expect you to. Keep your mind and heart closed and wallow in your own self-made self-pity. I will continue to try to find common ground.

    Now, go play in traffic and let the grown ups discuss worthy matter.

  6. Don Cox

    “Is there no sane leader left ”

    That suggests that you think there used to be some sane leaders in the Middle East at one time, and now there are fewer, if any.

    If “sane leader” is not simply an oxymoron, I think there may be more sane leaders now than at any time in the past. For example, the Prime Ministers of Lebanon and Iraq.

  7. Post
  8. johny

    DON, it not enough to be a sane leader. In Order to mean anything, they need to be potent, too (in the cases of the two you mentioned, this sure seems to be the problem).

    Mahmood, cool Blog!

  9. Anonymous

    “I maintain that they are morons, and no, I’m not opposing them “because I hate the Shi’a”, I am one for God’s sake (and self criticism show strength, doesn’t it?) ”

    Just curious abot what you mean by being Shia; do you mean born into a Shia family? or do you actually share the same belief of “mainstream” Shia?Or perhaps a modified “Mahmoodite” version, as I noticed you are quite versed in Arabic, and have a unique insight in religious matters…

    Not questioning your faith, but kind of curious; as I would like to take you as my mentor, if you dont mind! 🙂

  10. Post

    Ah, you have to stand in line and await my blessings to descend on you. As I am of course a Sayyid of the highest order, tracing my lineage all the way to Imam Zain Al-‘Abedeen, one form of that blessing is hogging a loogie at your face, which you are not allowed to wipe off for a few days in order to benefit more completely of my benevolence.

    Ready? Your turn is almost up! That bluetooth device can certainly help you in tracking your position in line, so don’t lose out, buy-one-get-two-free is almost upon you!

    (no smiley needed)

  11. Johnster

    Why aren’t all the Arab countries supplying LKebanon with hundreds of surface to air missiles to shoot down the Israeli planes?

  12. Steve The American

    Brigitte Gabriel, a Christian Lebanese, points out in her article “Thank You, Israel!” that “the once dominate Lebanese Christians responsible for giving the world “the Paris of the Middle East” as Lebanon used to be known, have been killed, massacred, driven out of their homes and scattered around the world as radical Islam declared its holy war in the 70s and took hold of the country.”

    I wonder if Muslims support the right to return of the Christian Lebanese?

    Gabriel goes on to make an argument about the greater significance of the current war:

    “No matter how much the west avoids facing the reality of Islamic extremism of the Middle East, the west cannot hide from the fact that the same Hamas and Hezbollah that Israel is fighting over there, are of the same radical Islamic ideology that has fomented carnage and death through terrorism that America and the world are fighting. This is the same Hezbollah that Iran is threatening to unleash in America with suicide bomb attacks if America tries to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapon. They have cells in over 10 cities in the United States. Hamas, has the largest terrorist infrastructure on American soil. This is what happens when you turn a blind eye to evil for decades, hoping it will go away.”

    That is an authoritative argument for me. Whatever happens, Hezbollah must go. This is the beginning of a necessary campaign to roll up Iranian aggression as part of the larger war to defeat the Islamic extremists.

    Go, Israel. Don’t stop until the job is done. And if the job requires strikes on Syria and Iran, you might as well do it now while circumstances favor success. When Iran completes its nukes, the window will close and we will enter a new and more dangerous environment. Now is the time to redirect the vector of events away from ever-growing consolidation of power for Muslim extremists. If Israel doesn’t smash Hezbollah in Lebanon now, we will have to defend against Hezbollah terrorists sneaking an Iranian nuke into Washington, DC five years from now.


  13. Anonymous

    gee thanks (Big Brother- IP tracker) .

    A loggie in my face.. hope you collected a sufficiently sized mass of phlegm from your throat beforehand, wouldnt want all that guttural, rumbling sound to go to waste.

    Somehow being my mentor, I cant see myself picking up such habits…

    But then I can’t possibly be as refined as my mentor , can I? dear Sayyid.

    smile +grin – absolutely necessary.

    Keep looking at the logs- probably find a name,email address as well- let alone a matching IP address 😉

  14. Post

    I shall, thanks.

    Now if you wish to really get into the debate and not go into personal attacks and threats, you are more than welcome, and you will find me very civil and very accommodating.

    Resort to shenanigans like you have already, and expect the same as you dish out, and possibly more.

    Courtesy is contagious. Remember that and you will succeed in life.

  15. Loki

    I recall reading that Osama Bin Laden’s mother is Shia and that he opposed the whole sale slaughter of Shia in Iraq and that that was more of Zarqawi’s thing. Niether here nor there really. Also, its not as if they can do much against aircrat flying at 30,000 ft. Anywho, them and the IDF can ( and hopefully will) go to hell for all I care.

  16. Anonymous

    I dont undersatnd something Mahmod.
    Hamas spend a few months digging a tunnel, kidnap a solder, and when Isreal hit back. Israel is seen as the Agressor. Then Hisballa Kidnap 2 and when Isreal respond with their own attacks again Isreal is the Agressor.
    As with the previous Blog that you answered before dont people understand that “If you Live by the sword then be prepaired to Die by the Sword”
    And to all of you who Wish Death and Destruction To Isreal, Just remember they are probably wishing the same to you as well.
    I was once told a Fundamental difference Between a Isrealie & a Palistanian.
    A Isrealie will pick up his child when he sees a riot and protect him. A Palistanian will teach his child how to Rocks and then cry when when they are hit.

  17. Anonymous

    I apologise if anything I have said seemed out of place, maybe my vocabulary does not help at times. Your blog has helped me in picking up a few phrases and words for which I am thankful.

    I enjoy visiting your blog, and have no wish to indulge in any personal attacks or threats(?), or for that matter picking up any dirty habits like loogie blessings.

    I look upto you as an older brother, so please accept my apologies if anything I have said was (is) out of place. Indeed, courtesy is a key to success, and that is why I am apologising now…

    I sincerely hope that you can overlook any wrongdoing on my part, I dont have any excuse, but young and foolish comes to mind; but since you made things clear- I seek nothing but your forgiveness and I hope to write more constructive comments that would hopefully contribute to a healthy debate.

    (no smile this time, just sweeping the floor with my eyes).

  18. Post
  19. Anonymous

    Thanks. Shake hands..

    Are there any bridges left? I think all have been bombed to ease traffic conditions in Israel. Sorry I had to say that 🙂

  20. Post
  21. Joe

    Hey Mahmood, thoughtful posts as usual. You mentioned the tribal underpinning of arab culture. Are the Palestinian’s tribes identifiable. I mean are there lists of the various tribes? Sort of a demographic profile? I can’t find any open sources on the net without an agenda.

    It’s too easy to assign labels and commit atrocities on labels. This I think is true for all humanity. I was just wondering if there are tribal connections; some common areas of interest to start unraveling the hatred of the other.

  22. Post

    I suspect that because the Levant is not as beduin as is the rest of the “Arabian” world (the peninsula and Iraq), and as they are “settlers” or “hathar” even if there are tribal affiliation, those would be a bit hazy and would hold less importance. However, having said that, you can easily supplant “tribe” with “village, city or country” affiliation. In that, they are like the rest of the world I think.

    I could be wrong in my assumption though.

  23. JFM

    Israel daring attack Lebanon with Syrian army there? You bet. Given that last time Syria went againdt Israel it lost 80 planes to zero and had its ass kicked it would be more in the vein of Syria restraining Hebollah.

    Whiolesale murder of civilans? What are you speaking of? It is Hizbollah who is at it. If they don’t kill more civilians it is because their missiles are not accurate not out of decency. If Israel was into murder of civilians they would set “hurricanes of fire” on Lebanese cities: carpet bombing with incendairies, the air convections caused by the fires spread them more so more heat, more air convections and so on. At Hamburg this caused hurricane-like winds who litterally aspired people into the blaze. That is what the Israelis would do if they were half as brutal as you average Arab dictator so stop whinning.

    And while we are it: firing from a civilian zone like Hizballah does is a war crime according to the Geneva Conventions and still according to those same conventions if you do it the enemy is not supposed to sit and take casualties while you fire at him protected by your human shields. He is fully allowed to fire back and the blood of your civilians would be on your head. He is also allowed, according to the Conventions to put you in front of a fire squad for the war crime of endangering your own civilians.

    Also I don’t see why would you care about Hizballah. How long would you remain alive if they ruled Bahrain? Would you want your daughters living in Hizballah territory?

    Now I understand you being bitter about Arab passivity when “mere Shias” die, while they scream like banshees when a Palestinian loses a single haitr.

  24. Don Cox

    “sooner or later israel would have found an excuse to attack lebanon !”

    Attack Hizbollah, yes. There would be no reason to attack Lebanon if Hizbollah were not there, or if they were busy building up the economy of Southern Lebanon instead of digging tunnels and firing rockets.

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