Goodbye Abbas

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Bahraini artist Abbas Saeed Al-Mahroos who passed away on 2 August 20062006 doesn’t seem to want to become a good year for us on a personal as well as global level. Yesterday, we bid good bye to another of Bahrain’s great artists: Mr. Abbas Al-Mahroos, who was one of my father’s life-long friends. I remember Abbas coming to our house and sitting with dad, sketching and painting with him, talking, laughing and going on art field trips together. Abbas was also the loyal friend who always asked about my father’s health and continued to visit him until illness unfortunately caught up with him too.

Abbas was one of the founding members of the Bahrain Contemporary Art Society. But probably the most impact he has left in his memory is his diligent work at the Ministry of Education where he was responsible for the Art curriculum where he designed and oversaw it right from the start. At his hands, generations of young artists got their first touch of the love of art. They will surely remember him with love, as I will.

God’s peace now Abbas, you too have suffered from a long and debilitating illness, rest now and be sure that your memory will flourish and not be forgotten.

My deepest condolences to Khalid, Abbas’ eldest son, and his family for this very sad loss.

  • jaddwilliam
    3 August 2006

    He will certainly be remembered with a lot of affection.

    In 1961, Abbas was one of some two dozens Bahrainis who defied the government informal ban on studying in Iraq. Many of us just welcomed the Iraqi offer of scholarships to help us pursue our university studies.
    Abbas was a pioneer. He was the first Bahraini to join the Baghdad Academy of Fine Arts, a major hub of Arab culture at the time.

    May he rests in peace.

  • sillybahrainigirl
    4 August 2006

    Sorry to hear that. May God rest his soul in peace.

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Goodbye Abbas