Bahrain Resident wins the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix!

Button wins the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix, first time ever!

What? You don’t believe me? Jenson Button is a home-owner at Durrat Al-Bahrain, I’m sure his Bahraini sponsors are thrilled with his result, as finally, after a very long wait, lady luck visited him and gave him the win he has been chasing. Hopefully this will now boost his self-confidence and we will now begin to see better results from him in the remainder of this season.

I’m really sad that Michael had to retire 3 laps from the end, that was a very bad strategy not changing the tyres from intermediates to dry when everyone else did. Still, with the freshman Kubica stripped off his 7th position due to his car being underweight, now Schumi bites a single point from the difference between him and The Fluke, who I must admit was driving his best race ever; he charged from 15th to 1st in no time and held on to that spot for the majority of the race until his rear wheel nut came off and had to retire, else he would have had an unquestionable victory. I’m also very sorry to see Kimi having a disastrous momentary lapse of concentration that resulted in that horrendous crash.

That Hungary F1 race was the best ever for this season. Filled with incidents, frustration and excellent driving.

Well done Button, I hope you will ditch that English passport soon and opt for our Red One soon!


  1. Johnster


    All he owns is a lease on a few cubic metres of fresh air

    Nothing has been built!

  2. Post

    Ah well, we don’t have Google Earth now to verify your claim.. sorry. As far as they are concerned, he’s got a whole house with jetty already built and the yacht is awaiting his pleasure.

    You gotta problem with that? Talk to the Minister of Information. He’ll set you right. Honest.

  3. Anonymous

    The Red One? What the heck does he want a Red One for? Nothing but trouble. I’d gladly ditch mine for another.

  4. Adel

    The Google pic of Durrat is old, it’s 90% complete now, and three Islands are at different stages of development. Remember it’s 20 square kilometers.

  5. F

    Great race!

    One of the best in the season.

    F1, during wet conditions, is really amazing.

  6. Post

    Adel, I wonder what the criteria Google uses to update its maps… would be interesting to find out.

    Anon, where would you rather live if you ditch The Red One?

    F I totally agree.

  7. Anonymous

    That race I will remember for the rest of my life.
    I have to defend my F1 passion every race weekend to my friends who hate it and try to sneak to the remote thats under my ass during it. but this sunday we all watched it with the same excitement of watching a soccer match!

    But keep in mind he won the race in which the Man, the boy and the finn didnt finish,not a “merit” win but a win none the less 🙂


  8. Post
  9. Adel

    Yes way Johnster, I’m talking about land reclamation.

    Mahmood, I think I read on their site that it could take up to 3 years to update Google in some places, like Yemen for instance, and as little as 6 months for places like Dubai.

  10. Post

    You know, one of the companies I represent actually made a good business of selling these sat images, though at much higher resolution (I can get you Baghdad at 5m or even 1m military grade if you have the money!) and their application has become the premier News Mapping application the world over. It’s called Curious World Maps and is actually being used in all the Arab stations including Bahrain TV (I sold it to them).

    Since Google Earth started however, our sales has gone down to zero, as most channels like Al-Arabiya and others just to a Google Earth Pro account and used those maps which suffice for their application.

    So even though I stopped making money out of that program and its potential has all but disappeared, I was and am quite happy with Google Earth as it gives everyone access to much needed geographic information… unfortunately my government doesn’t concur with my analysis.

    More fool them.

  11. Johnster

    Adel, now that you define it as % of reclamation, OK. But of course, the eternal challenge is project completion.

    The people behind Amwaj kept owners waiting over a year for electricity and water becxause they had not complied with the ministy’s requirements — although the individual houses are very attractive, the place is a total and absolute mess. Mind you, I guess the developers are happoy, just counting all the prepaid monies!!

  12. Adel

    Just got an update from Durrat in the mail. Reclamation is complete, road to Durrat is 80% complete, 2 Atolls and 1 Petal under construction. That’s more than 450 villas if my memory is correct. Went there in April and they showed me the completed electrical sub station for the whole Durrat. Jonster you cannot compare a project Designed by Atkins and developed by KFH and the Government Of Bahrain to Amwaj. Durrat is more than twice the area of Nakhlat Jumeirah, and it’s five times the area of Amwaj.

  13. Adel

    Also me very happy I get to choose between the fixed jetty and the floating one, they just got the designs from Atkins last month.

  14. Post
  15. Adel

    Yes I did, am very excited the beach is very nice and clean and the water is bluer than blue. there are 6 beaches 1.5 km long and 5 smaller ones. The best thing is you get a jetty in front of your villa and pool and the beach behind you, me thinks I no go for summer holiday next year will spend it in Durrat …..crossing both hands fingers and foot too.

  16. Post

    excellent! and bil ‘afiah.

    can we assume that you will host a bloggers’ meeting at that splended setting and we’ll bring the bbq stuff? 😉

  17. Post
  18. Johnster

    Well maybe I should join you Adel, as your neighbour!

    But cynical old me, in Bahrain the proof of the pudding is very much in the eating. Durrat has had HUGE problems in the past.

    One quick question though – are there service charges? If so, is there any way of containing them?

    Also, note that the bridges between the islands were designed to a low spec which is why the government has refused to take over responsibility for those bridges and roads once they are built as they will just rust away.

  19. Adel

    Agree they had problems with the old developers Saleh Kamel. And yes there are service charges which is a good thing to maintain the standard of Durrat. How much ? we don’t know yet, but I don’t expect it to be cheap unfortunately. It should not be more than what is charged in Nakhla Dubai or the norm for Bahrain developments at the most.

    KFH is a 50% owner of Durrat so if the bridges rust they would replace them, it’s their reputation and future earning potential at stake. Actually I’m happy to hear the Government is checking on them that’s a bonus to me.

    Anything else you know about the project we don’t know ?

  20. Adel

    Actually the problem with Saleh Kamel was he wanted to develop a cheapo project where he would make a bundle and disappear. Just look at the water park he built, according to KFH they gonna scrap it and build a totally new one. Thank god he agreed to settle for $20M profit and get the hell out, I heard the Government where delaying the services to push him to do so.

  21. Johnster

    Adel, I don’t really know much more. I haven’t been there for 18 months – is it worth visitng – can you get access?

    I just have a real thing about service charges because at the moment all these developers are happy because they keep selling new developments off-plan and the money is rolling in (none of them, as far as I know, have escrow accounts for the clients money which is VERY concerning) but one day, when all is built and we are happily having BBQ’s on our lawns, looking out over the golden sunset, the developers are going to realise they have run out of income and there’s another source of revenue — service charges. Let’s face it, there is no precedent here, no law, no transparency – they will totally screw the villa or flat owners and then come back for more.

  22. Adel

    Wait until end of the year, and then call them and tell them you are thinking of buying a villa, but you want to see the place first . By then petal 1 villas would be near completion and Atoll 1,2 in mid construction plus the road to Durrat would be complete, it’s worth a visit.

    Agree with what you saying about most developments out there, but KFH have always said they will charge a yearly fee for service so whoever bought there knows that. Also you cannot compare KFH with the other developers around.

    The plan is for Durrat to be a new city where you have a villa on the sea and all the services you need close by. This includes Mall’s Super Markets,Coffee Shops, Schools, Univercity, and Hospital. So basically it’s gonna be a city for medium to high income residents, the profit will mainly come from renting commercial land and running some of the lesure developments like the Marina, Golf Club, Water Park, etc. Imagine if you can sell more than 7000 villas and flats, which means 7000 families + their visitors from relatives to freinds and calculate their buying power, you will find out that the service charge is peanuts for KFH .

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