Movie time!

  • Ali M.
    18 September 2006

    Heartbreaking. (cannot mutter another word)

  • Anonymous
    18 September 2006

    Are you kidding ?

    No way am I going to watch those movies until we get unlimited adsl again.

  • Finlandi
    18 September 2006

    i just lost my apetite…i agree with you ali, it truly is heartbreaking..

  • Gizmo
    18 September 2006

    I will just add those people to the *forgotten* list. Its a strange thing to happen, especialy in a country like bahrain… It was indeed a heartbreaking video, the part which really got me sad is the old man and how he was explaining about his suffering. for gods sake whats wrong with us? Im not blaming the government because its just part of the problem, the problem is laying within us, we dont do nothing, and this video should be one of the motives to use to reform the whole system. We have to discover the errors our system of government has, instead of waiting for such videos.

  • F
    18 September 2006

    Interesting vidoes.

    I believe our society really needs to look into improving all aspects of
    people’s lives here.

  • hamohd
    19 September 2006

    thanxk for the movies.

  • tooners
    19 September 2006

    not far from our house there is a shack in between a bunch of bldgs. it’s where they used to have the shanty town. all the ppl left there except this one family. they have added on to their place and don’t seem to be bothered by all the high rises going up around them. i wonder why they didn’t take a house when offered, altho lots of the families didn’t like the houses they were given. but small houses are better than living on dirt floors w/ nothing but tin around you for walls.

    do these families get any govt assistance?

    this family has small children because i’ve seen the clothes out on the line. i can’t imagine raising kids in a home like that…. it’s very sad.

    personally, i think society needs to get more involved to help tackle this problem. set up food banks, shelters, offer assistance to get training to these ppl to help them find jobs, etc. maybe this stuff already happens and i just don’t know about it… not sure.

    one thing that i don’t get and it also happens in the States… is this: why do you see these ppl who live in shacks and such drive mercedes and bmw’s and such? i’ve never understood this. i get it.. but then i don’t get it. i’ve seen this in bahrain and it’s big in the States – in the projects and such. why not take that money and spend it on improving your living situation. how do they afford it?

    not long ago i saw this really old man living on the street near a big bldg. on a main street. he had what seemed to be most of his belongings there w/ him. it was very sad. i wondered where his family was… why didn’t they care for him. this is when i started to wonder why there aren’t homeless shelters here in Bahrain. obviously, it’s needed.

  • Anonymous
    19 September 2006

    you have really ruined my day, dear Mahmood! I feel really sad.

    Why do we give a blind eye to the main issue, unjust, racial and religious discrimination. A ruling body that has nothing to do other than sucking the blood of its people. We heard the story of naturalization, while people are suffering. We heared what happened with Al-Bandar, because he had published evidences agaist the government…

    There is only one way forward, the government needs to chance, particularly the big head. We need a government that represent the poeple, not representing the ruling family.

  • tooners
    19 September 2006

    i must admit that i couldn’t view the film at work and have just now watched this.

    i am speechless.

    when i pass the homes in manama now, i will never feel the same.

    something is seriously wrong. these ppl and others like them should be given more money from the govt. i’ve seen the money that is spent on needless things by very powerful ppl…. this country has the money to spend on their ppl. no one should live like this.

    things are sooo corrupt – can or will anything ever change??? ppl look the other way. ppl get busy w/ their day to day lives and forget. or ppl hide their heads in shame.

    there are sooo many rich ppl here… something could be done. why doesn’t the shura council or parliament bring about laws to change this situation?? why don’t ppl give food and shoes and such to help the poor? i sit and think about all the ppl who have told me that these ppl sitting in front of the mosques aren’t poor… but from viewing this, they look poor to me.

    this is very sad.

  • can we talk now
    29 September 2006

    About the first film, I don’t understand how anyone would be surprised. all you have to do is drive around Bahrain one afternoon from village to village and you would find lots and lots of places like that. Often the doors to their houses are open and you can even see how they live. It is heartbreaking, and their situation will never get better without something like social security to supplement their income.

    However, to be fair, it also doesn’t help things when they have lots of children. I expect if I had as many children as some poor families do, I would also be living below the poverty line. Some of those writing to the newspapers asking for help say they are supporting their two wives and umpteen children. Like the people in the video, their children end up without a decent education and have trouble getting a job, continuing the cycle. I think this is getting less common, and people are not procreating so much. I hope to God that it is.

    The second film is another story. I knew this happened but it was still shocking to see. It just cheapens the privilege of being a citizen of my country. Other countries have so many rules in place to stop riffraff from entering and here we are giving it away.. I’m so angry. I feel like somebody thinks that we (Bahrainis) are so stupid that we can just be tricked like this by someone going around the system for their own agenda.

    And of course, they are not the only people who have been naturalized. So many from Jordan and Syria came in with passports and actually moved into the country, my friend from Riffaa tells me her family are the only ones left in their neighbourhood who are original Bahrainis. The others all moved out as these new people moved into rented housing and even bought property (why not, they have the right). But, now the area is not safe, they can’t leave anything in their patio or their garden without it being stolen and there are hooligan kids in the area making everyone uncomfortable.

    In other areas, they bring violence and tribal honour killings, stuff our society knew hardly anything about before.
    It makes me sooooo MAD…
    just my opinion..

  • mahmood
    29 September 2006

    These are both very thorny issues. And they will take courage from everyone to resolve them. Some sacrifices must be made by the leadership to alleviate the situation… unfortunately the ones at the bottom of the scale and the rest of the people just don’t have anything to sacrifice, which they would have if they had.

    As to the social security, I personally wouldn’t mind paying taxes. None at all, and I won’t cheat, so that I can see my fellow citizens living with a little more dignity.

    However, if the government wants my money, I have to have a direct say in how the country is run, and that means throwing out this constitution and starting over again, and that ‘again’ does not include a shura council, it does include fair distribution of electoral districts, full transparency and a true constitutional monarchy and the premiership with a commoner rather than a royal.

  • can we talk now
    30 September 2006


    Amen to everyything you said, except that I don’t think we are ready to get rid of the shura council yet, not until we as citizens have learnt how to elect the right people.. until then we need the shura council in there to limit the extremism that is coming from some of the electees.

    When people start voting for those who really deserve it and can make a difference, then we can do away with the shura.. because I don’t know how long the learning curve will be, and there might a big mess by then otherwise.

    The guy from our part of the country thinks he’s a comedian and is a total waste of space.

    I suppose it would also help if those buses we saw on your video clip weren’t schlepping these people in to vote who have no business being here in the first place..

    You know what we need? I just thought of it. We need the media, especially TV presenting debates and discussion panels with people like you, Mahmood, discussing issues like the identity card and veiled drivers and the constitution and getting the public to think..

    Hey, I just had a better idea, Why don’t you run? If you were in my neighbourhood, I would vote for you..

Can we have some of this spirit here too?