Buttons Buttons Buttons!

Thanks to Palace Enterprises who took my idea from the virtual to the physical, we have these:

No Shi'i No Sunni... JUST BAHRAINI buttons

I have a limited amount of Arabic and English buttons, please drop me an email if you want to collect yours. If you want me to post them to you, give me your postal address and I’ll be happy to send you a couple.

Wear them with pride guys, show people that YOU are not sectarian and are willing to stand up against it.

If you feel up to it, take a picture of yourself or your friend wearing the button and we’ll put the pictures up on a special Flickr group I’ll create.. maybe we’ll create a prize for the most imaginative use of the button and best picture with it in it. Let your creativity flow guys. Let’s show the world that we are just One Bahrain!

Thanks again to Waleed Al-Rayyis and Maha Al-Yousif for making these excellent buttons.

update 9 Oct, ’06 @ 1637: I’ve just created the Just Bahraini Flickr group and sent out a bunch of invitations for people to join, please do consider joining yourself and contribute pictures of the buttons being used (or t-shirts, bumper stickers, or just a downloaded image printed and used creatively)… so get your creative juices flowing!

  • Chimi^
    8 October 2006

    Btw, just a minor quarrel but… shouldn’t it be :



    instead of :
    NO SHI’I



    Whenever I look at the button’s first four words they look retarded :P.


  • mahmood
    8 October 2006

    ah well, people get the gist of it, but you can pay for the next batch.

  • H
    8 October 2006

    Absolutely brilliant!! I think it’ll be quite effective sifting through the tension into pro-active unision.

    Side note: say, God forbid this doesn’t get people to unite as bahraini, is there any chance we can change it to “Not Shi’i, Not Sunni, Just Jedi!!”


  • Rayyash
    8 October 2006

    What about :
    ” لاشيعية ولا سنية كل ضد الطائفية “

  • Anonymous
    8 October 2006

    That Fast!!

    Palace Enterprises are great! Whever we need this kind of stuff at our company, Palace Enterprises would be the first place to go, promise!


  • Ahmed BenKerishan
    8 October 2006

    Am touched by those who overcome the fictional religious differences. This means that there are very few people who decided not to be goats lead by the Mullah and Sheikhs

    The vast majority however,will opt for the opposite and wait for war , massacre and genocide to realize that it is wrong, it is gloomy like Iraq

  • Hisham
    9 October 2006

    I agree, it should be Not Shi’i, Not Sunni, Just Bahraini! But it’s a great idea! Let’s see more, perhaps handed out in malls. Bumper stickers and all?

  • mahmood
    9 October 2006

    I agree too Hisham, it was a spur of the moment and if I stopped too long to think about it is wouldn’t have happened! But I promise to correct that at the next issue… so whoever gets these buttons, they’re sure to have laid their hands on collectors items!

    Come on guys, more request emails, more more!

    Rayyash, that slogan is nice too… considering for next issue.

    H. Go wild! As lot as you have “Not Shi’i, Not Sunni…” in it, you can let your creativity roll and finish that sentence. The object of the exercise is to tell people that we don’t really care for sectarianists.

    Benkerishan, I am honoured by your visit! And yes, once again I completely agree with your analyses. However my optimistic self would not let me just wait for mayhem to ensue with me just sitting idly by. Would you like to put up a button on your blog? That would be awesome!

    Bahrainis, please do place a button on your blog! I don’t see many going up, what, do you want sectarian strife to take hold? Here’s the HTML code that you might want to use to insert the graphic into your blog:

    9 October 2006

    Yes i agree, put them on & give them away in malls, now the next step is implement them into the hearts & brains of the next young generation so that they don’t follow anyone who seperates people by color or religion.

    We are Bahraini’s and will stay like that.

    Not Shii Or Sunni Just 100% Pure Bahraini

    Good job Mahmood & whoever helped to get this done. =D

  • Redbelt
    9 October 2006


    If thier free I can distribute them in my stall @ DANA Mall.


  • minus
    9 October 2006

    I would like a couple..

  • mahmood
    9 October 2006

    RedBelt that’s a good idea.. would you contact me to discuss particulars please?

    Minus, more than happy to oblige. Let me know how I can get a couple over to you.

  • lizardo
    9 October 2006

    ana ba3ad want a couple !

  • F
    9 October 2006

    It is a great idea that you have initiated. Do send a couple my way. 8)

  • mahmood
    9 October 2006

    lizardo and F, drop me an email with your particulars (address and suchlike) and I’ll arrange for a couple to wing their way to you.

  • Anonymous
    9 October 2006

    Actually, “Not Shi’i Not Sunni” is not correct. It’s right the way it is, you may be either sect. It’s a statement saying that there is no difference when it comes to national pride wheter you are Shi’i or Sunni, but you still belong to one of the sects…So keep “no” and drop “not”.

  • Manhal
    9 October 2006

    How about “No Shi’ism, No Sunnism, Just Nationalism” and print enought to go around the whole region…Iraq could use a couple of million. Why not start a new movement to ease tensions between the fanatics of both sects and call it SUSHI. 8)

  • iDip
    9 October 2006

    Kafu Wallah Bahrainis… you rock 🙂

  • Anonymous
    9 October 2006

    I have an even better one!

    “Neither Shi’i Nor Sunni, Simply Bahraini”

    YaY! :grinnod:

  • mahmood
    9 October 2006

    Manhal I hear you man! I just need to get a few sponsors to enable that vision. (is this the very first comment you enter? man I am thrilled! hey, I’m gonna take a couple of these buttons with me on Saturday, do you think he would mind a picture with him wearing one? =P)

    iDip, we learnt from Kuwait and we still need a few more lessons to get to the “Orange” stage!

    Anon, Simply Nice! Thanks.

  • Manhal
    10 October 2006

    Hi Mahmood, I think this is the 2nd time I post something. Maybe we can get some funding for them and list 5 variations on your site and have everyone vote for their favorite, and print the one with the highest rating. As for Saturday, you won’t know unless you try… =P

  • Haitham Salman
    10 October 2006

    Your call is gaining momentum, Reem Khleefa wrote an article about it in Alwasat newspaper
    Also I referred to it in my latest blog entry

  • mahmood
    10 October 2006

    Could be Manhal, wasn’t keeping count, but now that you did, don’t stop! I’ll keep my engine running on Saturday just in case I need to make a quick exit!! 😉

    Dr. Haitham, you’re very kind and thanks.

    Reem, thank you ever so much for your kind words. I stopped by your office this morning and left you a few buttons at reception.

  • Redbelt
    11 October 2006

    Hi Mahmood,

    You told me to contact you…
    but I have no other means besides this forum!

    Can you email me on [email protected]?
    send me your number & we’ll talk.


  • mahmood
    11 October 2006

    Well, you could have just clicked the “Contact” link to the right… but I agree that it’s a bit hidden so I’ll put it at the top of the page as well.

    In any case, my email address is [email protected]

  • Z
    11 October 2006

    I’m soo loving this campaign.. I love that someone’s actually being sensible in their suggestions. Us Bahrainis are amazing, we’ve got many well educated and bright people. Being afraid of us is not somethign we should blame anyone for, but they should see that our intentions are not to overthrow the government, its just to fix it and see everyone living happily, with security and fairness.
    I hope everyone finally realises that we should be looking for differences and acting like children in a school yeard and splitting up into groups.

  • Lulwa
    13 October 2006

    I wish I was in Bahrain right now, I would’ve gotten one and wore it everywhere I went. Oh well, I have it up on my blog! But well done! I’m so proud!

  • Yathreb AlAmeri
    13 October 2006

    this is the best thing u bahrainees have ever done! im so getting one of those im so proud 🙂

  • moonshallow
    13 October 2006

    This is the message that needs to spread all across Bahrain. Let’s live in peace and promote National Unity.

  • Mackid
    14 October 2006

    Yathreb: “u bahrainees” ? =| i thought your mom was bahraini !

  • Essa
    16 October 2006

    Yes verry good move ( allah yewafegkom ) and any help we are ready.

  • M.Marhamat
    21 October 2006

    what can i say!


    god bless you

  • mind
    22 November 2006

    The idea itself is very good idea, but when you think about this distribution in our Bahrain, it is not just created by the public, some people force the public to distribute between the two sides, there are many distributions even in the treatment and the simple needs of human life, so if there will be a change, we must let it be from the roots of the problem then to the leaves; and we are the leaves, thank you.

  • me
    27 November 2006

    hmm.. nice idea i wish i have the money to complete the 8500BD .. i hope you get it soon

  • mahmood
    27 November 2006

    well, any amount in donation is accepted, it doesn’t have to be big bucks if you can’t afford it. Give whatever you want to give. All is appreciated.

  • hamad
    15 December 2006

    i tried to e-mail you but i got a “sending failure” messgae i’m not sure of the reason
    i saw a friend wearing that button & really felt like wanting one, but my friend was out of stock that he’d distibuted all what he had
    is there any way i can get couple of them for me & my brothers?
    [email protected]

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