Flashmobs, Saudi Style

Not accepting defeat, the extremists became violent, started beating the actors and whoever stood between them and between achieving their goal of destroying the night, including audiences and students.

Gun shots in the air, the security officer decided put an end to this mess and bring back order.
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Ladies and gentlemen, this is what is awaiting Bahrain.

Prepare yourselves.


  1. Maverick

    The government and American military will never allow it.

    God forbid the fundamentalist from achieving their dream.

    They need to be locked up permanently. They think that they have a right to make jihad on anyone who does not conform to their version of Islam.

  2. The Joker

    “The government and American military will never allow it.”

    How innocent. Nostalgic.

  3. Bernie

    I sincerely hope it doesn’t. I’m probably very ignorant but I just don’t understand the reason that extremism has come so much to the fore. What the hell is wrong with them in that they are so damned right they will kill people to show it.

  4. Kiwi Nomad

    Well we already have a version of this in Kuwait already. Not the violence yet, but a lot of ex-pat functions are being cancelled by hotels. Hotels are being put under pressure by police/Ministry of (dis)Information, who in turn are being pressured by Islamicists. End result – hotels/expat organisations unable to get the necessary licences to hold functions such as choral singing concerts. Then police raiding functions that may get the go ahead, on the lookout for anyone who may have smuggled in a tipple to have with their dinner. What a farce!

  5. Jasra-Jedi

    but the kuwaiti islamists have also, whether we like to admit it or not, become an effective opposition to the kuwaiti governments decision making process .. and have done many things re corruption …

    food for thought. not tasty food. not one where anyone in their right mind would come back for seconds. but .. food for thought nevertheless

  6. Sadek

    Jasra Jedi
    They are just as corrupt. They will expose and pressure the government if they can leverage their position. One way is to get more funding, power and their agenda; re: women’s rights.

  7. Haji Zaal

    In Bahrain it is not likely to happen. Saudis still have the tribal order. That’s good. Our poeple have lost their identity. The majority has it in its religious teaching that ‘do nothing until the Mehdi comes out from his hiding’. The Government turned the volume up and allowed such preachers to corrupt further the public morals with this broken record. It was until Khomeini propagated the wilayt-e-fagheeh doctrine that a second wind started to come about. But then this infantile 2nd wind got fought by deportation, extra-judicial killing and other infamous measures needing no special mention here.

    The evidence is that for 35 years Bahraini people were stripped of most of their rights. And now they are of most of their land (Google Earth) and all of the very means by which they can hope to have retribution some time in a distant future. But most of them have remained bowed and kissing. Until today, they are called Al-Shaa’b Alwaffyy شعب البحرين الوفي, the strongest dogly trait which bonds masters with their dogs. As soon as a dog is not waffyy, s/he is history in that household.

    There are many other strong reasons, but the single most important one is the one mentioned, which by and of itself is likely to keep everything under the lid.

  8. Maverick

    Dear Joker,
    There is nothing nostalgic or innocent. American terrorism and Islamic terrorism is everywhere. Whether Americans or muslims like it or not.

    All muslims are not terrorist but most terrorists the world over are muslims. In India you have Hindu, Muslim and Sikh terrorists and the naxalites as well. In Pakistan and Phillipines you have muslim terrorists. Isalam has nothing to do with it but is being used as a tool and bringing a bad name to a good religion.

    I hate fundamentalist and extemists and terrorist of any kind.

    I hate that America has a presence here but we have to face the reality of attitudes here. And remember I did not say that the American will be successful, I said that they would not stand for it. There is a difference.

  9. Haji Zaal

    I thought it was just a pseudonym. Perhaps there is more to it, Maverick! MSWORD offered Arabic equivalents including the following – بقرة، نعجة، شخص خارج على جماعته أو حزبه.

    I do not suppose the main population of this forum fall in any of these meanings. But, I do suppose that you suffered a pitfall by saying that “most terrorists the world over are Muslims”.

    It now behooves you to prove it. Even Mr. Bush, the No. 1 enemy of Muslims had IQ high enough to not make such a blunder.

    I suggest you start with a definition of the term “terrorism”. Note, though, that the UN have not yet coined one. Alas, you have used the one coined by the Bushites and NeoCons. Allah Ysamhuk.

  10. Post

    Okay Haji, I think you’re in denial here I’m afraid. Most – if not ALL – terrorist activities in the world today is perpetrated by Muslims. You can call them whatever you will: terrorists, freedom fighters, weekend jolly seekers, head-choppers incorporated, whatever, but the fact on the ground is that the vast majority of terrorist acts in the world today belong to and is perpetrated by Muslims, and generally against their so called fellow Muslims.

    Once that fact is recognised, maybe we can start fixing the situation.

  11. Maverick

    Dear Haji Zaal,
    In case you did not read correctly, I did mention American terrorism and Hindu terrorism etc. By the way Bush does not write his speeches, they are written for him. And he has to keep is Nay etc in the Islamic countries so he would not piss on the hand that supports him. If he made the Himalayan blunder of insulting muslims then Saudi and other Islamic countries would be on his case.

    Thanks for the Arabic, I did not understand a word of it. 🙂

  12. The Joker

    Maverick, what I found peculiar was your belief that the Bahraini government won’t stand for fundamentalists taking over, and turning us into a mini-saudi.

    I hate to reiterate the obvious, but the government over-arched, unethicly, to make sure that the fundamentalists get to power.

    What I found nostalgic was your belief that your government was interested in protecting your personal freedom. Reminds me of myself six years ago.

  13. Haji Zaal

    Just re-saying the hypothesis does not prove it, even assuming that, as the owner of the Den, you have a louder voice than the rest of the population. You need to go on testing the validity of the Hypothesis (above), and showing us your proof, either way.

    On Arabic, I stand educated/corrected, and, thank God you are not yet another Arab Maverick. As to your mention of “terrorism” by, e.g., the US Government and Usrael merely mentioning that does not mean that you did not make or have retracted from the hypothesis referred to.

    I await proof to be educated on this very contentious matter.

    If either or both of you would not or cannot finance the research and other processes involved, then stay on the sidelines, as I have, and wait until a more able entity educates us all.

    Meanwhile, a little note indcating the withdrawal by you of the hypothesis is now in order, ethically and honestly speaking.

  14. Post

    Haji Zaal, you should change your name to Haji Blind, Mute and Dumb if you believe the tripe you’ve been putting about. If you dispute the facts as I described above, then there is no hope in discussing anything with you as I’m not particularly interested in continuing a discussion with you.

    No, no, you don’t need to apologise. I Just need you to open your mind, eyes and ears and look around you rather than parrot what a conspiracy merchant has been telling you.

    End of story.

  15. Haji Blind, Mute and Dumb

    I would be all of the above if I ever took as “facts” what you described above or beleived that my stance on this matter is any “tripe“. But thanks for the hospitality in your Den.

    I can compromise on ‘end of story’ happening here though! with the respect that it does not always end your way, nor do you need to apologise for the hospitality.

  16. Maverick

    Frankly, I am lost as the hypothesis that you are talking about. I was not hypothesising anything.

    What I have said is based on my understanding of how the US and Bahrain government react. Yes I did not iniatially belive at first why the BAH government would want a sectarian parliment.

    (Perhaps I am not as informed as some of you who have access to insider info.)

    Is it not obvious as many of you have silently stated!

    So that when these guys screw up, no law that affects the governments wishes will ever be passed. Or so that as Mahmood and others discussed before, that a screw up of these BFs is enough for the govermnent to dissolve the parliment.

    This is what I meant. As far as the US is concerned, they have their own shifty policies that end up with messing up several countries and getting their blood boiling.

    BTW dear Joker, the fundamentalists have not come into power only into parliment which has no power as you know except to scream, rant, rave and shout scandal over, pills, prostitution and processions, not to mention military beards, face covered driving rights for women among other miscellaneous issues plaging their puny minds.

    With 4 years in parliment and 1 year in total going for summer vacations (at the rate of 3 months in the year) (what the hell they need 3 months summer vacation for), you have 3 years of messing around to keep the public disillusioned.

    I certainly hope that Alwefaq get the unemployment, housing and education issues rolling not to mention, selective naturalisation of residents and importing of nationals to mess up the electorate, and since these rains have brouhg to mind another issue, the bloody drainage system in Bahrain. Such a small island and we have inland floods, it is a bloody shame especially in Muharraq where the rain water should be drained into the sea through a series of channels, that existed even in those days in some countries.

    What merits urgent attention are some issues like:
    *-Rights of association, gatherings and peaceful procession and peaceful protest law (We need an open ground for such things like the park in London).
    *-Open ended press and freedom of expression law.
    *-Compulsary education law to make sure all are educated.
    *-Housing for each family based on their future needs.
    *-Family Planning law to educate people on social issues related to families, child rearing, sex education, population dynamics etc.
    *-Family law based on internationals standards.
    *-Scrapping of sponsorhip/slavery law.
    *-Maternity leave for 6 months with paid leave for one months and job security for 5 months for all working women irrespective of nationality.
    *-Technological-computer education for all.
    *-Minimum wages for all of atleast BD 300 + housing, transportation and medecal allowance related to job related hazards.
    *-Animal protection laws.

  17. can we talk

    Maternity leave for 6 months with paid leave for one months and job security for 5 months for all working women irrespective of nationality.

    how did you come up with this little gem?

  18. Maverick

    Would you believe it is in force in Kazakhstan. Yes it is true. I have Kazakh friends who enjoy this benefit.

    I think it is great if our women have this for all the burden they bear on our behalf. It is the least we can do. If the law allows men to rape women and steal her dignity and honro for a mere BD 100.00 as we see reported in the news why can we not give women some benefit of being child bearers.

  19. Post
  20. can we talk

    Maternity leave for 6 months with paid leave for one months and job security for 5 months for all working women irrespective of nationality.

    my objection is not that it is too much but the opposite. local females in the public sector now get 45 working days PAID leave, which is more then you are offering. it might even be more now. she can take any leave due her as well, and she can take unpaid leave on top. it’s not guaranteed she’ll get all of the leave required, but everyone I know who has applied got it. now, they also have nusring time, after that, two hours a day. I’m not saying it’s a lot, just more than you are offering to fight for.
    It would probably be a good thing to make companies have to provide the same benefits to expat women, because it would make it less attractive to hire them. not cost-efficient.
    on the other hand, the more benefits women in general get, the less attractive they will be. who would want to hire an employee who expects all these benefits compared to a man who doesn’t?
    it’s tricky, because even if the laws are different and the law makes allowances for women, why should men not be allowed paternity leave so they can be part of the early infant care as well? parenting is a two-person job. fathers are just as important as mothers.
    and how many times will the woman be offered this facility? two? three? six? there has to be a limit, surely, otherwise no employer would touch a woman with a ten foot pole.
    and as for this early retirement nonsense, well that just takes the biscuit, but i’ll leave that for another post.
    by all means honour women, but please don’t honour them so much that they find it impossible to get hired.

  21. Sadek

    You must have been watching a pirated copy of Borat aka Ali G.

  22. Maverick

    What is

    Borat aka Ali G.


    I have not seen anything pirated. The suggestions for paid maternity leave was based on the need of the family. Alternatively paternity leave could be given as well.

    BTW M, the rape case was mentioned in the GDN, which I distictly remember happened some years ago. I am note sure of the date though. The accused was fined BD 100.
    I am told that in such cases the accused is given the choice of marrying the victim. I am not sure if she is given a choice or not.

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