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Ahhh, so romantic!

Or at least it would have been somewhere other than in our big neighbour to our east… Saudi groom slapped by mother on wedding night The groom’s mother became so upset that she hit and insulted him A Saudi groom was slapped by his mother on his wedding night when he tried , in a …

And let THAT be a lesson.

Here ye! Hear ye!

You do bad bad stuff in Saudi and you’re a foreigner, you get your ‘ead chopped off. But if you don’t believe that, then, well, y’know, the very contemporary authorities in the other Magic Kingdom have devised quite a novel approach to deter those who contemplate jiggy-jiggying with it and do some “bad stuff” as determined by their impartial and equitable and divine and – well – just Saudi justice system. Like this:

Blinkered Horizons

The contrast of the romantic drippings of the apparently hugely popular dubbed Turkish soap Gümüs and the criminal bombings in that country yesterday as well as those in Iraq and India which left over 100 dead and many more injured, cannot be brought more into focus than the exclusive and vociferous condemnation of the television …