What insolence!

I think everyone can excuse bad manners once in a while and simply attribute its occurrence to a particular situation, upbringing or even just simple frustration. What people cannot excuse; however, is pure and evil insolence, especially when that insolence comes from a grown person with public standing and one that has been chosen – against people’s best judgment as far as I’m concerned – to be their representative in the hallowed halls of parliament.

MP Mohammed Khalid displaying his drugs stash in parliamentLook at this incident for instance:

كما أشار خالد إلى اتصال النائب علي سلمان له ليبارك فوزه بالانتخابات، وأنه رد عليه بقوله ‘’لا أريدك أن تبارك لي، وإنما ما أود قوله لك أن البحرين أمانة وغالية علينا’’. معتبراً أن قوى المعارضة لم تقدم شيئاً للناس بل زادتنا سوءاً، حسب قوله.

Al-Waqt :: 30 Nov, ’06

Isn’t this simply disgusting? Mohammed Khalid receives a call from the head of the largest political party in Bahrain who is calling to congratulate him on his win and re-entry into parliament, and what does that insolent, inbred, Satan worshiping fetishist respond with? Abuse and calls the gentleman a traitor!

Bad manners? No. Not just that. He proved over the last four years how insolent he is. And why shouldn’t he be? Is there anyone from his own constituents or the leadership of his own party or the parliamentary speaker to tell him off and advise him that what he is doing is simply a further contribution to sectarianism and the ultimate destruction of this country?

No of course not. What he does get instead are continuous pats on the back and cowardly whispers telling him how great he is and that “he showed them.” What we do get instead is the previous speaker of the parliament making himself exclusively available to these characters in their campaigns, rather than do the proper thing and be independent, in view of his position.

It is really baffling, completely and utterly baffling how people like these get elected to represent us in the first place.

I think one solution is to forget about all of these constituencies in future elections and treat the whole of Bahrain as a single constituency. It is doable. Bahrain is not even the size of some Indian villages!

Nabeeha Wahdah! Should be the new battle cry for the next election. “We want it as just one constituency”. Maybe then, we can truly elect representatives who will represent the whole of Bahrain and I am sure when that happens, we can rest assured that asswipes like this character would never get even close to parliament.



    لم استغرب من شخص كهذا ان ينتقد بعض الشباب الذين احتفلوا بعيد ميلاد فلان Ùˆ استمعوا لبعض الموسيقى بأن يقول عنهم انهم من عبدة الشيطان Ùˆ الدليل على ذلك “كما زعم” الاشارة التي يعملونها بأيديهم هي اشارة تدل على ذلك .

    حبيبي ، الله بالخير ، ان كان من عبدة الشيطان من عمل اشارة بيده و استمع لبعض الموسيقى فما تكون انت يا من تعمل لدى اكبر المجرمين و مصاصي دماء الشعوب؟

    حقيقة ان لم تستح فافعل ما شئت .

    اما عن من اختاروا هذا الابله ، فارجح انهم كما قيل امعه او همن يعتقدون بأنه شخص ثقه ، اقول اذا كان الثقاة امثاله فلن نثق في احد من الان.

    للاسف ان هناك من يمول هذه الاشكال كما نعلم من بندر جيت ، ولكن المؤسف العجيب هو ان يصوت له في البرلمان فسبحان الله في خلقه.

    والسلام ختام.

  2. Haji Zaal

    Nabeeha Wahdah.

    Why not. Actually they ran it as wahdah for thirty-five years, when it served their interests to do so. Now they decimalize and decimalize and decimalize it.

    In fact, they are still busy devising/protecting satanic programmes and tricks to further decimalize it and to keep it as fragmented as Messrs Sykes and Pico (Foreign Ministers of Great Britain and France, regret probable misspells) fragmented countries, peoples and tribes in Asia and Africa, in order to serve the colonial interests of these two countries – at the peril and cost of the people they exploited and remain busy until today sucking blood from their nicks. That, by the way, is one reason why, for example, France would not apologize to Algeria. It will, but it is too early. The right time is when the whole blood and marrow is sucked and all the flesh is consmued and flushed down the tubes.

    Let’s go for a Nebeeha Wahda motto. Keep a tickler to set it in motion again at the right time. Still better, perhaps, if ‘the street’ should be mobilized immediately to force the upcoming Majlis to legislate the necessary law.

  3. Gardens of Sand

    What is disturbing is that many people will find comfort and reassurance in his racist, sectarist (is that even a word.. you get my drift) and sexist attitudes, and will reelect him again and again in a heartbeat for saying such asinine and offensive remarks.

  4. someone

    I just want to share this with u so the facts are shown for all
    I thought that Mahmoud would update what he wrote about this but it seems the man has some problems with the person himself

    «سلمان» و«خالد» ينفيان رفض التهاني

    الوقت – خليل بوهزّاع:
    نفي كل من أمين عام جمعية الوفاق الوطني الإسلامية الشيخ علي سلمان ومحمد خالد أن يكون النائب الاخير قد رفض تهنئة الأول.
    وقال محمد خالد ‘’لم ارفض قبول التهنئة فهذا كلام خاطئ’’، مضيفاً ‘’بالعكس أنا أرحب بهذه التهنئة وليس من شيم العرب والبحرينيين ان ترفض مثل هذه التهنئة’’.
    وأضاف ‘’طلبت من الشيخ علي سلمان عدم إثارة الملفات الحساسة التي قد تثير الفتنة بين أعضاء مجلس النواب’’، موضحاً أن الشعب البحريني ‘’ليس بحاجة للتعديلات الدستورية أو إلى الأمور التي قد تثير صداماً بيننا وبينكم’’.
    وتابع خالد ‘’اشكر اتصاله وعلينا التعاون في الملفات المشتركة ايا كان انتماء من يطرحها، مضيفاً ‘’أننا نتفق مع الوفاق في ملف الفساد الأخلاقي (الدعارة) والخمور وملفات أخرى على رأسها الوضع المعيشي’’.
    من جهته أكد سلمان نفيه للواقعة، وقال إن ‘’الاتصالات التي جرت بين النواب هي عملية طبيعية لأداء الواجب وكواجبنا أيضاً بأن نتحاور ونعمل على ما يستحقه الوطن والمواطن’’.
    ورداً على أن الكلام الذي قاله خالد بشأن رفضه قبول تهنئة سلمان تم تسجيله لدى محرر ‘’الوقت’’ قال ‘’لم أسمع ذلك التسجيل وأعتقد أن هناك خطأ في النقل من قبل المحرر’’.

  5. Post

    The man has a problem with himself. He doesn’t need me to add to his woes, and I will regardless. The bastard is sectarian and I’ll tell him that to his black face.

    I saw that piece this morning, but haven’t had the time to copy it here, so thanks for doing that… and time will prove that what you have posted is just press-speak. Wait for the very first week in parliament and watch the sparks fly.

  6. can we talk now

    to someone,
    the defense you have there does not explain or justify or negate the obvious. and what kind of “request” was that to make?
    who the **** is he to request from another elected member what should and should not be discussed? he has already proved through his own performance over the last four years what a shallow closed-minded simpleton he is, with the devil-worship and other nonsense he has brought to the table. more fools the ones that voted for him!
    alas, let us reap the fruits of democracy.. let us enjoy what we have sown.. we have demonstrated that we deserve it, eh, mahmood?

  7. Post
  8. Maverick

    This BF and Adel Almaawda are of the same type. He was defending ths use of mosques to warn the public with sermons against voting to candidates whose agenda did not match their version of islam. Well those who believe in this crap and vote for these BFs deserve them.

    :no: =( =| 😆

  9. Maverick

    BTW any know what he did the pill?

    Is it for sale.

    Cham kiloo wahed…..


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