The Asian Games are HOT!

Asian Games beach volleyball competition in Doha, Qatar

When Salim Al-Nabit and his friends went to see beach volleyball for the first time, they left their wives home.

Al-Nabit said he would watch the bikini-clad women, but he certainly wouldn’t want his wife to do so. He was there, he added, because it was a matter of national honor.

“We don’t see this a lot in Qatar,” Al-Nabit said. “I think most people think it is outrageous. But we accept it because it is important for our country. We want others to see us as a generous and hospitable people, willing to accept their ways, even if we don’t agree.”

Beach volleyball’s penchant for bikinis has touched off a bit of a cultural clash in this conservative Muslim city, which by hosting the Asian Games, a regional sports extravaganza, is trying to bolster its bid to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to the Middle East.
CNN via Alt-Ctrl-Del

My guessing is neither the previous parliament nor most definitely the upcoming one will have a problem thinking of, accepting, proposing, or condoning such a world-class event (Asian Games), given the furore they have created with Nancy?

Well done and good on ya Qatar!

Lead the way…


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  2. Discovery Channel

    Hey, what gives, man? Where’s the link for all the women’s beach-volley pictures?!?

  3. johnster

    Isn’t there something somewhere about admiring the eonder of God’s creation? =P

  4. johnster

    oops..that should have read:

    “Isn’t there something somewhere about admiring the wonder of God’s creation?” :X

  5. anonymous

    مالت على الباميا ….. خلونا على سوالف المنقبات Ùˆ منع الحفلات ابرك لنا 🙁

  6. naddooi

    Question… maybe its just cause i’m a girl, I don’t get it, but:

    WHY is it HE gets to go watch bikini-clad women bouncing up and down, but “certainly wouldn’t want his wife to do so”?!?!?!?

    Is it cause he’s a guy, and him watching them makes him straight, but if his wife saw them, she might develop other tendancies?!

    what gives?

  7. nurox

    Prolly just wants to increase his chances with the ladies, “you volleyball? me single, no really…”, or is just to not have their wives catching them drooling uncontrollably… who knows..

  8. moclippa

    The Great Satan is upon us… quick, wrap your daughters in saran wrap, toss them down the basement and cement the door!

    Why Saran Wrap you might ask? Because its wonderful qualities aren’t reserved to simply blocking out bacteria from food, but also Sin, which tends to float around the air for roughly 6 months after witnessing a woman in a Bikini.

    Coincidentally, I have now begun my religous training and hope to one day blog Fatwas about the benifits of Saran Wrapping your daughters.

    This of course has nothing to do with my purchasing several shares in SC Johnson….

    Unbelievers? You are all going to hell anyways so it doesn’t matter.

  9. Ibn

    …Makes me miss the beach volley pick up games we had this past summer… 🙁

    “I go! I go!”

    Everytime on of the bombastic bomdshells fell into the sand, I was garuanteed to run up and quickly “offer” and proceed to “clean that filthy filthy sand off their bodies”… the giggles would turn into perplexed looks and back into giggles… 😆


  10. Anarchist

    The way things are in Bahrain, we stand as much chance of seeing female beach volleyball on these shores as the new parliament chowing down to bacon butties 🙂

    I just wish though, that having the sport in Qatar, would act as a precident for other countries in the region to lighten up a little. Not much chance since the government seem to be clamping down on all forms of fun in the kingdom.
    Today’s GDN comments on the fact that hotels are going to have their entertainment restricted. A good move if they want to kill off tourism completely. Not so good if they want to attract international investors.

  11. Post

    Attract international who?! Are you out of your mind? WE’RE MUSLIM GODDAMN IT, WHEN IS THAT FACT GOING TO GET YOUR THICK SKULL?!!! We don’t need their stinking haram money, we’re going to be compensated with rivers of wine and virgins who can’t get enough of it in the hereafter! (and no chance of a brewer’s droop either)

    Aaaamen brutha!


  12. Anonymous

    If you’re here after what I’m here after, you’ll be here after I’ve long gone . . .

  13. Maverick

    Thanks for lovely pics M. You saved me a pot of caffien. 😆

  14. Maverick

    I think I misspelt caffeine. I any case, we have 10 women in the new Shura council…watta boost for women…see today’s GDN for details.

    This is going to be an intersting parliment. Makes me wonder why did they not give the liberals who lost a chance to even the scale and show that there was not govt hand in their loss as some contend. Sorry M, did not mean to politicise this new theme.
    😆 :grinnod:

  15. Hamad

    I think these photos will reduce the attendant to the blogers meeting as they really compete with the short you wear last time.

  16. ASKAD

    Lets have some beach volleyball here in bahrain too, oops i forgot we don’t have any beaches in this island. 😆

  17. Ian

    I remember back in the dim and distant past, when jet skis were first introduced into Bahrain by an expat called Mike Kilduff (I think), out of what is now the land next to Al Bandar.

    Every week there would be a gaggle of bikini clad babes trying out the kawasaki jet skis and just lounging around at the beach. On the other side of a chain fence, six deep, were ‘the great unwashed’ of all nationalities. They didn’t actually DO anything, except stare, which made the girls uncomfortable. Interestingly, there were never any objections from the authorities then back in the late 70’s.

    Since this beach was bought out, and the ‘Shaikh’s beach’ closed, there are no beaches of note in Bahrain (Al Jazaya is an embarassing cess pit of a beach, covered with litter, and private beaches owned by 5* hotels don’t count). A shame really, such potential.

  18. can we talk

    “WHY is it HE gets to go watch bikini-clad women bouncing up and down, but “certainly wouldn’t want his wife to do so”?!?!?!?”

    she might want to play too!

  19. Maverick

    Because either in front of their wives they cannot be men and crack nasty jokes or their wives are uncomfortable with the exposure. :no: =P

  20. anonymous


    This question is in my mind since the last two days. I mean you went out of your way recently Mahmood. First that TENGA thing and now these bikini-clad women pictures!

    I started feeling as if I am browsing a prono site everytime I visit your blog. Looking a round and feeling embarassed and guilty!

    I hope you don’t get annoyed by my comment, as it is coming from a good reader of you.

  21. Post

    Well what can I say other than this is a blog for responsible adults? If you feel offended by its content, then I make no apologies. This is – once again – my personal space into which I post, discuss, rant and rave about subjects that interest me personally. If you share my points of view and enthusiasm for the subjects I discuss here, then so much the better.

    Maybe I should put a big 15+ warning on the site’s header?

    The TENGA thing as someone commented has a very similar product openly sold in pharmacies in Bahrain.

    The pictures of the beach volleyball women championships in the Asia Games being held at the moment in Qatar is nothing unusual – any more – as it is held in a dear and very near county that will have a causeway connecting both our countries in the next few years. Apart from that, I do not find anything offensive in the women’s attire. If you do, then that’s your business and I would respect whatever limits you place on yourself.

    There are also various tools on the internet that would strip (pardon the expression, before anyone reads more into it) images from sites, maybe you should look for one for you.

  22. Sadek

    Go to any beach in the world and you’ll see the same. Porno site – please dont exaggerate. Anyway there are enough religious sites.

  23. moclippa

    Dang dude, I totally agree with you anonomyous…

    In fact, Bahrain was starting to seem like a MASSIVE porno site with all the maniquins around.

  24. Djinny

    Looking at the Iraqi ladies team in that photo there . . .why hasn’t there been ANY coverage of the Asian games here in the US? Because it would show “those people” as fcking human rather than faceless insurgents or whatever. Makes me mad.
    BTW, Mahmood, you can keep the beach volleyball; I’ll take the track boys in lycra! 8)

  25. Maverick

    What is wrong with exposure…..?
    There should eb equal opportunity for men and women. Why? When I see such beautiful bodies, it constantly inspires me to get fit….

    Nothing like a fit body to inspire one to exercise more…since I lost 12 kilos in 2 months…i feel great…my wife is happier, I look more sexier….as candidly told to my wife by her friends….etc etc…

    Let’s be positive….M is providing us generously a forum to express ourselves freely without showing our mugs….hey M…instead of flags we can have our own mug shots here like flickr…..what say….

  26. Post

    no no.. let’s just keep each other’s images in our imagination shall we! (no, I’m not going to install those stupid avatars, this is NOT a teen site! ;))

  27. naddooi

    I suspect Maverick just wants to see if anyone frequenting this blog will think he looks sexy too! You’ll have to do before and after mug shots, after all, its all relative!! 😛

    Hey, Mahmood maybe you should start blogging the progress of diets? 🙂

    Like the japanese ministers of health (just maybe without such a revealing picture). Now THAT is taking matters into your own hands! We have obesity problems in Bahrain, why don’t our ministers go on diets? Exericise programs?

  28. Post

    well I don’t know about you, but I just squaffed THREE dark chocolate pieces with hazelnuts and they were diiiivine!

  29. Djinny

    What I’m saying is that there has been very little media exposure, very little reporting of/about The Asian Games in the U.S., unless there’s some cable channel I’m not aware of.

  30. Maverick

    I suspect Maverick just wants to see if anyone frequenting this blog will think he looks sexy too! You’ll have to do before and after mug shots, after all, its all relative!!

    Nope naddooi…I believe that beauty pervades all of us…in some form or the other…we are all god’s people. Yeah some of us look more beautiful and sexy and the rest are more intelligent…..what to do….what is important as M has so often pointed out is not our religion or looks but our attitude to others and how we manifest this. My interest was not to see who is more sexy but whose persona was behind the words. It need not be an exact photo, it could be an icon that represents a person.

    It makes it more fun than the photo or flag…but all the same…I like the tiny flags… 😆 :grinnod:
    Have a nice one!

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