And the nominees are…

  • Maryam in Marrakech
    28 January 2007

    Thank you so much, for your kind words. And as popular as your blog is, I am sure that we will see you on the list next year.:-)

    PS So glad that you liked Marrakech when you were last visiting – it’s a special city. I hope you”ll come back.

  • mishmish
    28 January 2007

    Mahmood, you’re already a winner ! List or no list. and insh’Allah next year you’ll be on it again.

    Thanks for listing these – an interesting mix there.

  • mahmood
    28 January 2007

    Maryam you can be sure that I will re-visit Marrakech, this time with wife and probably kids to stay a little long and have the chance to drive around Morocco to explore that wondrous land.

    Thank you (and mishmish) for your kind words and best of luck in the Bloggies.

  • Esra'a
    28 January 2007

    Maryam’s blog in particular is really impressive. Definitely has my vote! I am so surprised though that the Den didn’t make it. I was ready to see it there along with Sabbah’s blog and my other daily visits. I think Mahmood, next time you should probably plug a banner on the sidebar because people readers probably didn’t see your nomination post. Many other sites that made it did that.

    And the nominees for the best web design category… well, 2 of them are pretty ugly, so I am not sure how they made it, the others are extremely creative though. I like these awards mainly because they direct our attention to blogs we’d otherwise not know about. But many of them are famous, like I think Instapundit while it had its moments is not exactly the most powerful political blog as most of the entries are really short and just provide a link. Glenn’s podcast definitely deserves it, but not his website, as it’s not intellectually challenging and since comments are disabled there are no heated political debates there, so many other blogs were more deserving than this.

    Don’t worry Mahmood, next year inshallah! And there are other competitions coming our way. Did you hear of this one? I was so interested until I heard that you had to pay $200 just to get involved! Bullshit. Who the hell has that kind of money to throw around?

    How about we do a similar contest for Arabs to recognize their abilities, and we can have some funding from HAMSA? I think $1,000 in awards will be plenty! What do you think? Jesse and I already organized an interfaith competition with $2,000 in prizes. One directed for Arabs specifically will be great, especially if it has to do with IT and creativity. So many Arabs have blogs and talents that no one knows about.

    The ultimate winner gets free domain, design, and hosting from Mideast Youth, if they already don’t have it, as well as cash, and then we can figure out some other awards that include cash or personal gifts from the judging panel.

    We can throw something together easily this summer when both of us might be more free. I think it will be a big hit!

    The thing is, unlike many other competitions, we can have a judging panel that actually visits and judges every website instead of us relying on false votes or blogs that are already out there (and thus have votes that are guaranteed.)

    The point of this is that many young Arabs want to get involved with this stuff but they don’t have the readership required to get as many votes as possible, and thus it’s always the same blogs who make it to the top while the others sink and remain forgotten. Our judging panel can include up to 10 people, including Sabbah, Subzero, you, me, etc, and obviously that means we wouldn’t take part in the competition BUT we sort of already have the recognition already, so let’s give others a chance and reward their creativity and dedication.

    Just a thought! Damn I always get over-excited about this stuff.

  • mahmood
    28 January 2007

    It’s a good idea actually. Haitham Sabbah and I did it two years ago and people got excited about it, then swore at us for not having “better control of voting” etc, a couple of sites allegedly pushed up their vote count etc.

    But overall, the competition was good and I enjoyed being part of it. I’m all for doing competitions like these for the simple reason you mentioned which is exposure, and bloggers would love that much more than the prize money!

    Let’s talk about it in the summer and see what we can do.

  • Esra'a
    28 January 2007

    Oh yeah. I remember that. It happens with all awards, I remember Dave from Israellycool hosted the Jewish and Israeli blog awards and everyone cursed at him for things like “cheating,” so it’s not a very rewarding experience unless you’re just a participant.

    On second thought maybe it’s a bad idea… hard work would be involved and it won’t be nice if all you gain is whiny rants from it. Because even if you just judge as individuals people will be like “I didn’t win because they didn’t like me personally, etc.” Drama would ensue. Maybe when people grow up we can re-consider haha.

  • Esra'a
    28 January 2007

    Actually I take that back, it’s worth it, you’re bound to piss people off no matter what people do so it would be weak to just stop being creative. I will contact you about this in the summer time for sure.

    I’m glad that itoot recently went home with the Gold award in the

    I’m very proud of the growing Jordanian blogosphere. They achieve a lot of great networks as opposed to just blogs.

  • Hi Mahmood

    Thank you very much for your kind words – Since ours is a creative blog written for children I was worried that perhaps we might ‘stick out’ a bit compared to the other worthy & fabulous nominees in this category but you have been very thoughtful to include us… and now I have found your website so I’m off to have a good look round!

    Good luck to the other nominees! : )

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