WD’s guts are pretty [useless]

  • milter
    14 February 2007

    ….. and this could, maybe, be a confirmation of the truth of these words: “Real men don’t make backups, they just cry” 🙂

    Your accident has reminded me that it’s time to back up some of the stuff I don’t want to lose on my own computer.

  • moclippa
    14 February 2007

    I know what you mean… I double/tripple back up anything important to me, photos and music….

    I had my main portable drive go on the fritz a year ago and most of my extensive music collection, and since then I’ve been rebuilding it slowly and backing up to two external hard drives and a laptop as I go along.

  • mahmood
    15 February 2007

    The irony is that I bought this bloody this FOR backing up my data on two different computers which were overflowing. once that “backup” was done, I delete the original material and also bought a 250GB external unit which I was meaning to copy everything onto as well.. but gravity took over before I had a chance to do so.

  • Hani AlYousif
    15 February 2007

    Mahmood, how about this drive as a replacement? One of the guys here in LA swears by it. It’s a 120gig drive and I think it’s around $230.

  • T.J. Neruda
    15 February 2007

    Well depending on how important the photos are to you there are some pretty expensive hard drive recovery services out there… I don’t know who does them in Bahrain but I’m sure if you ask around you may find someone who should… again, the service is quite expensive from what I understand so….

    It’s never a sure bet, but sometimes these guys can recover enough stuff to make it worth your while.

    Anyways, sucks, I know where you are coming from with this and its a real fricken pain… good luck with the recovery if you can find someone that can sort it out… Check the distributor for WD I guess to see if they have anyone that may be able to help

  • Yam is Here
    15 February 2007

    Mahmood, you remind me with the 500GB Maxtor external drive that I bought two moths ago from a local shop here in Bahrain. After moving about 400GB worth of data on that drive, it started clicking and making some funny noise. I managed to remove everything before it went dead and stopped working !!! As others said, backup of the backup should be a practice.

    In the future, I would suggest keeping the original data in your computer and backing up a copy of your files to another external drive using a software like SecondCopy. I love this software, and had been using it for the past three years.

    Good Luck.

  • jayjerome
    15 February 2007

    I don’t trust external hard drives for back up — too many things go wrong with them. So in addition to an external hard drive copy, I back up my important files to DVD disks.

    The disks don’t cost much, don’t have any moving parts to wear out, or electronic components to fail, and they’re easy to store – I keep mine in one of those Case Logic zipper folders with scratch-proof envelope-tabs. You can drop the case, and it won’t harm the disks.

    It’s extra work, and a little slower to back up to disks, but they’re safer and more reliable than external hard drives.

  • Citizen Quasar
    16 February 2007

    There is probably one that could make abitmap of each sector, good or bad, and transpose it to another HDD. This may take along time but it may retreive your data. Don’t give up yet.

  • T.J. Neruda
    17 February 2007


    I’m sure you’ve already seen that, but in case you havent thats WD’s preferred Data Recovery partners, again I don’t know if their services extend to the Middle East, but its a start!

  • mahmood
    18 February 2007

    Thanks TJ.

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