Simona’s Angels

Angels come in all shapes and sizes; some of those have religious and spiritual connotations and people who believe in them and their energies and auras can call on them for assistance, guidance and inspiration.

Simona Carmen Panciu, the Romanian artist who has been a resident in Bahrain for 8 years, and is the Alba gym instructor, has been not only surrounded by these angels, but draws on her artistic muses through meditation which channels the energy to her consciousness and paints these ephemeral images in oils on wood, some of which is just flotsam – pieces of wood – she collects from the beaches of Bahrain.

Simona Carmen Panciu with her paintings at Camelot in Adliya

Simon’a paintings are truly a calming inspiration to the space they grace. She had 42 of her paintings exhibited at Camelot Restaurant in Adliya last night. The exhibition continues through to Saturday. If you’re lucky, you will find one or two paintings still unsold. Their prices are very reasonable and go from BD50 through to about BD200.

Simona Carmen Panciu’s art and exhibition at Camelot restaurant in Adliya, Bahrain

  • Cerebralwaste
    14 February 2007

    What a positively great way to use some of the crap that washes up on the “beaches” in Bahrain! I only wish I was there in person to see her work.

  • jayjerome
    15 February 2007

    I often see exactly the same figures shown in the graphic on the lower left — usually after the third or fourth vodka-martini at my neighborhood bar…

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