A slip of tongue?

State something once, and you would probably be forgiven for a possible slip of the tongue, but if a it is repeated thrice – as a warning – what other explanation could there be other than the person being warned is a known repeat offender?

Thus was the state of affairs between Mohammed Khaled and his boss Salah Ali last Tuesday in parliament, both of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Al-Menber political society, all of whom are purportedly in parliament due to copious votes gained from out-of-constituency voting centres.

No matter. So what was Salah Ali being warned against by his colleague? He was instructed not to kiss ass – to use colloquial parlance – for the right honourable gentleman has been known to have perfected that vocation.

Uncharacteristically, the right honourable gentleman disappoints in that particular situation, or maybe due to the behest of Khalid – or in spite of him, interpret it as you will – he mildly rebuked the government for throwing out the majority of the parliament’s work over the last few years and retained just 12 projects out of 53 to be brought back into this parliamentary term, as is their right as far as the by-laws are concerned.

I wonder if the right honourable gentlemen of Al-Menber would support other MPs in demanding changes to the parliamentary by-laws to ensure such a situation not to happen again?

I’m not holding my breath.


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