Al-Sahlawi & Al-Habshi are OUT!

Thanks to the big campaign and continuous pressure applied by society, Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahlawi and Hussain Al-Habshi have been released from prison at around 11am this morning. I have also confirmed this fact independently.

I wish to officially congratulate them for their stance and sacrifice, and hope that with this, the Bahraini government too have re-evaluated its own stance regarding freedoms of expressions. I would also like to thank everyone who maintained the political pressure to secure their release.

Congratulations Mohammed and Hussain and it’s good to have you back!

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  • Just me
    25 February 2007

    I hope they get compensation for 3 months worth of loss of earnings or AT LEAST an apology. Oh wait, sorry what was I thinking, all praise thee for his benevolence and mercy, the benificiant and compassionate.

    Come on lets do the hokey pokey, in out in out thats what its all about.

  • Esra'a
    25 February 2007

    That is the best news I heard in a while, thank God for this! And thank God that we have a great amount of people who consistently fought for their freedom. I hope they are proud of their efforts.

  • M
    25 February 2007

    I’m very happy for these two brave gentlemen. Thank you to all those who spoke out on their behalf.

  • Hisham
    25 February 2007

    Super news!

  • Lujayn
    26 February 2007

    Mabrouk! Its heartening to read good news for a change (I’ve been reading about arrests in Egypt and Syria all morning and was beginning to feel ill).

  • Barry
    26 February 2007

    This is good news. Looks like someone in power doesn’t have have their head rammed so far up their ass as to render themselves oblivious as to what’s right and wrong.

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