Speaking at the Rand Doha Conference

I’ll be speaking at the forthcoming Rand Doha Conference:

RAND logoRAND is proud to announce it will be holding a conference in Doha, Qatar from 15-16 March on the subject Creative Use of the Media to Foster Understanding and Tolerance. The conference will bring together regional analysts, public diplomacy and information operations experts, and the initiators of popular, cutting edge media programs in the region.

We would like you to formally invite you be a featured speaker on the first day of our conference where we hope to highlight innovative media programs in the Middle East that we hope will offer a range of perspectives. We were hoping that you would speak about your experiences as a blogger, specifically your recent issues with authorities.

This should be a very interesting conference with an excellent list of invited speakers from around the world. I’ll blog the conference and put up my slides and notes when I return.


  1. tooners

    this sounds exciting. doha is really moving forward and setting a good example for the whole region to follow.

    congrats to you on this great opportunity!

  2. Post

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