MPs with Religious Police mentality

I am quite convinced that this parliament doesn’t know why it was actually voted in. Apart from the sectarian overtones in almost every thing they do, they cannot distinguish between parliamentary work from that of the pulpit. Let me aid them in understanding the simple difference: the first is legislative and the other is advisory. To amplify the explanation on the latter; being an adviser does not give that person nor body the exclusive keys to nirvana, and the adviser should be prepared to see his advice be discarded regardless of how right he or she thinks it is.

وافق مجلس النواب بغالبية أعضائه أمس على تشكيل لجنة تحقيق برلمانية بشأن بعض الرقصات والأشعار التي قدمت خلال مهرجان «ربيع الثقافة»، الذي تنظمه وزارة الإعلام

A parliamentary probe committee was formed yesterday to investigate acts by performers in the Spring of Culture festival, which have been labelled un-Islamic.

Taking the above into consideration, what business is it of the illustrious Chamber of Representatives to force upon us their own myopic view of right and wrong? And which part of the legislative or even advisory mandates confers upon them the right to restrict what people should do, see or deem enjoyable art? Especially considering that the constitution of our societal makeup would never condone lewd conduct in any case, a fact that has been fully observed by the organisers, that we need these publicly elected representatives of the people to attempt to once again save us from our selves and force their own personal interpretations on a whole country?

This is what we get after 100 days of being in office?

While other parliaments strive to display what their members and governments have achieved in their first 100 days in office in order to show the seriousness with which they regard the trust placed in them by their electors; what we get here is a chamber full of prancing ignoramuses having foot-stomping fist thumping tantrums in response to a cultural show by a nationally renowned poet, an excellent musician, and a dance troop who attempted to translate both into motion.

Grow up, for goodness’ sake, just   g r o w  u p   already.

Your behaviour is shameful.


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  2. Haytho

    The outcome which I predicted is official now.

    But what is really more interesting and goes along with your above-stated convictions, about our incumbent MP’s awareness of their role, is the news that the MP-by-default switched back to where her vote was expected to weigh in right from the first round of voting.

    Having read the law in question, I had hoped it would not pass, but I correctly predicted, from day one that it would, i.e. I knew that it would, ‘in due course’, go through the MP’s ears from left to right. Its negatives outweighed any pluses it can even remotely have, let alone both the way it is written and the outright violations it contains of all the necessary substantive and formal red-lines – within the bounds of which it was to remain. But it did not so remain. I guess many otherwise conscientious MP’s who voted it in just did not have enough of a knowledge-base to assess the decree-law. Most of the rest of them, for or against, probably, simply based their votes solely on predetermined positions regardless of their assessment of the merits involved. The only one MP whose witnessed bouncing in the matter exposed them is Ms. Elgaud, MP..
    Therefore, the question to Ms Elgaud, MP, is that, what was the substance of voting that law out in the first round and voting it out in the second round? The easiest answer would be: “I was a border liner to start with”, which can be true, assuming that such a position was the default mode anyway. Because a position that is based on substance cannot swing so much – 180 degrees – overnight. This is to mean that the positions she took were not based on the material and internal properties of the law, but was based on entirely different merits considered – in both cases the calculations were exogenous to the merits of the substantive matter.

  3. finlandi

    looks like Bahrain is turning into another Iran or Saudi…….. shame 🙁

  4. Johnster

    What I dont understand is why these MPs dont do something about the rampany prostitution in Bahrain?

    Nobody mentions it?

    Yet I would think spiritually speaking its far more damaging than a glance of whisley or a bit of modern dance?

  5. Post

    There’s one MP whose election ticket was stamping out prostitution in Gudaiybia and Hoora (ironic name isn’t it?!) and that is the head of the Future Bloc Adel Al-Asoomi.

    He’s still at it, and owning a 3-star hotel himself (there is a rumour he sold it before standing for office) didn’t stop him from winding up the competition!

  6. Abu Arron

    Just what’s needed, Bahrain’s own Mattawa (sic). I thought I said goodbye and good riddance after my year in Riyadh. Still can’t type that name without shivering (Mattawa or Riyadh)!!

    Look on the bright side tho’, housing may need improvement, roads may need improvement, health services may need improvement, schooling may need improvement, etc, etc – but at least the population will be saved from moral temptation and harm. It may also clear up the thousands and thousands of lesbians running (or should that be stomping?) around the Kingdom.

  7. LuLu

    Everyday the Minister of Information proves he is nothing but a mindless pushover with no vision or coherent strategy what so ever. He tries to be all -Islamic and appease the parliamentarians by closing down entertainment in hotels, leaving 5 star hotels out of this rule (can’t tell the ritz not to serve alcohol or have music)– then again he allows a sensual dance show to be sponsored by his own ministry because he can’t say no to Shaikha Mai of Cultural Affairs.. I’d be interested to hear how he can reconcile his actions in responding to parliament. I’m glad he’s digging himself in.

    Note on the show: I was there and it was nice, although it should have been advertised as PG-13 or something. I saw a few young children around me w/traumatized faces!

  8. naddooi

    I think you guys have it all wrong, this is the parliment’s way of PROMOTING the events.

    I mean, with an attention-grabbing name like “Spring of Sex”!!!

    IMAGINE the number of saudis that will be fighting with each other to buy tickets!!! Visitation is gonna SKY-ROCKET, even DUBAI will suffer before this ingenious marketing tactic!

    Or do you think maybe they are just jealous, someone there didnt get a ticket to the show he wanted to see?

  9. moodz

    Alright it’s about time someone speaks up to this crap, we did not vote for those MPs because we lack a religious police, we don’t need more restrictions and limits, we don’t need more untouchables and investigations wasting the precious time, money and resources for the sake of more backwardness and limitations on the freedom of speech.

    We voted for constitutional reforms, we voted for investigations on notorious unnamable report, for investigations in the international allegations of human trafficking, corruption in public ministries, thievery of land and shores.. What we got were شرطة للآداب

    Sad.. Sad..

  10. Tom

    perhaps you just need to get rid of a few hadiths and an aya telling you to listen to them … this one, especially, you might want to discredit NOW if you have a column or so.

    Narrated Abu Huraira:
    Allah’s Apostle; said, “It is better for anyone of you that the inside of his body be filled with pus which may consume his body, than it be filled with poetry.”

    Abu Sa`id Khudri reported: We were going with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him). As we reached the place (known as) Arj there met (us) a poet who had been reciting poetry. Thereupon Allah’s Messanger (may peace be upon him) said: Catch the satan or detain the satan, for filling the belly of a man with pus is betting than stuffing his brain with poetry.

    A few less reliable hadith state to just go straight to killing any poets.

    And yet the hadith say nothing of prohibiting slavery or human trafficking … in fact most hadith seem to state the prophet did that too.

  11. jasra jedi

    and your point, tom, for us illiterate arabs, is what exactly?

  12. milter

    Yes, democracy is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

    This is the kind of actions you’ll see if all you share with the one you voted for, is dislike of the ones that are in power.

    If you don’t know their real purpose for asking for power in an election and what they want to replace the existing legislation with, you’re asking for something like this to happen.

    As far as I can see there was an almost total absence of parties and people in the last election that based their views on secular values. Why?

    Is it because the voters distrust secularity or because they have no alternatives to the religiously inspired MP’s? Whatever the reason is, the people of Bahrain got the Parliament they asked for.

  13. milter

    …. and maybe the MP’s are basing their demands on these parts of the Constitution Of Bahrain:

    Chapter I The State
    Article 2 [State Religion, Shari’a, Official Language]
    The religion of the State is Islam. The Islamic Shari’a is a principal source for legislation. The official language is Arabic.

    … and this one:

    Chapter II Basic Constituents of Society
    Article 6 [Arab and Islamic Heritage]
    The State safeguards the Arab and Islamic heritage. It contributes to the advancement of human civilization and strives to strengthen the bonds between the Islamic countries, and to achieve the aspirations of the Arab nation for unity and progress.

    … or this one:

    Chapter III Public Rights and Duties

    Article 23 [Expression]
    Freedom of opinion and scientific research is guaranteed. Everyone has the right to express his opinion and publish it by word of mouth, in writing or otherwise under the rules and conditions laid down by law, provided that the fundamental beliefs of Islamic doctrine are not infringed, the unity of the people is not prejudiced, and discord or sectarianism is not aroused.

  14. can we talk

    that is the problem with democracy when one is not in the majority!!

  15. F

    I think the MP here, the same one who was looking for devil worshippers etc., wants to show himself as a guardian to his
    faith and his people. It is a strong selling point for his voters.
    I’m sure the majority in his constituency believe him.

    Unfortunately, he is not well educated or well informed or well

    Sensationalism here is being created for his own benefit.

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  17. Alphast

    Hi can we talk,

    The problem is not democracy. Democracy is not just the rule of the majority. That would be just another form of dictature. Democracy, as defined by most political science scholars is the regime where the majority rules but still respects the fundamental rights of the minorities. From this point of view, and according to the message of milter, I am sorry to say that Bahrain is not (yet) a democracy… Actually, the only regime vaguely approaching this definition in the Arab world is probably Lebanon… That says it all.

  18. can we talk

    actually, democracy does not necessarily include the protection of the rights of the minorities. that would be a liberal democracy where one of the features is usually the protection of liberties. all a democracy implies is the rule of the people, which means the majority. the latter does not draw boundaries of what they can and cannot rule on. hence, if you are not part of the majority in anything, you lose..

    because of the lack of clear boundaries in democracy, it is left up to the discretion of the majority to discuss what they choose. this application of democracy would mean that a vote could be taken against saying hallo or wearing red or listening to music.
    this would eventually become suffocating to the minorities (who will hopefully not always be the same people) and they rise against it.

    as it stands, what we have is the result of a non-liberal democracy.
    since the people voted in will be elected by the population, it follows that they will not be those most educated nor those most economically-enclined, nor those with vision, but those most acceptable to the average person in the street..

    the thing is that in order to become a leader, you need more than inter-personal skills (which elected candidtaes usually DO have).. you also need technical skills in whatever area you are going to lead (which can be partially but not wholly outsourced) and you need conceptual skills (strategic/holistic vision) which most candidtaes will NOT have. the third is actually the most important for a position of leadership.

    factor into this the bloc/party membership of representatives who as members must vote with their bloc. where then is the holistic vision? where is the leadership?

    now add another ingredient. the feeling that hands are tried by the current system.. that means that some subjects are highly volatile and some are even taboo. that makes civil liberties an easy target. if enough civilians do not rise up against this, their rights can be eroded.

    as a civilian, my rights are more than just the obvious ones.. i also cherish my right to read what i want, see what i want, go where i want, eat what i want, dress how i want. i.e. my simple and not unreasonable freedoms.

    i did not like finding 50 pages missing from my cosmopolitan magazine a few years back because someone deemed that what was in them was not appropriate for me to see. i did not like it when meet joe black was removed from the cinema suddenly after a few days because someone decided i shouldn’t see a fantastic movie because it portrayed death in a way that was inconsistent with our religion, and i do not like it when someone decides what shows going to affect my morals (even if i was too busy to go to any of them)..

    a liberal democracy, which is not shackled by religion and extremism is something we can debate for or against, democracy is another story altogether.. it’s no fun unless you are in the majority

  19. ache in my soul

    Lulu: you seem to know a lot about the M O Info belive me there is so much more that the MP’s and the public should worry about than the SOC

  20. Sadek

    Can we talk: Although I agree on most of the points that you raise, and in fact are identical to my views, in regards to your definition of democracy I disagree. A democracy by definition is, and has to be, a liberal democracy; any system of government that does not protect the rights of a minority is a dictatorship – of whatever hue, colour, ideology or religious inclination. A democracy is not just the rule of the majority, but a system that that is supported by an independent judiciary, a free press, the free right to worship, an economic system that is free, equality, etc. You cannot be selective to pick and choose what you want in the system. The system can veer excessively to a direction, but it also has an inbuilt system to self correct peacefully. This is the acid test of a democracy.
    Unless your concept of a democracy is similar to the self-perpetuating “Popular Democratic Socialist” states that relatively recently disappeared – and which in those cases were neither popular, democratic or socialist.

  21. Hamad

    This MPs are totally wasteing time running after the hard work of other people to create such a nice events in the island . They dont feel the hard work of the team to arrange such an event they just set in thier **** and blame others if they do something good for the countery .what a sad feel inplace of working hard with other to improve the business and push the econmey onward every mad offical keep request closeing hotel ,stop events ,stop that ,stop stop stop what ever you try to do . what they want else should we close down the airport as well ??? what do they realy want to keep open ????

    what a sad feel come on mahmood what are you waiting to enter the election

  22. Free Bahraini

    كارثة ربيع الثقافة

    مرحى لنوابنا الأبطال والمجاهدين المثقفين في سعيهم لحل مشاكل شعبنا ومصائبه وقضاياه، فباكتشاف نوابنا الأفاضل كارثة ربيع الثقافة التي كادت أن تودي بأخلاق شعبنا ومسّت من شرفه استطاع عدد من نوابنا المجاهدين أن يشكلوا لجنة تحقيق في كارثة ربيع الثقافة التي تفوق في أهميتها من تشكيل لجنة تحقيق في ديوان الرقابة المالي. إن كارثة ربيع الثقافة في نظر ممثلينا في مجلس الشعب هي من أكبر القضايا التي مرّت على مجتمعنا البحريني على مر العصور، فهي بالتأكيد أهم وأخطر من قضايا الفساد المالي والإدراي والإسكان وارتفاع الأسعار، فبنظر بعض نوابنا في مجلس الشعب أن هذا المهرجان ليس إلا ربيعا للسخافة وليس الثقافة، فالانفتاح على الحضارات الأخرى أصبح في عصرنا سخافة. طوبى لكم نوابنا على هذه الألفاظ المهذبة، وإلى الخلف دائما جاهدوا في قضاياكم التي لا تمت للشعب بصلة ولا تعود عليه بأي فائدة ومنفعة. هكذا عودتمونا دائما يا كتلة الشعب الأخلاقية، مناقشة قضايا كنانسي عجرم وقضية البويات في المدارس وتجاهل قضايا الفساد المالي والإداري وغلاء الأسعار وتدني الرواتب التي لا تولونها أي أهمية بالنسبة لقضاياكم التي تعتقدون أنها الأهم لمجتمعنا الذي تريدون أن تعطوه درسا في الأخلاق وتهذبوه على طريقتكم.

  23. Maverick

    It seems to be that the democracy here is religiously biased and those who choose to live here and work here must respect the rules. While I do not care if eroticism percolates the stage, any shows that have eroticism must come with a warning that adult themes may be shown.

    Instead of attarcting unecessary attention, the MP concerend would have asked the information ministry undersec to get involved and give a polite warning to the organisers to be more careful. This is a sensitive issue and people do get worked up since kids do get confused what with being brought up in a represssed society and not having to see such things at home. I am sure even kids who do see kissing and such might get confused.

    Much ado about nothing :pinch: :ninja:

  24. jasra jedi

    maverick .

    trust be, there is NOTHING repressed about bahrain. everyone is at like like bunny rabbits.

    the problem is the hypocracy between what is publicly tolerated and what isnt.

  25. Maverick

    Dear Jasra Jedi,
    I know that people are it like rabbits but if you see the way people are in society it make it looks repressed. It is rare for example to see people holding hands or kissing or being loveable.

    Yesterday I saw a pretty womaa all wrapped up in black hijab and pants but her coat was a leopard skin design that was thin and tight round her butt….now really tell me what is going on here….mmmmm

    People want to appear pious and religious but yes they behave worse than rabbits. I do not care what they do in their houses behind closed doors as long as they are not abusing anyone.

    By the way coming to think of it and speaking of morality, is it not immoral to not provide insurance for house maids considering how cheap it is in Bahrain. I know I am diversing here but Mahmmod is right, while MPs have right to their comments, there are more importat problems like housing, electricity, water, roads etc to be dealt with than having them morally police us. The MOI can take car e of the spring of sex since they help organise it in the 1st place. :whistle: :biggrin:

  26. milter

    All those that are worried about the bad reputation of Bahrain need not worry anymore. Just read what the MOI has to say about clean tourism.

    What the h… is going on in those one- and two-star hotels?

    Whatever it is, it’s comforting to know that some people are prepared to defend the morality of poor, defenceless people and the reputation of their country.

  27. Post
  28. Free Bahraini

    come on, till where they want to bring us, we dont wanna live in another Taliban or country like KSA, they demand democracy and they no nothing about it, damn!! discuss the financial report, housing, jobs, rising prices, ….etc

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  30. Thogba

    I didn’t see the dance but I heard that one pose was immoral. I cannot judge now but I should object to immoral dances and concerts. We should respect our culture and religion.

    However, I’d like the parliament to focus on strategic issues and the future of Bahrain in terms of education, economy, equal opportunity and politics.

    Bahrain is still facing the dangers of racism, banderism, poverty, etc.
    I dislike immoral dances but I wouldn’t waste my time questioning the dancers or the minister.

  31. milter


    The term “Arab culture” has come up a couple of times in some of the recent comments here at Mahmood’s place. People have used it without really describing it or without defining what they are afraid to lose.

    Now you’re saying: “We should respect our culture and religion”.

    For some reason those two words, “culture” and “religion”, often pop up together. Is that because they are so closely intertwined that you can’t have one without the other one. Are they both defined by the same standards or are they really just one thing with two different names?

    When you use the phrase “Our culture” you imply it’s specific to Arab people or Arab countries. And, yes, I realize you didn’t actually use the words “Arab culture, but, I assume that you mean “Our Arab culture”.

    Where does it, in your opinion, differ from European culture and what is it in it that has to be respected?

    And does it have to be respected to the degree that it can’t be challenged on any points or can it be criticized on some?

  32. Mahmood

    ربيع الثقافة في ليلة مجنونة أصبح خريفا للثقافة أو بالأحرى.. سخافة!!؟

    أبتدئ بسم الله تعالى Ùˆ بحمده Ùˆ أسمى بالذى خير :” Ùˆ الذين يؤمنون بما أنزل إليك Ùˆ ما أنزل من قبلك Ùˆ بالآخرة هم يوقنون أوليك على هدى من ربهم Ùˆ أوليك هم المفلحون” صدق الله العظيم.

    ربيع الثقافة في البحرين لهذا الموسم أصبحت أشجاره جافة و في غير موسمها الربيعي؛ تساقطت أوراقها و أصبح الربيع خريف في البحرين لهذا الموسم ؛ اثارت قضية الربيع الخريف الجدل الكثير و مازاد الطين بله إن وزير الأعلام سعادة السيد محمد عبد الغفار الذى توارى من سوءته عن فعلته لم يبادر على الرد و ومناقشة النواب في جلسه أعدت خصيصا لذلك مما اثأر حفيظة صاحب السمو الشيخ سلمان بن حمد آل خليفة ولي العهد منتقدا أداء الوزراء في الحكومة من الرد و النزول للشارع و الصحافة و جاءت تصريحاته التي انتقد فيها أداء المسئولين و القائمين على ما يسمى بربيع الثقافة و أشار إنه لا بد من تحسين الإنتاجية في الموسم القادم.

    إذن لنصور الليلة الشؤمة على أصاحبها :-

    في مساء الكلمة ….
    تشرقُ الذاتُ بنوء الأوسمة ….
    Ùˆ يُطلُّ النجم من دون سمه …
    ها هنا الليل يغيب..
    و الفضاءات تجيب
    يبدأُ الخطو هنا…
    و هنا الشدو لنا
    و لنا يصحو الغروب

    للكل وجه نظر و رأي و ليس كل من يدلى بدلوه ظلامي و خرافي قادماً من مغاور تورا بورا أو من الأزمنة المتخلفة أو من الشعوب البائدة.

    إنه نعم للثقافة و نعم للفن و الإبداع و الشعر و الشعراء و العمل الفني المبدع و الجديد ؛ إن المثقف لا يرتضيه المهزلة و الفرقة الاستعراضية تلك القادمة من مهالك الزمن و هل خشبة مركز الفنون هي صالة الأوبرا في فرنسا أو العروض في هولندا أو صالات هوليود في أمريكا؛ إن ثقافتنا مرتبطة بتراثنا و عاداتنا و تقاليدنا و لا ننسى ديننا و عقيدتنا الإسلامية.

    فإذن :-

    الثقافي إرادة
    و الثقافات قيادة
    لا يهم الكم إن كيف سما
    لا يهون الرقم إن سهم رمى
    يرتضى القلة
    لا يرضي الدنية
    و يروم الأفق عنوان القضية

    الثقافي تراثي تجذر
    و التراثي جذور تتجدد
    ها هنا تعلو الثقافة
    و هنا يحمى التراث
    و نعيش الواقع المسكون بالحلم إمتدادا
    لا نري فيه إرتدادا
    إنها أطياف نور
    و إشارات عبور
    و لقاء الرأي بالرأي بلا حيف و جور

    إن القائمين على البرامج لا نقل بأنهم قليلي خبرة فوزارة معروفة فلو أنه قد تم عقد جلسة عمل لجميع الجهات المعنية في البحرين للتحضير لمثل هذا الموسم الثقافي و دعوا جميع الأطياف مع تنوع و تناغم في الأطروحات لكان فعلا ربيعا للثقافة يشارك فيه كل أطياف الشعب البحريني كافة و الخليجي و العربي.

    مارسيل خليفة فنان معروف و كذلك الشاعر قاسم حداد بالإضافة إلى أميمه الخليل؛ القضية المثارة على الفرقة المصاحبة و هي فرقة لبنانية على غرار الفرق الخارجة عن المألوف فيها الإباحية بكل اشكال الإباحة فلو هذه الفرقة عرضت مشاهدها في دور العرض بانجلترا أو فرنسا لا إشكال فتفسخ هذه الفرقة الإستعراضية الإباحية بمشاهد تخجل الحياة ببنات مراهقات تبان مفاتن أجسادهن بالإضافة الرقص على الطراز الشرقي و هز البطون فليس هذا بعمل ثقافي بل فرقة إستعراضية ذات طرب و مجون تعرض في دور الطرب لليالي الحمراء في الفنادق .

    الإعتراض على هكذا فرقة مكونة من عدة بنات مراهقات مفتونة الإثارة لإظهار و إبراز الجسد الرخيص .

    الحب مقدس و المرأة محتشمة لا مبتذله و رخيصة تباع في سوف النخاسين و تعرض جسدها الطري ؛ نعم الحب مقدس و أساس الدنيا قائمة على الحب و على حب أدم و حواء النصين في واحد لكن بالطرق السليمة و الصحيحة
    و في أسطورة مجنون ليلي كان هناك حب شريف و مقدس لا مبتدل
    فعرض الفرقة الإستعراضية اللبنانية التي لا تناس أن تعرض على خشبة مسرح يؤمه الطبقة المثقفة و من مختلف الأطياف تعرض مساؤها في بيئية محافظة و محاطة بعادات و تقاليد و تراث

    ختاما أوجه رسالة لمارسيل خليفة كيف قبل هو بذلك Ùˆ كيف اصبح من شخصية وطنية ثورية إلى متكسع في بارات فرنسا تاركا لبنان Ùˆ يدعو إلى التحرر العربي Ùˆ هو رجعي باع القضية الأساسية لبنان – مارسيل نريد إنسان بسيط كما السبعينات Ùˆ كما عهدناك رجل لخدمة القضايا الإنسانية لا للطرب Ùˆ المجون حتى مجنون ليلي لا يرضي بذلك لعرضه قضيته بهذه الصورة المشوهة

    كما أسلفت لا خلاف على عمل المبدعين مارسيل و قاسم و أميمة ؛ أنا من المتتبع لأعمال مارسيل قبل الحرب الأهلية في لبنان القديمة لبدايات أناشيده التي تدعو للمحبة و التعاون و نبذ الفرقة و التعايش السلمي.

    فليس هو تخيل للجنس بقدر ما هو عمل مشين للفرقة الإستعراضية أن الحب مقدس و شريف و لا حتى يرضى مجنون ليلي أن تعرض قضيته هذه المشاهد التي تخدش الحياء العام .

    أنا من حضر العرض مع الأهل جئنا لجديد مارسيل فوجئنا بفرقة إستعراضية نعم لبنانيات مراهقات فاحشات ذات لباس غير محتشم للفن و العرف العام؛ نحن في بلد محافظ ملتزم نحن لسنا في بلدان الغرب على الآخرين أن يحترموا البلد الذي يتواجدون فيه متفق على عمل راق يعرض في مسرح عام تؤمه جميع شرائح و طبقات المجتمع
    نحن لم نذهب لحفلة فيها طرب شرقي أو غربي و رقاصات في أحدى الفنادق
    نحن ذهبنا لفن ..لعمل كبير و جديد
    الخلاف على الفرقة لا على المبدعين
    ما شاهدناه و ما قد استنكره الأوساط الشعبية على أختلاف أطيافها هو على هذه الفرقة و الراقصات الإستعراضيات .

    نسأل الله أن يهدى الجميع لما فيه الخير و الإصلاح
    كلمة أخيره ليس كل من يتنقد هو ظلامي و خرافي و من تورا بورا أو من طالبان نحن لسنا متشددين بل محافظين .

    و ختاما :-
    للجميع الكلمة
    للجميع الأوسمة
    هكذا يبدو الطريق
    فلمن وجه: شكرا
    و لمن خطط شكرا
    و لمن واصل ليلا بنهار
    و رأي الفجر المسار
    لا يخيب البذل
    لا يخبو الفنار
    فالثقافات انتصار لا انكسار
    و البدايات هي الإصرار
    و هي الانتظار
    أملا في أن يعي القائمون على هكذا حفلات في وزارة الأعلام مراعاة السلبيات لتحاشيها في الموسم القادم لأن الصرف على هذه الفعاليات من المال العام و من حق النواب و غيرهم المحاسبة .

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