ZimSculpt is back in Bahrain!

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Zimbabwean sculptures in Bahrain

Frances and I enjoyed visiting the Zimbabwean Sculpture exhibition at Al Bareh Gallery a couple of nights ago, this time they have some 40 sculptures and I would like to own each and every one of them. Oh to be a millionaire! These are the times that give you the impetus to work harder so that you too can afford to acquire works of art to enjoy and share your home with.

We are fortunate enough to have bought a few pieces the last time they came to town, we have had those pieces for 2 years in our home and I frankly cannot imagine us being without them. They have become a part of our family.

Well, although we determined not to buy anything this time around, I fell in love with a mermaid and I just had to have her!

I would have dearly loved to buy a few other pieces, alas, I have to remind myself (rather sternly) that I do have a lot of expenditures this month that take precedence and I shall have to just remember them through the various pictures I have taken of them, and occasionally visit their website to remind myself of their beauty.

The exhibit is continuing until April 2nd, 2007 at Al Bareh, should you wish to visit. If you like the arts, believe me you won’t be disappointed.

Zimbabwe means great stone house; it is true that stone sculpture is the art that most represents the people of Zimbabwe. The works are chosen over a six month period, searching the country for the most dynamic, thought provoking pieces. Each sculpture has been masterfully executed in stone; Zimbabwe has one of the worlds most rich resources of minerals and stone deposits. The exuberance of the work, the vast varieties of stone and the great skill and imagination of the sculptors has led to many years of major exhibitions worldwide.

Over 40 stone sculptures will be exhibited from leading world renowned Zimbabwean sculptors in a range of different types of Serpentine stone.

Pieces on exhibition will range between medium to large scale that can be displayed indoors or outdoors, varying in style from abstract, to figurative, and semi-representative.
There will also be 10 Acrylic paintings, representing the life in Zimbabwe as seen by the local artists.

The exhibition will be inaugurated at 7pm on the 20th of March and will run until the 2nd of April,2007.

You can call the gallery on +973-1771 7707.

Well done Spring of Culture to have included this exhibition within your program.

  • Lujayn
    22 March 2007

    Mahmood, congrats on your newest acquisition, I loved it. The whole collection is amazing, but my favorites are the ones of the big women. They are very alive.

  • mahmood
    22 March 2007

    Very true Lujayn, again, I wish I could acquire them as I’ve got the perfect place for them at home!

  • M
    22 March 2007

    Always wanted to be able to paint and to sing, and I can do neither but appreciate those with artistic talents. What a gift; I love the Lady of the Night.

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