Expression in the Internet Age

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Elham, in cooperation with Al-Riwaq Art Gallery, announces a series on Language, Culture, and Expression to coincide with the University of Cairo book fair: tonight, it’s some of Bahrain’s finest bloggers are going to participate where they will read from their blogs, showing the world that we also have a literary aspect to Bahrain Blogging too, and more power to them.

After we hear Hisham Khalifa and Deonna Syed have read, the discussion will focus on how technology enhances or limits creativity.

An assortment of blog readings from around the island, the discussion will focus on questions of expression in the context of the technological world.

  • Where is the line between a blog post and a piece of creative prose?
  • Does the context of ‘blogspot’ diminish or detract from the literary value of a piece of prose?
  • What happens to a blog once it is removed from the anonymous ether of the internet?
  • Is recital more dangerous because it increases responsibility?
  • Do bloggers have to be politically/socially responsible?
  • What role can blogs play in the context of cultural society?
  • What makes a ‘Bahraini blogger’? Is there a common thread?

Al-Riwaq is in an alleyway by Lilo’s in Adliya, their telephone number is 1771 7441. Call them for directions, or me if you don’t know how to get to it (and I’ll probably get you thoroughly lost!)

The event starts at 7pm. I hope to see you there.

  • NewMe
    27 March 2007

    would love to attend…
    need directions and don’t have your contact no. 🙁
    i hope it is not to late

  • mahmood
    27 March 2007

    Al-Riwaq is on 1771 7441. I’ll give you my number when we meet!

  • Butterfly
    27 March 2007


    You have to attend. I don’t want to be the only lady there


  • Cradle of Humanity
    28 March 2007

    I really wanted to attend this one, but learnt about it too late. Can anyone who attended please brief of us about it?

  • Butterfly
    28 March 2007

    Thanks Mahmood for the invitation. It was a very short notice but I made it and enjoyed it 🙂

  • mahmood
    29 March 2007

    Hisham Khalifa has a good wrap up post about it.

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