Parliament pays VERY well for some!

Just got this in an email, a deposit slip of BD 4 MILLION, that is US$ 10.6 million, to account number 1-20853224-1 in the name of one Salah Ali Mohammed at the Bahrain Islamic Bank in the form of a cheque drawn on the HSBC bank account number 99123-1-2 cheque number 223598. The deposit slip is dated 19 Feb 2007.

The only Salah Ali Mohammed I know is the honourable member of parliament and head of the Al-Menber (Muslim Brotherhood) bloc in parliament who contested and controversially won the Central District constituency 4 against Dr. Munira Fakhro of Wa’ad.

Now how can a lowly nutritionist come up with this kind of money?

Can anyone corroborate this?


MP Salah Ali Mohammed 4 million dinar deposit slip is a fake!


  1. Eyad the Great

    I was about to send you this as soon as I got it after the few chain emails today, just didn’t want to use work email for this.

    If this is really the So called Honest MP, then we really need to start a petition to have his account investigated and verify to source of this deposit and any other deposits.

    I mean, what does this guy use to do for a living before?

    what about the other guy who owns Hotels and what not!!

  2. Maverick

    What about the MP who asked for Bahrainies to marry 4 spinsters including one foreigner to cope with the growing number of spinters in his back yard. :tongue: :whistle:

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  4. Bahraini and proud

    May i just ask who paid him this amount of money is it the parliament???

    and why did they pay him?? in return of what service or what product ???

    or is it charity ??? if it’s paid as charity… is it paid for him as personal charity in order to enhance his living standerd for example ??? or is it paid as charity for him to give it to poor and needy people???

    My father have taught me to always see the best in people…

    so if you please provide more info it is very appreciated….

  5. Anon

    what’s the point of posting the guy’s account number? that’s just stupid. i realize you’re trying to make a point, but in this age of identity theft putting up someone else’s account number is just plain stupid and careless.

    before people start pointing fingers – i am not related to this, nor do i know him or care to. you just hit a nerve.

  6. Post

    Ah, so in your book it’s okay for a public official to receive millions of Dinars but it’s not okay to publish the slip which has done the rounds in email circles all over the world?

    Brilliant. You surely have your priorities set quite nicely.

  7. Silver

    i posted this story on my blog as well. i noticed there is a varification stamp but no bank stamp, which casts some doubt on the credibility of the deposit slip.
    Anyways this is the last person in the world i wanna defend. my conclution:
    ITS REAL !!

  8. Eyad the Great

    cant wait to see tomorrow’s news papers, I just want to know the official response.

    May i just ask who paid him this amount of money is it the parliament???

    and why did they pay him?? in return of what service or what product ???

    or is it charity ??? if it’s paid as charity… is it paid for him as personal charity in

    You wonder who paid for this!! hmm, never did you wonder who paid for the extra huge Campain for him and the whole Al-Menber !!!

    I think I will need to reconsider my day job!

  9. Just Bahraini

    Shouldn’t a deposit slip be stamped with “deposited” or “transaction completed” as opposed to “signature verified”? An account owner is not necessarily the one who signs to deposit money, they sign to withdraw.

    Before lynching the guy, it would be interesting to see what a verified Bahrain Islamic Bank check deposit slip looks like; I would assume that it would have the Bank’s stamp somewhere.

  10. Post
  11. Ebrahim

    I agree with Anon. Posting his account number is kind of reckless. You don’t even know if this cheque is not a fake? It might be stolen, forged, and publicizing it in this way is really unfair to the guy! This cheque making it into many people’s email inboxes is no excuse continuing to post such sensitive info!
    I’m not defending this guy, or even like him for that matter, but I think his account should be blurred or hidden.
    It would be a shame to see the point you’re making backfire on you because of such a stupid issue

  12. Bahraini and proud

    This is off the TOPIC but i’d like to mention the following…….

    there is alot of people that give away alot of money to support alot of nasty stuff all over the world for example people who have donated money to buy weapons to kill innocent people with,, HINT HINT or some people who donate money to brainwash the youngster to do alot of bad stuff…….

    now since

    this very respected MP has recieved alot of money you never know it could be for a good reason ( whatever ) :wassat: .

    let’s not compare him with people who have invested huge amounts of money to create chaos in the country & try to convert people into sunni from shia and spread thier photos in websites everywhere.

    let’s not compare him to people who have donated money to the great leader Osama Bin Laden who have killed alot of shia people before 9\11 not mentioning 9\11.

    let’s not compare him to these people who love to spread ignorance amoung the people and make certin sects in bahrain look like the Bad seed and non muslims and worse i swear to god who ever is a real bahraini and can read arabic should go and visit these BAHRAINI FORUMS and read most of the filth that most people write…

    let’s not compare him to my ex boss who have impoted foriegners to replace Bahraini workers (his excause Cheaper labour) i say discrimination against a certin sect..

    let’s not compare him to these people that spend thier money, time, braincells if they have any to fight against the smart, educated and the liberals and fight against a united bahrain.

    let’s not compare him to people want our great country to have people with big beards walking around carrying sticks hitting people just because they have the power, banning all the freedom that we have enjoy and practice with pride.. or they just hit us because we are different and issue a decree to kill each and every different person on earth.. you who i’m talking about the great leader Osama bin Laden rings a bell 4000 different people killed in northen afghanstan.

    Bahrain = our little heaven on earth

    as people we have always lived here with trouble all of us
    The Shi’a, Sunnah, Christians, Jews, Ba’athist, Communist, Baha’ais.

    but why recently the HATE started ?????? what for ????? i don’t understand……

    I love Bahrain and i don’t understand why the hate started ????

    i wonder is it because of the new COMERS have they stired all this *@#$ ???

    To everyone who loves to set up a difference between the Bahrainis


  13. Amjad

    If he had such an amount of money and got them illegaly, I don’t think he would be that stupid to deposit them in a bank inside the country. He would have sent the money to his accounts abroad.

  14. Good night and good luck

    I don’t think he would be that stupid to deposit them in a bank inside the country.

    Credit the guy with a bit of stupidity.

  15. Gibran

    i wouldn’t post this online until i was sure the cheque was authentic and the persons identity verified. what if some weirdo out there decides to play around and alters the name to yours, or indeed mine? if someone went ahead and put that up on their website, i’m sure you wouldn’t be a happy man (and neither would i or anyone else)! my point – when there is doubt about the authenticity of something, its wise to play it safe.

    now i know you get defensive when someone doubts your wisdom, so my apologies in advance.

  16. Anon

    “Brilliant. You surely have your priorities set quite nicely.”

    And posting unconfirmed / alleged stories that will most definitely tarnish someone’s reputation shows you have your priorities in order as well. I am not surprised you were interrogated in the past and would be surprised if more lawsuits do not follow. Your complete disregard for others, as you point fingers and make unfounded accusations, is disgusting and, frankly, getting kind of old. I was impressed with your maturity levels in the past – but your recents rants have exposed you as anything but mature.

  17. Post

    I’ll try to investigate this this morning and post what I find. Until then, understand that this is not the only site that has published this slip, nor will it be the last.

    This slip has been emailed to probably tens of thousands of email accounts, judging by the number I have personally received, so there is nothing, absolutely nothing, new here.

    Now tell me this: is publishing this slip as received more wrong than the message it contains? I personally do not think so, this might lead to allegation of corruption of a public official who allegedly received this vast amount of money into his personal account. This to me is extremely important and the public official in question, especially being in the position he enjoys, should come out and transparently deny or confirm the allegations.

    That to me is much more of an important issue than republishing what has become public domain.

  18. Ati

    ++ Yes, there are good points on both sides.
    ++ The Bahrain telephone directory lists three subscribers by the same name, SAM.
    ++ It would seem to have started with Assad Takrit, reading as though he’s intent to ‘expose’ the political grop called the Menbar, and pledging that this was not to be the worst (Menbar scandal) that he can reveal, i.e. there is more to come. Mahmood, you sexed it up by adding the name and picture of a particular person.
    ++ The strongest doubt in the whole matter arises from the fact that the leaked document is a deposit slip, not the cheque itself (what happened to the cheque?). Furthermore, there are not any bank stamps or markings that normally appear to indicate completion of necessary processes, e.g. entry in the books, or entry in the ‘clearing process (coz it is drawn on HSBC a different bank that where SAM’s account is said to be).
    ++ I certainly should want to visit again later, to see if your investigation yielded any progress. Good luck.

  19. Post
  20. Mike

    Mahmood, I agree with others in saying that what you’ve done is something reckless, these kinds of accusations are inflammatory and baseless.. where I’m from, if this turned out to be false, then you could get sued for libel.. given your previous brush with the authorities I think that you are pushing your luck

  21. Mohammed Zainal

    :getlost: 4 Ms !!!

    Is he on Drugs business ?
    Did he sell any valuable G documents ?
    Does he know something big and they are trying to shut em up !?
    Pimping aint easy … But someone has to do it !!?
    Is it fake ?
    How did this leak ?

    Can i have 25 % of that anyway ?

  22. Babbling one

    I suggest you remove the post altogether if it’s fabricated…ppl could google this

  23. MoClippa

    I think its fine that he leaves it on, he already has FALSE in big red letters all over it… anyone that googles it and is interested enough to read the post won’t have too much trouble putting one and two together. I like the idea that bloggers don’t delete old posts, preferring to update them with new information rather then pretending they never existed.

  24. Post

    I agree MoClippa, as immediately a post is published anywhere on the internet, there is a very high chance that it has been already cached. Therefore, it is important to leave amended content available rather than delete it altogether.

  25. ((none))

    well i may be wrong and i may be rite
    but these kind of people were so dirty in the
    elections so i guess he deserves it
    plus what ever we say is useless in this world i guess

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