Salah Ali is innocent!

MP Salah Ali Mohammed 4 million dinar deposit slip is a fake!

This is a fabrication.

I’ve just spoken to officials in both banks and they were adamant in refuting the correctness of the deposit slip. It is fake and manufactured. MP Salah Ali is innocent of this particular claim:

  • 1. The bank does NOT stamp “Signature Verified” on deposit slips, further, BISB’s signature verification stamp is in the Arabic language.
  • 2. The account number given does not belong to Salah Ali
  • 3. No deposit of BD4 million was received in any of their branches on that particular day
  • 4. HSBC’s account number format is xxx-xxxxxxx-xxx; the first 3 digits indicates the branch, the 7 digits are the actual account number and the last 3 digits are internal (indicating savings, current, loan accounts etc.) which is clearly not the format of the number given on that slip.

Therefore, and with further assurances of the officials I spoke to, this is a wholly fabricated situation.

I offer my sincere apologies to MP Salah Ali if I have caused any offence by publishing the original article, but I know he understands that it was done in the interest of fairness rather than malice.


  1. Bahraini and proud

    Aha I see, then question here is, who wants to frame him??? for what purpose???

    Or is it a plan to actually notify people that there is alot of things going on under thier noses ????

    If it is a plan, who planned it? and who will benefit out of this ??

    Or it could be just a plot to shake people trust in MPs????

    Well he is clean for now!!!!

    ok next subject

  2. NewMe

    Too bad!!! i was thinking of quiting my job and start promoting for myself from now to become an MP in the next parliament!!!

  3. Costa-Guy

    This thing was mentioned ages ago but I preferred to keep silent once you’ve written a topic about it in your previous post and then decided that you’ll investigate the thing.

    If you had noticed, it was mentioned on the front page of Al-Meethaq newspaper one day more than a month ago (end February, beginning of March?!). I dont recall the date exactly. It said it had proves of the same accusation. Anyway, the thing was never taken seriously by officials neither (opposition) parties because it was found to be fabricated immediatly.

    I wanted to comment on the previous post but i think i’ll add something here which I also discovered but I didn’t want to discuss it in a big issue and thought alot would disagree.

    As much as I hate to admit it but the guy has some sense with his statements he publish to the media and I fully understand the stratedgy he and his party is taking when discussing topics in the parliament. He is very good compared to other MPs, diplomatic, doesn’t like to get into arguments with different parties (especially) the government and most importantly he listens to all points of views and always has solutions that all parties would agree on.

    I know I sound like a “Salah Ali-campaign speaker” but what is really funny is that I voted for Munira Fakhroo. I know exactly what happened in that electorate & as much as I hated the result but I have to admit and I can assure you that one week before the elections (25-Nov), Salah Ali was winning statistically. Statitstics I took was from the (opposition) sources but nobody wanted to talk about it then.

    He’s a good gentleman, and as head of the Brotherhood bloc he needs to defend the governement which is always friendly to his bloc and bloc members. Look at the ministries and you’ll understand why his bloc defends the government. I think if it was someone else who is heading the “Al-menbar” let’s say “Mohammed Khaled” for example, other parties in Bahrain would be facing a very terrible time. So, in some way, you can say he’s a bless as being in.

    (Opposition) wants a change right now because of the suffering it faced for over 30 years now. Thank God he agrees, but his stratedgy is that he’s not in a hurry. That’s because he and his party are in power right now and any quick change would weaken his bloc and presence of his supporters, or at least the Brotherhood community. If someone like Mohammed Khaled or Nasser Al-Fadhalah were heads of “Al-Menber”, their reply will be like this: ” Would the sky fall on all Bahrain if we allowed those terrorist insurgents (opposition) to take one position in the governement, the government should not be changed and we should stay (stink) in power”

    Good job clearing the thing and people understand why these things happen.

    But if it counts for anything, if this thing was found to be fabricated, there are other things which are proven to be right which can be used against the hounarble MP Dr. Salah Ali but for Bahrain’s sake we have to stop focusing on such stuff these days and concentrate on the real work (Parliament) and leave this stuff til the *election year*

  4. Butterfly

    This is what I call responsible blogging. It’s not that I like MP Salah Ali but I think it’s unfair to harm someone’s reputation without any evidence.

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  6. Moclippa

    Good job on clearing that up Mahmood.

    For all those who were hoping for trouble to start up (and are now “poo poo”ing because it didn’t turn out to be true) get over it . When conspiracy allegations like this get shot down we should be pleased to know that regardless of our dislike for the candidate in question, the parliament gained some legitimacy (and it needs it). We should also question how many of the other big grievances and conspiracies we accuse others of are falsified as well.

    Government is not some monster that only seeks to reap benefits from its people. It has done both good and bad, and we must first recognize its capacity for good before we start crying wolf all the time or going on witch hunts. When we can reach that stage, and start looking at government not as an oppressor and us as victims, but rather a set of institutions in place to serve the people (education, healthcare, etc), maintain the integrity of the state, and facilitate economic development… only then will we be able to frame our accusations against MPs, ministers and the like in such a way that we genuinely hold them accountable for what they do… rather then slandering them without cause or repeating accusations like parrots till the opinions that sustained them earlier turn into cold hard facts. I still find that scary, how much people can believe in an opinion or fabrication so much that it somehow turns into a fact. I’ve learnt to view everything, regardless of it being a government hook or an opposition accusation, with caution, they may be truthful, they may not, they may think they are truthful, or they may have some truth and some exaggeration/fabrication… either way, be weary about “facts” and question the legitimacy of everything as much as you can before you do feel satisfied…. then question some more.

    Again good work shooting this down Mahmood and for doing so promptly.

  7. Sami

    “يا أيها الذين آمنوا إذا جاءكم فاسق بنبأ فتبينوا أن تصيبوا قوما بجهالة فتصبحوا على ما فعلتم نادمين”

    You should have verified this before you published the original article mahmood! However, it’s wonderful that you made the efforts to verify it and clear that person.

  8. Anon

    Agreed. After-the-fact verification does not make for “responsible blogging”. Good job verifying this but, as I said yesterday, it was irresponsible of you to have posted that in the first place. The fact that this “story” had been making the rounds over email already is not sufficient justification for the initial post.

  9. Post

    Government is not some monster that only seeks to reap benefits from its people. It has done both good and bad, and we must first recognize its capacity for good before we start crying wolf all the time or going on witch hunts.

    That’s true, but balance that demand and we’ve got a winner. I think that people in Bahrain are at a tenuous stage in their political lives; the whole world is changing and that change is scary, especially when you add to it the uncertainty, fear and clear marginalisation a lot of this population suffer from virtually, realistically or conspiratorially. I believe the only party that can clear that up is the government; the people have suffered enough for a long time without being given even a little dignity back.

    This is a real grievance that is exacerbated by the dearth of opportunities. It won’t take much to ameliorate this feeling and Mr. Al-Dhahrani – ironically – has provided the catalyst for change unintentionally. We need to grab this window of opportunity and open it wide to allow hope to come through.

    I hope that people who can make a difference recognise this fact and act upon it promptly.

  10. Capt. Arab

    I appreciate and respect the way you apologised Mahmood after investigating the facts, considering the person and the mysteries surrounding his dealings in the past. Truly you are a noble gentleman.

    You have set an example.

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  12. Husain

    Is it a child play ? talking to managers prove that Salah is innocent ?

    There are rules that should be followed to investigate and reach the truth. the truch that Salah’s lovers can’t face !!

    Where are the official documents prove what you claim ??

    oral speech will be an evedince for fool people!

  13. Redbelt

    Few people follow up a rumor like I do. Bahraini’s never question rumors (the AIDS infected melons is a good example). Kudos to you Mahmood for investigating this. Well done.

  14. Mohammed Zainal

    so who is responsible for the faulty info ?
    Why did they do that ?
    Why Him and not anyone else ?
    Whats the Benefit of this move ?

    looks like i wont get 25 % of it after all ….


  15. Butterfly

    It was very clear from the begining that the whole thing is a fabricated story.

    It’s not really Mahmood’s responsibility to investigate the credibility of the cheque. How you will react if someone called your bank and asked about your account number and other sensitive information?

  16. Anon

    It’s not really Mahmood’s responsibility to investigate the credibility of the cheque.

    Then it’s not his job to publish it in the first place. It’s a responsibility he assumes and part of that responsibility is NOT spreading rumors.

    If Mahmood was to continue spreading rumors, then he’d be better served starting up a tabloid than maintaining a blog.

  17. Butterfly


    I agree with you, but I also respect Mahmood’s decision to admit his mistake and apologise. We all make mistakes, don’t we?

  18. Post

    Hang on a moment:

    This is PUBLIC DOMAIN INFORMATION that I chose to publish on MY blog. I did not invent it. I published a public domain picture to elicit views, not to project some.

    The blog is NOT the Quran, nor is it the be all and end all of all “news”. It is a place where I choose to share with you MY opinions.

    If you do not like what I choose to publish or my opinions, that is really not my concern.

    Now, as intelligent beings, you are supposed to evaluate things yourself for correctness or otherwise. If you found fault with the article in question, why didn’t you take it upon yourself to find the truth? Or would you rather wait for me to spoon feed you?

    For God’s sake, grow up!

  19. Gibran

    the matter should be closed now, the blogger has retracted/correct the story and people should get over it.

    out of curiosity though, would this have qualified as a libel case?

  20. Anonymous

    خوالچـلة ، خوالچحلة 4 ملاينييييييييين صج منااافق درجة اولى !! :blink:

    كله علشان مصالحك الخاصة و احنا مانحصل شي !!

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