Flying brooms spotted by satanwala

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If you thought that parliaments were created to oversee the executive branch of governments, to ensure that minorities rights are respected and protected, that legislation would only be passed if they were within constitutional bounds and that people’s lives are bettered. Then you would be forgiven for not having the Bahraini parliament in mind!

Why? Because of frivolous and dangerous people seem to congregate there, which would have been fine if it stopped there; however it doesn’t. It goes much further, these people now want to include yet another penalty to the Penal Code based on very opaque criteria which will – if passed – legitimately start yet another witch hunt. Literally.

“If you used a hammer against someone and that person was hurt, you would be punished,” he said.

“So what is the difference if you use magic to harm others?”


He also wants to give the police the power to raid witches’ dens and make arrests if evidence of witchcraft is found.

I haven’t seen the full proposal yet, but I can almost guarantee that it will be as full of malleable language which could be interpreted as anything the prosecutor or police want it to be. If this bill is passed, I can guarantee that the punishment will not take long to be levied against alternative health providers for instance, or pursued by jilted lovers, or even pitting one neighbour against the other, all purporting that the other is involved in witchcraft activities. And let’s not forget satanwala’s favourite subject of labeling rock concerts as devil worshiping gatherings! He’s preparing to having multiple field days!

Much more important than this I think is that this situation yet again demonstrates the inappropriateness of our choice to fill those hallowed seats of parliament. Will we ever learn?

  • Sara
    16 April 2007

    Are we living in 2007 or are we living back in 1545??? Are these MP’s in a competition to see who can come up with the most ridiculous ideas? Can they not be bothered with addressing issues such as poverty, health care, unemployment and education? I guess a witch-hunt is far more entertaining!!

    This kind of crap makes the parliament look like a joke or a bunch of imbeciles running a circus!

  • naddooi
    16 April 2007

    salem witch trials?

    or is this the Manama witch trials? So em… guy claims his wife’s friend is trying to break up his marriage… who points out the fact that its actually his staying out till all hours of the night that is breaking up the marriage!?!?!?! Or is this just their way of placing the blame on someone else for certain short comings? :getlost:

    and does that means i can no longer drink camomile tea to calm a head/tummy etc ache, cause its herbal, and god knows, it works in mysterious ways!?!


  • F
    16 April 2007

    I just can’t stop laughing!

    I’m curious to know what MP M.K. will come up with next…..

    1) Mysterious single men seen roaming around country!
    2) Mars attacking Bahrain at night!
    3) Big Foot harassing his constituents!
    4) Lochness monster given Bahraini citizenship!
    5) Naked Elephants wandering around Seef Mall!
    6) MPs exposing their toes in parliament!


  • Mark
    17 April 2007

    Hmm… A shrewd move indeed. However, if my own country’s history is any guide it will be difficult to prove witchcraft. Witches are cunning and will not readily admit to their treacherous ways, even when asked firmly.

    The trick is to use a test on which they cannot cheat. First take the suspected witch to a lake. Second hold her underwater in a wooden cage for an hour. Third bring her up. If she is alive, she clearly used her witchcraft to save herself and then can be punished accordingly. If she is dead, well at least she is now safe from witches.

  • moclippa
    17 April 2007

    How the hell did this guy get re-elected again?

    [lots of angry words followed, but I’m restraining myself]

  • Wolfwood
    18 April 2007

    We need to take a hint from the movie “300” and dig a deep hole in which to kick these crazies into…

    “THIS IS BAHRAAAAIIIIIIIN!” *boot* :biggrin:

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