Friday pictures, in a slideshow movie!

What the heck, iPhoto can output movies of slideshows you create so I thought I’d select 52 pictures I took this morning and put them in a movie file, add a nice title from iMovie, plonk a soundtrack and upload the result to my YouTube channel.

Hope you enjoy.


  1. Anon- 4 ever

    Mahmood, check this out! they recently hacked it! i dont know if you know about it or not!

  2. Post

    Thanks Munther, iMovie is not the best tool but does the job for things like this. Actually, it’s all with the excellent iPhoto really, what iMovie did is just provide the “theme” at the start and titles.

    If anyone knows how to change the output resolutions of the iPhoto movie export do let me know please. I would rather than exported the movie as HD or at least 16:9 rather than the default 640×480-based resolutions.

  3. Proud Bahraini

    May i just ask wether Filbert is an indian parrot or a bahraini parrot my Grandmother used to have a giant green parrot like Filbert i think it was an indian breed or was it ? I do not know anything about birds..

    (just wondering not trying to sound funny or lame)

  4. Post

    These parakeets have made the whole world their home! In both hot and cold weathered countries. They originally come from India.

    Their scientific name is Psittacula krameri. Common names are Rose-Ringed Parakeet and Indian Ringneck Parakeet. Much more information and links are available on Wikipedia.

  5. Post

    Thanks NewMe… should this be a new thing? Perhaps a collection of the days’ pictures in a Friday Movie/Slideshow?

  6. Post
  7. NewMe

    Sure…….. Why not?
    I certainly enjoyed watching it more than once..
    and in a way this will help develop ur hidden talent..
    next thing we know,,
    a movie about Bahrain in Mahmood’s eye..
    that,, I shall anticipate eagerly.. 😉
    keep up the hard work

  8. Molly

    Thank you for the lovely pictures. Filbert is such a sweetie! How lovely to have such birds for neighbors. I have a little hummingbird friend who visits my garden and sits on the tomato cages for a shower bath when I water. Maybe I’ll be able to get a photo of him someday!
    But thank you, again, for the lovely images.

  9. Barry

    Beautiful, Mahmood.

    Those parrots are quite common as escapees. It’s amazing how well that family can cope in areas well outside of their range (for non-migrating birds, that is). The local birding society here has seen everything from blue fronted amazon, red masked conure, to those rose ringed parakeets.

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