Defamation case thrown out by High Court

The High Court dismissed a defamation case brought by the president of the Arabian Gulf University Dr Rafia Ghubash against journalist Hisham Al-Zayani.

I wish to offer my congratulations to Mr. Al-Zayani for winning the case, even though the decision has taken over 2 years to be determined. This rare victory for the written word should be guardedly welcomed as the current Press and Publications Law still allows for the imprisonment of journalists and it is high time that it is changed.


  1. Anonymous

    I agree that ‘this rare victory for the written word should be guardedly welcomed ,,, ‘. Yet, this is a very special ‘case’. Take into account that one of the defendants is Anwar Abdulrahman. It would have needed a truly couragous judge to fault the most shameless of our government’s megaphones/ AbuRasool

  2. Post

    That’s why he didn’t receive any thanks from me, as I believe that he found himself caught up in this by complete chance, or rather, due to his not noticing that particular piece due to negligence (?) – by virtue of him being the editor-in-chief, hence culpable by default as far as the Press & Publications Law is concerned.

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  4. LuLu

    I’m not cynical, but let’s just say that jails were not built for pro-government suck ups πŸ˜•

  5. Post
  6. Maverick

    Slowly by surely he won.
    It is time for the royal hand to wave and sign another law by decree and save all scribes…. 😳 πŸ™„ but wait we have to wait for the shoulder period when the elected reps no longer can legislate :ninja:

    mmmmmmmmm all the same.. it is another achievement for the freedom of the press.

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