1. River

    thank you once again…what a lovely way to start the morning!!!

    happy friday

  2. Iris

    Thank you Mahmood!
    It is really wonderful to see and appreciate the flora and fauna of your “public” garden.

  3. mashtan

    HI Mahmood….lovely once again! Is that a Plumeria tree? In Hawaii we have many different colored plumeria. They smell wonderful don’t they?! Here women wear the flower on their right if they are unmarried and on their left if they are married. Like a hawaiin wedding ring I guess. I think ti leaves would do very well there with the right soil. They love the sun.

    I don’t think I have ever seen a butterfly in BAH.

    Have a great weeK and bless you for our slice of bah over the net.

    Peace to you, Mashtan 😆

  4. Post

    Thanks all. Yes Mashtan, that’s a Frangipani which we have several of dotted around the garden. We even have a red one which has not flowered yet this summer – maybe because I was over-enthusiastic in trying to make it upright (heart a crack when I was doing that, I stopped, I prayed, and it’s back to growing normally again now finally!)

  5. Yvonne Dettwyler

    Hello Mahmoud,

    Your Filbert has distant cousins, actually 2ooo of them, nesting in house walls in the German city of Heidelberg. Defending their territories. they fly attacks on trespassing birds, hold noisy screachy conversations to the delight of Heidelbergers. For food, anything goes. Don’t know if they eat Sauerkraut and sausages?
    regards Y.,5538,PB64-

    (2nd picture of the series)

  6. Post

    Yvonne they look so like Filbert! They’ve both juveniles I think (or both females) and I am sure they will enjoy nibbling at whatever they can get their busy beaks on!

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