Water Lily – dedicated to Alan Johnston

Water Lily

Water Lily, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This is the first ever water lily in my care. It has just opened this morning! I am really happy with it and love its colour.

I am so glad that Alan Johnston has been released in Gaza after 140 114 days in captivity.

This lily is dedicated to him and all journalists who put their life on the line to keep us informed.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Lujayn

    Lovely shot, Mahmood.

    I have been feeling very down about all the news lately, to a point where I do a brief round of the news in the morning and then avoid it completely throughout the day. Today was a welcome exception. Finally something good happening in our part of the world. Here’s to many more releases of people held prisoners without the benefit of the entire world supporting them.

  2. M

    Beautiful flower; I remember the white ones in the pond I used to go to when I was little and what great pleasure I would get seeing them every day.

    So glad for Alan and his family that he has finally be released. It is good news indeed.

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  4. mashtan

    Very nice gesture to dedicate this to him.

    I was crying when I watched the news yesterday.

    To think of what his parents have gone through.

    At times I wonder what God thinks of the sadness and evil that people commit in his name. God wants peace and love, not kidnapping and torture.

    Exquisite shot of the water lily.

    Cheers, Mashtan 😛

  5. F

    I am also extremely happy and relieved that
    Alan is alive and that he has been freed from
    his captures. That ordeal of being in prisoner
    for 114 days must have been pure torture. His
    captures should be brought to justice for this

    Now, we need to free a whole people who are prisoners under the Israeli occupation. Imagine
    the decades of torture they suffered. Their captures certainly need to be brought to justice as well.

  6. Ingrid

    Mahmoud, I come back to the site because I love your sarcasm and strong opinions but recently, when I find myself pressed for time, I come back to look for great pics! What kind of camera are you using? Great pic, as usual..

  7. Post
  8. Shiraz

    You have talent with that camera, Mahmood!

    I went through all your on-line photos today
    and thought they are great. The family pixs
    were very touching and your garden pixs are
    superb (along with your “green thumb”). TY!


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