Cowards at heart

Have a look at this lovely fetching face with that so serene pout:

Cleric Abdulaziz, the coward for the Red Mosque in Pakistan

This is the face of the coward who actively incited hatred against everything he does not believe in or dislikes. This is the face – who for some reason only God knows – commanded the attention of thousands and instructed them to pillage their town and country under the pretences of his religion. This is the coward who told his young students to strap explosives around their young bodies and brainwashed their minds that by blowing themselves up and killing other human beings they will go to Heaven.

This is the coward, that when the chips were down, tried to escape in women’s clothes!

Maulana Abdul Aziz told state TV the siege was “massive” and it was time to give up. He was caught trying to leave the Red Mosque in a burqa on Wednesday.

The clerics have been campaigning for Islamic Sharia law in Islamabad.

Students have kidnapped police officers and people they accuse of involvement in “immoral” acts such as prostitution.
BBC News

So much for believing in his cause. The twerp left the mosque in a burka and left hundreds in that mosque to most probably die.

What does this give Islam other than shame if we just sit around and condone these kinds of insects and their actions?


  1. Proud Bahraini

    Brainwashed young people, poor lost souls looking for mercy in HOPE of an afterlife and heaven, and who takes an advantage of all of this smart people that claim to educate people and enlighten them to the right path but they actually brainwash these poor lost youngsters and push them to do horrible things like blow them self up and stuff like this.

    and what makes me sick is that there is too many green boys and girls that believe in these religious creatures.

    For the God’s sake it is pathetic what alot of the beautiful boys and girls that could have been very useful to this country have ended up to be (OSAMA BIN LADEN WANNA BE).

    I remember at a period of time i had a friend who liked to chill with me but just because i had a Bahrani accent he was embarrassed he said i sound like a Shia villager when i talk! What is wrong with being a Shia villager?

    I support Mahmood on what he says and on his attack on these creatures from hell.

    But who could stand against Salafi morons and these types of people.

    in their eyes if you are born Shia or Shia that you are not even human and should be killed because you are a sin, I was asked once if i had a tail!

    it is not easy dealing with these people.

    best of luck Mahmood

  2. M

    Is this guy what that bumper sticker about real men wearing burkas was about? 🙄

    Guess not, because real men wouldn’t desert people they cared about or were responsible for or who look to them as role models. This guy is nothing more than a money grabbing, power hungry coward who really stands for nothing. After all, he is no David Koresh or the world would be one nutcase lighter by now. :mrgreen: We can always hope.

    You’re right. This guy is nothing but a power hungry coward who stands for nothing. Scary part is the stupid people who think he’s for real, speaks for God and is something special.

    Thanks for speaking out, Mahmood.

  3. Yvonne Dettwyler

    Do you think he’ll have the gull to surface again without the Burkah telling his charges Allah saved him? All these courageous regala should be forbidden to preaching all this nonsense, living off gullible people’s meagre earnings and ignorance.

  4. Salman

    A cross dressing Cleric? Now i have seen it all!

    And yes, Shia do have tails, i have one myself, its in the front, between my legs!

    Families send their kids to learn the Holy Quraan at these places, and this man and his like take advantage of their young innocent minds and teach them hatred.

    I remember in 2004 i think, CNN did a documentary about a KSA government funded school in Washington for Saudi nationals there, which teaches in Arabic, and also teaches Islamic studies. In their Islamic studies, they are teaching kids at the age of 9 that every religion other than Islam is wrong, and all who do not follow Islam are to be beheaded. Isn’t that how terrorism and crimes begin? From the base?

    I’m not pointing fingers here, but im sticking up the middle finger to all the Salafis 😉

  5. Post

    Commentator #1, I shall take your threat against my life seriously and shall submit your registered IP address, your comment and the complete log file to the police and the public prosecutor for the law to take its course.

  6. isa

    I am staying in London nowadays, I am pretty damn pissed off with all these morons causing terror alerts and shut downs of tube lines, it is god damn annoying. If it was up to me I would take all these crazy unworthy pieces of crap to Auschwitz and pile them in ovens. I am pretty sure that is what awaits them in the afterlife if there is anything as such anyway.

  7. Post
  8. CerebralWaste


    Can you keep us informed on what action the police and public prosecutor take with poster #1? Threats likes this must be taken seriously. I would think he shouldn’t be to hard to track down.

  9. Jay Jerome

    Thank you for your post, Mahmood — it helps me believe moderating forces in your part of the world may win out in the long run, and reason prevail…

  10. Ozzy

    I just wanted to add that i met this guy when i was in Pakistan attended one of his stupid Radical lectures…and by God he PISSED ME OFF…i just couldnt wait to explode my thaught about this ASS HOLE if front of the people but ws too scared for my own life…and just because of this coward people of Pakistan who dont have to do anything with it are suffering everywhere..i wish President Musharraf takes care of this garbage well and the others like him learn a good lesson and dont dare to act t he way this coward did

  11. Jen

    Kudos to you Mahmood. We need more moderate Muslims speaking up.


  12. Barry

    Funny, I bet this guy preaches about the evils of men dressing as women. Only when it’s convenient to safe his skin ah? I just love guys like this, who twist the minds of the young to serve their view of what religion should be (and this goes for *anyone* who does this, not just crazy-ass “clerics”). People like these are the first to cry like little twats about persecution from Christians and “teh evile jooze”, but are the first to call for beheadings of “non believers”. Asshole.


  13. jack

    These lovers of death all seem to change their mind when they are presented with reality.

  14. Vagabondblogger

    Those burkhas are so handy. Loved it that he tried to escape in one, and meanwhile the authorities are trying to explain to the public why there’s a stand-off: appears there are quite a few women and children in this mosque too, and they don’t want to hurt them. Hmm, human shields? After his stunt, I wouldn’t doubt it. Glad they caught him, even though it will just make him more popular. What a piece of work!

  15. Bahrainiac

    Jack, well said. Mahmood, I hope the authorities take care of the first posting. Sicko is the word I’d use. Just the sort of mindless youth that our cross-dressing friend and those like him target with zeal. May the moderates in this world overcome them with truth, reason and common-sense.

  16. Ash

    It’s been a really, really bad week for the Global jihad.

    Here in Britain we’ve had an outbreak of comedy terrorism.

    First, a would-be terrorist accidently crashed his bomb van into some bins. He got out and ran away without detonating anything.

    Then his comedy accompice parked a bomb-car in parking spaces reserved for security vehicles, where it was swiftly spotted (not actually being a security vehicle) … and was towed away by traffic wardens. That didn’t detonate either.

    Next, the Warriors of the Global Jihad drove their burning Cherokee jeep at Glasgow Airport where they got it stuck in the doorway and one of the jihadis set fire to himself and then got punched out by a passing Glaswegian nutter.

    And now we have this sorry tale of the Pakistani Imam who disguised himself as a woman and tried to run away hidden in a huddle of girls.

    The extremists obviously just can’t get enough high calibre applicants these days.

    Either that or al-Qaeda has been taken over by the Monty Python team.

  17. mashtan

    It has been the single most irratation I find few seem to stick their neck out and shout out when someone if using the blessed religion of Islam in evils name.

    Thank you Mahmood. I hope that your courage and insight can be a catalyst for many around you. Think of Ghandi and where he started from.

    Islam is a religion of peace, love and brotherhood.

    Didn’t Yasar Arafat runaway from Jordan wearing a womens hibya in 1972???

    Wow what a courageous man he was too. 😉

    Peace and Kind Regards, Mashtan

  18. Salman

    I believe all the terrorism in the UK is staged by the government.

  19. Anonymous

    I believe all the terrorism in the UK is staged by the government.

    Sure, Salman. There’s no shortage in Britain of civil servants with Muslim names who were born in Jordan or Pakistan and are so devoted to the British government that they’ll willingly set themselves on fire if asked to 🙄

  20. Barry

    Yes Salman, you have figured out the deep dark secret the Illuminati have been hiding all along: Britain’s government is sponsoring keystone cop terrorism. Oh my, you are a keen one, I think we need to hire you on as a Terrorbuster. Perhaps like Jamie and Adam of Mythbusters fame, you can prove that terrorism isn’t caused by nutcases who distort religion for personal gain, but prove it’s the government’s fault. Then you can blow shit up like Adam and Jamie do, and then at the end present your findings: Plausible, Confirmed, or BUSTED.

  21. Cindy

    Did you see that sign that reads, “Behead those who insult Islam“?

    Are they talking about this guy?

  22. Abu Arron

    You’ve got it wrong Salman. The British government is not staging terrorism, it’s funding it! For those radical misguided idiots not working for the NHS, the rest are on social benefits. Nice to think that the honest tax paying British citizens are paying for these unwarranted attacks.

    Sorry Mahmood, but that really was a stupid comment from S.

  23. Aliandra

    Give the Pakistanis some credit. They’re not tolerating this extremist BS anymore.

  24. Anon2

    “Religion is evil. It uses (and abuses) the simple minded”

    — Anonymous

  25. Abu Arron

    “Religion is evil. It uses (and abuses) the simple minded”

    Nope, religion is not evil. It is misinterpretation (and misuse for personal corrupt means) that is evil.

  26. Pak

    Well its shame on us, these people ignorant put country & religion name down and the worst thing is these people are using Mosque & children as a shield.
    Now what I discover through Pakistani news channel inside the mosque three groups fighting against govt and just fired rockets on musharaf plane

  27. Anon2

    misinterpretation (and misuse for personal corrupt means) that is evil

    Which is more often than not the case with religion — any religion. This is exactly the point.

  28. F

    The event/s taking place in Pakistan is
    quite disturbing. The main issue is to improve
    education for the people. Most of the Islamic
    schools are good there. A few bad ones can
    really ruin it for the rest. And, the media
    today exploits that.

    In this particular issue, the cleric in the
    red mosque took the law into his own hands. A
    state within a state cannot be tolerated in
    Pakistan or in any other country.

    Where there is injustice, there will be extremists. To curb this situation, a country
    really needs to be a just state.

    The last UK incident was disturbing. Again, it
    seems a few people who wish to take the law
    into their own hands and express themselves
    by injuring others. Certainly, the professionalism behind the terrorism acts seems
    to bring in the question of it being staged.

    Leaders, engaged in this region, should really
    look at what is best for people as a whole. Direct social and economical development is what needs to be encouraged. People to people dialogue needs to be improved. Health, Trade, Energy, Education, Culture, Environment, Industry, Agriculture, etc., are the many areas people can communicate and do research and joint developments in. Government to government and media has failed terribly. People to people communication will improve humanity.

    The first step – remove all foreign military forces from our lands and seas.

  29. Post

    The first step – remove all foreign military forces from our lands and seas.

    And while you’re doing that, pull that big plug and press that red button marked “FLUSH” and our problems will really be resolved as we won’t be here. At best, some of us will be stuck in the U-Bend.

    I agree with 95% of what you said F except for that last bit. Love them or hate them, without them at this particular time we will descend into definite chaos.

  30. F

    I agree that if they were to leave in one go, there would be more choas. Our present military forces are not capable of taking over due to the fact we have subcontracted foriegn forces.

    The way out is to develop ours – create a bigger defence force – employ people of the land who will defend it – and at the same time reduce theirs.

  31. Post

    I’ll go with that. Partly.

    In this interdependent world; however, countries – especially large ones – have a responsibility and an obligation to police the world. Only if they act under international consensus, of course.

  32. bien

    OK,Aziz fled. Who would not, in their right mind that is? But just ponder, folks, that the cause of all the troubles, both seen and to be seen, is the decision to remove some fourteen mosques in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, including the Red Mosques, under the bogus claim that their existence on trunk roads can put to danger the lives of Pakistani Government officials. For God’s sakes, do not any one tell me that Bush had nothing to do with the removal decision.

  33. billT

    That’s Ok bien. Its much easier to say the evil comes from without rather than within. If we follow your thoughts the Bush administration is really smart and competent in planning. Of course the whole world has figured out that the Bush administration isn’t that smart.

  34. HR

    Guys if you have watched the Fox Documentry “Banned by PBS, Muslims Against Jihad” ..what do you guys think??.,,Also Mahmood please do watch it and what do you think?

  35. Post

    We don’t get PBS here, so if you have a link on the net for the video or transcript, please pass them along.

  36. Capt. Arab

    We should not look too far, we have or will have a few of these in Bahrain sooner or later.. History will repeat itself, and guess what… we will remind ourselves (after the fact).

  37. F

    Salaams Mahmood,

    I recommend watching these documentaries:-

    1) Why We Fight
    2) The Trails of Henry Kissinger

    Both by Eugene Jarecki. I can forward you
    the copies that I have. 🙂

  38. Post
  39. Post

    Najibi center’s shop is only open in the mornings now as Frances and the kids have left on their holidays!

    Please drop them off at my office (which is close) instead. We close at 6pm, but please give me a call to coordinate.

  40. F

    I shall e-mail you my phone number as I don’t
    have yours.

    Please call and I’ll drop them off.

    Or, I’ll drop them off in the shop tomorrow.

  41. Post
  42. Aliandra

    In this interdependent world; however, countries – especially large ones – have a responsibility and an obligation to police the world

    I respectfully disagree. People must solve their own problems – that’s the only way they are going to develop political maturity. Our soliders should not be thrown into other peoples’ meat grinders because those people have been less than responsible in managing their affairs.

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