1. Matthew Carrick

    Mental picture of very fat Filbert laying on back
    besides empty bowl . . . 🙄

  2. Abdulkarim

    What a beautiful toy!
    Just make sure you do not get too busy with it as to let Gnasher near to Filbert!


    mahmood, i’m tempted to use a number of expletives to express how I feel about you now! I’m so jealous, the recording is so crisp and clear! Seriously dude, i’m borrowing the camera…

  4. Post

    is that virgin credit card of yours ready?! 😉

    I’m not that happy with it actually as the colours and contrast could be a lot sharper. I’m trying various settings to get to know the camera and the postproduction process I should adopt to shots taken with it. I can tell you that the colours and contrast has reduced a bit (but not much) after passing that clip through the compression software.

    All in all, it’s a huge fun trying something new and I hope to tame it before too long.


    it’ll take a bit of playing around with the settings. give it to me for a day or two and ill fix them for you


  6. Capt. Arab

    mahmood, do experience your processor to suffer slightly when rendering, etc.. I have this problem with an audio sampler software, for the life of me i can’t figure out why it hapopens and only sometimes?? My laptop is a high end configuration, have checked the running processes, etc.. but nothing.. the manufacturers reckons because i’m using a laptop. i was not and still am not convinced 🙁

  7. Post

    Capt. Arab, that’s because you’re not on ProTools is why. You too need to give me that credit card of yours to fix your problems! 😀

  8. Post
  9. monline


    So, mahmood, i offer to be your first mice-test, what about that??
    Would ya help me do my Video Resume?

  10. Post
  11. monline

    😉 No prob. bro.
    I spend most of my time outside the country, and that’s why it’ll be hard for me to commit now..
    I know how to contact ya! then, Let’s do business..

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