‘Tis the Season

With the turn of wind and the breaking of the temperature over the last few days, it leaves no doubt in any Bahraini gardener’s mind that the new growing season has almost started! What a wonderful time it is too.

This is the third year for us in our home and although the garden is far from being mature, I have certainly gained some experience in gardening, which means that I keep changing things around and for the most part, the changes are relatively good and the plants have a higher than average chance of survival.

This weekend has been very productive, gardening-wise; I’ve potted up 30 spider plant babies in small pots and I have planted 11 varieties of flower seeds and covered them to protect them form the sun. I’ve even put up a scarecrow made with one of Frances’ old abayas! I’ve also finally chopped the top 3 feet of the money-plant in the living room which was almost reaching the ceiling and potted that after smearing rooting gell over the bottom 6-inches. I’ve also potted the rooting money-plant which I have left simply in water in a vase.

This afternoon I cleared and cleaned the two pool planters, they look tremendously better now for the trim and cleaning they got. The huge ficus is now manageable and the devil backbone’s extra branches have been snapped and the plant generally been made a lot neater.

I re-positioned an Agave in the smaller breakfast-area planter to balance it out a bit and chopped off the 1.5m-high cypresses that grew there by themselves.

So all in all I am rather happy with what I got up to this weekend. Hopefully in the next few weeks I shall update you with the progress of the nursery.

For the record, the “nursery” now has – as seeded on Friday 21 Sept, ’07:

I’ve also planted Sweet Pea in a large pot which I equipped with a circular trellis.

All of the above should flower next Feb – July. I’ve got a few areas in the garden earmarked to receive them. I’ve got plenty of other seeds and am planning at least 2 more flower beds (eating away at the lawn!) to be planted this season.

More back-breaking work, but very much enjoyed and hopefully worth it.

  • Mahmood
    24 September 2007

    The Cornflowers have peeped above the surface already, just two days after being planted!

  • Mahmood
    10 November 2007

    Unfortunately the sweet pea didn’t do anything. I removed the straggly stalks and just sowed Clematis (Sunstar) – Clematis x hybrida – in their stead.