A beautiful home for sale

We’ve spent 13 years in our current home and most of those have truly been the best in all our lives. We made 1813 a place of quiet and safe refuge for us. We love the coolness and tranquility of the spaces inside the house, and the various “rooms” we’ve created in the garden – which won an award at the Bahrain International Garden Show. A point of pride for me.

But it’s now time to move on and make space for another fortunate family to be happy in it.

So if you would like a beautiful, safe and tranquil place to enjoy with your family, please have a look at http://1813.mahmood.tv you might just be fortunate enough to move into it and enjoy what it offers for decades to come.

Give me a call on 33668811 and I’d be glad to give you a grand tour. But please, serious buyers only. Thank you.