Calling Muharraq!

Could anyone who lives in or indeed anyone who knows about the traditional festivity of Girga’oun in the Kingdom of Muharraq please let me know where should one go to best capture the mood and festivities of this special occasion?

I would very much like to travel to the Kingdom and shoot some of the goings on, particularly kids going door to door getting sweets and the Fraisa and anything else that happens during that night.

Ta very much.

  • AZ Kuwari
    25 September 2007

    Heyyy Mahmood,

    From personal experience, id say the best places to catch the gerga3own aura is gonna be at el7idd, eldafnah (the area near the market & ramez), & to a lesser extent 7alat bu maher.

    Hope that helps ya 🙂

  • sleepyinsaudi
    25 September 2007

    Oh, Mahmood! I never caught that Kingdom of Murraq article before. It’s the funniest thing I have read in awhile. Especially the comments and replies for Mr. Pandasmatingisasighttosee! HAHAHAHAH! (I’m pretty slow, so I had to think about it for a minute.)

    I wish I could help you with the Girga’oun, but I’m on the wrong side of the causway. 😐 (sigh)

  • Grace
    25 September 2007

    Hi Mahmood, In Busaiteen we have alot going on but it happens very early, actually right after iftar!!!

    Personally, I think for photo shoots you might want to travel to Um alhasam. Alot goes on there, old (fraisa and bands) and new (Fireworks).


  • Finlandi
    25 September 2007

    Hi Mahmood,

    you wouldnt want to miss the scene in old arad near elementary school.. shame im not in Bahrain to take my cousins around.. it used to be great when i was a kid.

    dont forget to post some images! im feeling nostalgic

  • Yagoob's Dome
    25 September 2007

    I asked my uncle who lives in Muhharaq and basically what happens is that the kids usually finish their girgaouning pretty early right before the Isha prayer in some cases (let’s not forget that tonight is a schoolnight)
    He also told me that their is a annual sort of carnival in the Muhaaraq souq under the patronage of Sheikh Sultan bin Hamad Al-Khalifa for three days from the Traditional Coffee shop المقهى الشعبي to سوق القيصرية

    He also told me that Um-Al-Hassam have a good atmosphere where you can find several tents where they sing traditional songs and do If-raisa

    So your best bet would be to do um-alhassam first on Wednesday and then go to Muharraq on Thursday because it will be a weekend and you’ll see lots of families enjoying it

  • Abu Arron
    25 September 2007

    Ha, ha. Don’t forget your passport and I’ve heard you may need a hepatitis booster. I look forward to catching up on the stories of your trip in the next international vacation journal. Can you please make a point of checking out the beaches cos they’re a bit bleak in Juffair and I may apply for a multiple entry visa (if they do one).

    Happy trip dear friend and take care.

  • mahmood
    25 September 2007

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, keep ’em comin’!

    At this rate; however, it is very clear that I should engage multiple camera-crews too. Anyone interested in contributing to a multi-person vlog? If so, you know how to get hold of me. We can also do something unique as Bahrain bloggers, let us all blog about the Girga’oun night and then collate all the articles published in a single page/blog (can be on for future reference. It should be fun.

    Failing all of that, this is your chance to feature your town in one of my vlogs, what you need to do is convince me why yours is better. 🙂

  • BBguy
    25 September 2007

    Area around Muharraq Suq (near Muntaza Market / Muharraq PostOffice/ MegaMart), this area is glowing with lightings . And the area around Last Chance Muharraq.

  • Hisham
    25 September 2007

    Ah, yes, come our way ’round Diraz where the natural springs (errr, water leakage) gush out by the coastal road, and where MBM-ALAM Flora or whatever that horrible example of privatization is called now; leaves beautiful foliages of plastic, milk bottles, booze bottles, stripped drumsticks and used diapers overflowing from handmade pots (err, Gigeresque aluminum bins).

    So which minister is it that’s supposed to pick up the trash? Municipalities?

  • Salman
    25 September 2007

    Manama, you will not find a better place. Try Ras Romman too.

  • Yagoob's Dome
    25 September 2007

    Walla I wish I could film but unfortunately, I’ll be out of the country on Wednesday

  • LiB Team
    26 September 2007

    I actually saw the prick on TV inviting “Muharraqis” to the festivities. I don’t think he has time to issue visas to let non-Muharraqis enter the territory and join the festival.

    What amazed me the most is how he kept saying “ahal lim7arrag” throughout the whole thing and nothing but ass-kissing the leadership. I guess no one else has the right to attend their gerga3oon.

    Anyways happy gerga3oon and enjoy the festivities, Mahmood.

  • Redbelt
    26 September 2007

    Last year I caught a freisa passing by the Busa3ad gahwa near Last Chance, if that helps.

  • moodZ
    26 September 2007

    Even if you missed Muharraq Mahmood, you can always visit Manama the next day!

  • Butterfly
    26 September 2007


    You need to go early, they will start immediately after iftar. I am going to Arad tonight, every year they have a nice celeberation near my sister house .. the fraisa visit almost every house there with the kids running behind it .. a scene that you shouldn’t miss 🙂

  • Desert Bloom
    27 September 2007

    I think i was yesterday lol 😛
    but i know that tomorow they will do what they usually do which is close the road mal soog il em7arag from cars and just let ppl walk through and get Sh sultan bin hamad to cut the shree6a…something like this i am not sure
    but i know that there will be something tomorow inshalla 🙂

  • Desert Bloom
    27 September 2007

    but wait i mean Thursday when i said tomorow 😛 so i guess today 🙂

  • butterfly
    29 September 2007


    We are still waiting for the video!

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