Frangipani, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I love these flowers, so unassuming but they are the ones that welcome me home every evening with their intoxicating smell. Being right opposite the garage gate ensures that we get a whiff of it every time we come home.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends.


  1. mdc

    I have always been struck with how lovely these flowers are when viewing your Friday video enough so I looked them up in hopes they would survive a cold winter. Very pretty indeed.

  2. vagabondblogger

    I love frangipani and had 3 planted in our yard in Cairo. Unfortunately, one of the new feral kittens has taken to chewing on one of the stems!

  3. Post
  4. Ann

    Those are very pretty flowers. I wish I could smell them too!

    On another note, I am saddened that Bader is still missing 😥

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