“Top 20 Bahrain” Flickr group launched

There are over 22,000 pictures on Flickr which are tagged “Bahrain”. Obviously a lot of them are of excellent quality and should be highlighted to recognise both them and their artist. With this in mind, and to invite people to strive to be better photographers and show Bahrain through their lenses, I have followed a Flickr tradition and started a Top 20 Bahrain group to which you are all invited.

Please take a moment to read the rules. But to summarise, there will be a maximum of 20 photographs only at any one time in the pool. Once the picture is submitted, we ask that it be tagged with “Top 20 Bahrain” that will automatically include it in a good slideshow for your enjoyment. A photographer can only submit one photograph at a time, if that photograph reaches the “top spot” without it being replaced by a better one, then that photograph will enter our Hall of Fame.

Every member on the group will be elevated to a “moderator” status so that anyone can upload/delete/moderate the group, it’s a group effort after all, and a lot of those moderators will also be made full administrators.

Please spread the word, what this group might ultimately do – and what it is designed for anyway – is to highlight the beauty of this country and showcase it to the world.


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  2. eyeless

    Nice. I like this
    I don’t usually take scenery photographs but I have a nice set I took last year. I’ll have to invest in a good scanner to put them online, so right now I’ll just enjoy the pictures being submitted 😀

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