A golden cage about to be entered

With our best wishes to Eyad Ebrahim and his fiancée on their nuptials and new life together. May you both bring much joy and security to each other and be blessed with however many children you wish for.

Eyad Ebrahim fondling a camera in the UK

Congratulations my friend and may Allah bless this union.

  • Yagoob's Dome
    24 November 2007


    منك المال و منها العيال ان شاء الله

  • Eyad
    24 November 2007

    Thank you Mahmood, for this post and the nice sms message, I wonder when will I write something about it.

    @Yagoob, thanks 7abeeby.

  • Mohammed Issa
    24 November 2007

    About time bro,
    congrats 😀

  • m.noor
    25 November 2007

    1,000 Mabrook! :mrgreen:
    God bless all ya.

    (…poor guy got trapped…for life…)

  • victoria
    3 December 2007

    Why `Golden cage ´ Mahmood ? you make if sound like marriage is a form of imprisonment .. … 🙁

  • Fahad
    4 December 2007

    “With our best wishes to Eyad Ebrahim and his fiancé”

    A fiancé or fiancée? I am worried 😯

    But anyway, good luck Eyad in in your new life.

  • mahmood
    4 December 2007

    Ah! I never knew there was a difference! Thanks for the correction:

    fiancé |ˌfēˌänˈsā; fēˈänsā|
    a man who is engaged to be married

    fiancée |ˌfēˌänˈsā; fēˈänsā|
    a woman who is engaged to be married

    duly noted and shall be corrected.

    Thank you sir.

  • Eyad
    4 December 2007

    Not sure to which Fahad this is but do I look like some who would be engaged to a man!!

    once again, thanks mahmood and every one else.

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