Spent, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Some of the Aloe Vera flowers are looking rather spent. The bulbuls love their nectar and regularly visit the garden to hang on the Aloe’s stalk while they suck the nectar out. I’m still to get a good picture of this delicate operation…

Regardless, have a wonderful Friday everyone!


  1. Mavis

    My aloe hasn’t flowered in over a year.

    I may have to separate it and replant.

  2. Post

    Strange.. they’re just starting to flower with me even in pots where I’ve crammed in 5 or 6 plants.. admittedly, those produce smaller flowers stalks.

  3. Mavis

    I don’t want to replant if I don’t have to, it’s growing so well.

    I will have to wait and see, maybe it will flower soon.

  4. Post

    These things go wild in pots, don’t they? What I do now is go around every few months and pull the small ones out and give them away (or throw them out, or give them to the girls as they say the pulp is good for their hair!) Pulling them out is very easy, just grab the base and yank (slowly) and they come out intact.

    I find that this gives them the necessary space to grow and flourish and they’ve never failed to provide a floral display yet.

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